Year 3 this week (5th November 2012)

This week we have worked hard on making sure we know what verbs are and how to use really effective ones in our writing.  We don’t go anywhere any more – we fly, run, dash, sing, swim, race and slither!  Ask your children what other effective verbs they have used this week!

We also kicked off our recycling project with a visit from Rachel Butler (from Hampshire County Council) who talked to us about the damage we do to Earth and helped us make a book mark from recycled plastic and thread.  Watch our photo gallery to see us working hard!

Next week we will be continuing with our recycling project with another visit from Rachel and going for a walk around the local area to see what rubbish facilities there are in the streets and parks of Basingstoke.  Please let us know if you are able to come on our walk with us as soon as possible!