Bog babies and multiplication in Year 3 (wc 24.06.13)

This week we have been reading Bog Baby, a book about two little girls who capture a Bog Baby and keep it a secret.  This led us to think about whether we should keep animals in our homes and also look at habitats and what animals need to survive.  We went on a mini-beast hunt and talked about their habitats in our school grounds.

In Maths we have been learning to multiply numbers on a number line.  All the children worked so hard to master this skill and we are so proud of their efforts!  They have persevered and now are more confident in using this method of calculation.

Next week we are looking forward to buddying up with the current Year 2 children and welcoming them to Kings Furlong Juniors and, of course,  seeing our parents at our Boot Camp on Wednesday 3rd July at 11.00 am!