A question from our school community: Is being a Governor hard?

Is being a Governor hard?

The short answer to this is ‘no’ because I very enjoy being a governor.   As with anything you really enjoy or are passionate about it doesn’t seen hard because it is something you want to do. So if you think about the one thing you enjoy doing in school more than anything else do you find it hard? You may sometime get stuck or be unsure how to do something but that isn’t the same because you enjoy finding out/learning how to do it.  That’s how I feel about being a governor.

I spend on average, a day and a half a week doing governor work, reading paperwork, going to meetings or visiting school. I enjoy coming into school and seeing how well you are all doing.  The best bit is spending time in class. If I didn’t do this I don’t think I would be much good as a governor because I wouldn’t have an understanding of how the school works.

Being a governor is about being part of a team.  Like any team we all have different skills and interests.  It is by working together that we can ensure that Kings Furlong Juniors is the best it can be and you all get the best education you can have. Being able to be part of doing that is a privilege and very rewarding.

Thank you for asking me this I have enjoyed thinking about my answer.