This week in Year 3 (26.11.12)

We have continued to think about how we can get the school recycling more, and completed our information leaflets.

Everyone had great fun bossing each other about as we learnt all about imperative verbs and how to use them to make instructions for a recycling centre!

We got busy grouping different objects, as a strategy, for our division problems.  It was great fun to watch fishes being grouped on a number line as we calculated different questions like how many groups of 3 there were in 15.  Finally, we investigated what an array was and discovered it helped us with our multiplication and division!

Three rows, four columns  This array shows us that 3×4=12 and 4×3=12 too.

It also shows us that there are 4 groups of 3 in 12 and

3 groups of 4 in 12!

Next week we start getting into Christmas ready for our Christmas Market on 18th December!