Looking back and looking forward

In case you missed our December newsletter, here’s a summary of what’s happened in the Autumn Term 2012, and what we can look forward to in 2013.


Looking back

Autumn Term 2012

Looking forward

Spring Term 2013 (and beyond!)

ThemesNew beginnings, Creation, Caring for each other, Autumn’s Beauty, Book Week, Fire Safety, Harvest, Getting on with others, Anti-Bullying, Gifts and Giving, and more!Reflection, Being Resilient, Thinking about friendships, Being Resourceful, and Taking Risks
ParentsSo many parents have attended various different events, including taking part in lessons in the classrooms. This has been a great success, and the children have loved it JThere will continue to be lots of opportunities to come into school, and we would welcome more parent helpers for listening to children read and coming on school trips.
Events and TripsChildren in Need, Bikeability, Vehicle Safety,  British Museum, Astronomy Road Show, Charlotte’s Web Theatre, Author Visit, Cinema Trips, Choir Visits, Winchester Festival of Light, Christmas Market, and 2 tigers adopted!Project Celebrations, School Disco, Easter Egg Hunts, and much more!
Parents EveningsA lovely atmosphere of pupils, parents and teachers celebrating the achievements of the children, and learning how to best support them too. A very high turnout, with helpful comments about the successes of the school, and ways to improve. And the ‘Report Cards’ given out were appreciated by all, helping you to know how to support your child.Parents Evenings will be on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 7th of March. More details to follow.
New staffMiss Sheppard, Miss Celesius, Mrs Wang, Mrs Peggrem, Mrs Vickery, Mr Hinton and Mr Applegate- all settled in well!We welcome Mrs Cobbold to the Year 5 team in January!
ResidentialA fantastic time was had by all in Year 6 who went to Stubbington. And thanks to the staff who made it possible!The current Year 5 will go to Osmington Bay, a PGL centre near Weymouth, when they get into Year 6. Not long to go!
Year Group TopicsYear 3 – ‘It’s a Material World’Year 4 –  ‘Help’Year 5 – ‘It’s all Greek to me!’

Year 6 –  ‘Disasters’

Lookout for the project outcomes! You’ll be invited to celebrate the learning of the children, as well as joining in during the term!Year 3 – ‘A Dragon’s Tale’Year 4 – ‘Tomb Raiders’ and ‘Mixture Mayhem’

Year 5 – ‘It’s a Kind of Magic!’

Year 6 – ‘All Creatures Great and Small’

CommunicationWe’ve updated our website, introduced an online calendar and Facebook, used text messages, and still do paper copies where needed.Receiving school letters by email will be available after Christmas. Watch this space.
Lunch & Trip MoneyWe listened to your thoughts about being able to pay for lunches and trips in advance.We’re installing a system at the beginning of February which makes this possible, including online payments. More info to follow.
Site & BuildingsAll classrooms have been painted, as well as the hall. New curtains and furniture, too. We’re on the way to completing a full makeover of the school.We’re looking into improving the cloakroom areas, and increasing the amount of teaching spaces, with the possibility of an external building.
ICTWe’ve looked at the current provision of ICT and technology. Some of it is quite old and slow.We hope to revamp our computers and network, to allow our pupils to have new and updated IT resources.
ClubsCulture Club, Choir, Sewing, Netball, Cookery, Family Library, Homework Club, Film Club, Football, Karate, Street Dance and more! And over 50 children now have music lessons in either guitar, keyboard, or recorders!Most of these clubs will run again, with some new ones too. Watch this space for more information.
INSET DaysOn 3rd September, we thought about how we can make Kings Furlong even better. On 29th October, we looked at improving pupil progress.Our INSET days on 8th February and 22nd March will continue to look at pupil progress, as well as developing teaching and learning in the curriculum.
School CouncilMiss Sheppard has led the elected pupils, who have been looking at improving play times and equipment, as well as selecting a charity for our Christmas Market.The group will continue to help at playtimes, as well as running a class council session every 3 weeks, for all children to have their say.
HomeworkIt was suggested that a homework club be run, and it now takes place on a Thursday after school. It’s fantastic to see so many parents joining in!Homework club will carry on in the Spring Term, due to popular demand.