Boot Camp raising money for charity and Meeting Year 2 in Year 3 (wc 1.7.13)

What a busy week we have had!

First we got ourselves ready to put our parents to the test and designed and prepared a Boot Camp for them.  They did brilliantly and we were very impressed that so many took part (thank you!).  After making them exercise so hard we took them inside to listen to our exercise music we had been working on and to eat some healthy snacks we had prepared!  They were very tasty and enjoyed by everyone!

On Tuesday we had Year 2 parents looking round our school, so we took the opportunity to do something different and produced some excellent art work called ‘What are you like?’  This idea was brought to us by Meadbh after she had been to an exhibition.  The children created art based on their favourite things.  We then sold our art work to our parents for 50p to raise money for Naomi’s House (suggested by Meadbh and agreed by everyone).  At last count we raised £20.78!  A brilliant success!

Finally we met the Year 2 children after presenting an assembly to them all about Year 3!  We got to buddy up with someone from Year 2 and had break time together.  It was great fun!