Poetry week in Year 4 … (30.9.13)

How did you write such fantastic poems this week Year 4? 

Using our own experiences from our rainforest visit and illustrations from a rainforest book we suggested over 100 words and phrases to describe rainforest animals.  Next we explored how poets use similies and alliteration to create powerful images in their poems.  Then we had a go at this ourselves.  After investigating rhyming patterns we were able to try out our own rhyming couplets (some of these made us giggle a lot!).  On Friday we produced beautifully presented descriptive poems.  Next week  in English we will be finding out about The Great Gapok Tree.

Our science topic is Sound… the children have sound vocabulary to discuss with you this weekend.

In maths this week we have been learning multiplication strategies which we were able to apply to worded problems by Friday.  Next week we will be learning division strategies.

We look forward to seeing all our parents this coming week during our Parents’ Evenings.  If you haven’t received your confirmation letter about your time please let us know as these were sent home on Friday.  Children are more than welcome to come to the appointments to show off their work and discuss their targets. 

Year 4 team