This Week in Year 5 14/07/17

This week began with our trip to the Science Centre (Intech) near Winchester.  The children had two floors to visit to learn more about Science by pulling levers, creating images, racing and jumping to learn about the human body etc.  We even went inside a colon to discover what happens to different foods when we eat them!  Then we visited the Planetarium and looked upward as we travelled through the Solar System, visiting the Planets along the way.  It was a unique and valuable experience and enjoyed by all.

On our return to school, we have written a story based on space and used pastels on black paper to create an impression of what it is like in deep space.  We have also been busy creating our own planets by layering strips of Modrock on a spherical model.  They are now drying over the weekend and we hope to paint them next week.

As next week is our last week, can we please ask for your help.  We need the children to bring a carrier bag to take books home on Friday please.

Hope to see you at our Science event on Friday morning in the Hall.

Enjoy the sunshine,

Year 5 Teaching Team