A welcome from our pupils

Hi there!

Kings Furlong Juniors is an exciting and fun school that cares about all the pupils, staff and visitors who step into our school grounds.

Some children don’t like their school, but when they enter our school, their view is changed in a heartbeat. All of our pupils enjoy school and can’t wait to learn. Our school is vibrant and fun, with the slightest hint of seriousness.

The learning each day is linked to our topic, which makes learning informative and purposeful. There is a wide range of topics such as the disastrous ‘Titanic’ and the battling ‘Vikings’.

Break and lunch are extremely fun; we get to choose what we do. For instance, on one day, Year Three pupils can bring in a small toy or game to play with during play and lunch! Then we can also go on the trim trail on one day, which we are very lucky to have and to be able to play with. For the football players, there is an amazing privilege as on a set day, they can play football; we are also getting new goal posts for the field. Boys – and girl’s – love this!

We have lots of school trips, and for Year Six pupils, we have a week long residential trip. For the other year groups, they go on lots of other school trips such as going to the cinema, to help with studies, or going to Build a Bear to make a friendly class bear. We have lots of visits from theatre groups and interesting people from the outside world.

At Kings Furlong, we believe that certain learning behaviours can help our learning. We have an animal to help us remember them. For example, we have the famous character Curious George for curiosity, or ants for teamwork. We also have an elephant for creativity and a squirrel for risk-taking. Our other learning behaviours include respect, resilience, reflection and responsibility.

To support our learning behaviours, we have fascinating Diploma Day; this means getting to know other pupils by doing a captivating activity that we have chosen, led by a teacher. It is a chance to learn a new skill. We can get a diploma in friendship bracelets, origami, sports, juggling, computer animations, making dream catchers, board games, calendar making, gardening, ‘Song & Dance’, felt making, patch work, woven book marks, puppets & French & ICT, and scrap booking.

Our school, is a rights respecting school, which means that we care for each other and look after each other. Every now and then there will be a few fall-outs but the teachers listen to both sides and decide fairly what should happen. Pupils also help other pupils who may need someone to talk to.

“Teachers are friendly, and so are the children!” a Year Six pupil says.

“I’ve settled in extremely well,” a new pupil explains.

We are constantly trying to improve our school with new paintings and objects. For example, a new mural in the library was painted by a fantastic parent. Also, our cooks and dinner ladies make sure we are well-behaved (we always are, though) at lunchtime when the teachers are eating a well-deserved, healthy lunch. There is a wide variety of clubs that we can do before and after school. A few even take place during school-time.

We have lots of websites which we can use at home and school (we use Mathletics and Reading Eggs). Every child has a specific login and password so no one can get on to your account. Reading Eggs is a new one but everyone really enjoys it!
We have two amazing Deputy Head Teachers called Miss Dunn and Mr Hanson, who, when Mr Applegate, our extraordinary Head Teacher, isn’t available, can take his place. They even take us for lessons!

Finally, a word from our Head Teacher, Mr Applegate: “I want to welcome you to our amazing school. I know that all of our staff work very hard to help you to learn and enjoy your time here. There are so many opportunities for you through our exciting topics, clubs, assemblies, student groups and other activities. I am confident that you will enjoy being a KFJS learner!”