Dragon Hunting in Year 3 (wb 14.01.13)

We all arrived Monday to read in the local paper, The Daily Furlong, that a dragon had been seen roaming the school field at the weekend. Mr Applegate assured the local community and set Year 3 the task of hunting out this dragon and writing Professor Hagarth (Dragon Seeker) a report on the dragon.  We all set to work hunting for clues in the field and found eggs, claw marks, scorch marks, foot prints and missing cat posters!

Next week we are going to be writing our reports to ensure this magnificent creature can be captured by Professor Hagarth and his team of experts.

In maths we have continued to halve and quarter shapes, pizzas, chocolate, groups of children and numbers.

Please remember we have indoor PE on Monday and Friday and children need a full PE kit, including shorts so they can use the gym equipment safely.  Thank you.