This week in Year 6

The focus has been on creative writing. The children have enjoyed writing an extended story based on a quest. This is a major piece of work, which consists of many chapters. Hopefully they can share them with you at a later date. To coincide with this, we were lucky enough to have a visit from author Debi Evans, who shared with us how she writes her stories. She has set us a challenge to write our own dragon story!

Next Tuesday there is a meeting at 6.30pm for parents whose children are going to Stubbington. Information packs will be given and there will be an opportunity to ask questions. It is vital that a representative from each child attends. If for any reason, this is not possible you will need to book an appointment with a member of staff who is accompanying the children so that the information pack can be issued.

Don’t forget our trip to the cinema is taking place next Tuesday! Please make sure that children have packed lunches and a coat as they will be walking there. Children are allowed to bring a healthy snack as usual and no money is needed.