Pizza Making and Maths Trails in Year 3 (wc 17.06.13)

This week we all set off to Basingstoke again!  This time to make pizza and look for the maths around us!

Half the year group went to Pizza Express where they made pizza and learnt about all the ingredients.  They then got to go on a tour of the kitchens and saw the most enormous fridge!

The other half went to Ask!  They made pizza too, but also decorated aprons and their hats.  They each bought home a goody bag!

After eating our pizza in the War Memorial Park we set off once again through the high street to find the maths around us.  We looked for shapes, symmetry, measured pillars, located patterns and decided what we might buy in McDonalds!

Everyone had a great time, but we were all very tired by the end of the day!