February Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back after the half-term break! Just to keep you up-to-date on a few things at Kings Furlong Juniors:

Online Payments

Our online payment system has been in use for over a week, and is very popular. We are pleased that it is so successful! If you’re unsure about the system, or have any questions, please do ask at the office.

Dinner Money in Advance

If you’d still like to pay by cash for trips or dinners, that’s fine. We do ask that when paying for lunch money, you pay on a Monday for the week if possible. This cuts down the amount of money we and the children have to handle. Of course, it is ok to pay day-by-day if needed.

Red Nose Day

On Friday 15th March, it’s Red Nose Day. To raise awareness of the causes, as well as money, we’ll be doing a range of activities:

  1. In the morning: the children will be mixed into different classes (and different years) to take part in fun and informative activities about the purpose of Red Nose Day. We feel that carefully mixing the pupils will help all children to gain an appreciation for pupils in different year groups.
  2. Cake Sale: If possible, could you please donate any cakes (made or bought) to the school. These will be sold to parents and pupils after school in the hall.
  3. Non-uniform day: If your child would like to wear non-uniform, can they be dressed in red as much as possible? We do ask for 50p donation to Comic Relief for the privilege!
  4. Talent show: Within the next week, your child will be informed about doing a talent show for their class. The class will vote on their favourite and best ‘performance’ or talent. The 8 winners will perform in front of the school on Friday 15th March in the afternoon, where we (including the school council) will choose overall winners. Sadly, due to space limitations, we are asking that only the families of the 8 winners attend the talent show.

Parents Evenings

These are taking place on the 5th and 7th of March, between 4pm and 7pm. You should receive an appointment card soon if you haven’t already. As last time, we’ll be asking you to fill out a questionnaire to gather your thoughts and views about our school. Thank you in advance for your time J

Parent Workshop

On Wednesday 13th March at 3:15-4pm in the school hall, we’ll be hosting a workshop for parents. The session will be at Rights, Respect and Responsibility- specifically Home and School working together. It will be an active session, and children are invited to come as well. Tea and coffee will be served!

Year 6 Residential Trip

Just a reminder that the next instalment of £60 for the current Year 5 residential trip is due on the 28th March. If any Year 3 and 4 parents are wanting their children to go when they get to Year 6, you can chose to pay in small increments (e.g. £2 a month), because of our new computerised payment system which keeps track of this information.

Coffee Morning

You’re invited to have a coffee with us on Friday 8th March at 9am in the community room. Kathy Gare will be there to have a chat, too.


Thank you for making a fantastic effort to improve our attendance and punctuality. In general, there has been a big improvement since Christmas. This is great news! However, we still average about 3 lates per day. We understand that ‘one of those mornings’ can happen from time to time, but for a small minority, it’s too many.

Play Time Equipment

The school has recently invested in additional playtime equipment. The children said to us that they would like more activities during playtime, and the school council have been working hard with Miss Sheppard to make this a reality. Although some equipment has yet to arrive, the aim is for children to enjoy lunchtimes even more, and engage in social and physical games. We’re also looking into a rock climbing area!

Parent Volunteers

If you have 20mins or an hour to spare, please would you consider helping our children with their reading? There is a specific need for adults to listen to children read. We will cover the CRB checks!


Our next INSET day will be on Friday 22nd March.

Upcoming events

5th & 7th March   Parents Evening (4-7pm)

15th March             Red Nose Day

8th March             Coffee Morning (9am)

13th March           RRR Parents Workshop (3:15-4pm)

20th March           Easter Egg Collection for variety club

22nd March          INSET Day

25th March           Easter Egg Hunt & Bonnet competition

28th March           Spring Term Ends. Year 6 residential money due (£60)

15th April              Summer term begins

25th April              Second Hand Uniform Sale

7th May                 Bags to School collection

13th-16th May      Year 6 SATs week