This week in Year 3….(w/b 27.11.17)

This week started with a visit from Mrs Sharpe, who told us all about how people from the New Stone Age began to use wool from the sheep that they farmed. She showed us an actual sheep’s fleece, how it was washed, spun and then weaved into a fabric for making clothes and blankets. The children then turned their hands to weaving and made their own fabric later in the week. Our next visitor was Mrs Hewitt, who showed the children actual flint tools and antler knives that a friend of hers, who takes part in reenactments, uses. She had some amazing facts to share about prehistoric paper made from bark and medicines made from herbs.  Aren’t we lucky to have such experts within our staff?

The children have finished their Stone Age reports and are in the process of publishing their work. These will be available for you to see…along with lots of other artefacts…at our class museums next Friday. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. 

This week the children have been carrying out end of phase assessments in maths. Along with teacher assessments, these help us to decide on the children’s attainment for the term. Next week the children will be having reading, spelling and grammar(SPAG) and writing assessments.

Please could we remind you to add named jumpers and tracksuit bottoms to your child’s P.E kit as the weather is very cold at the moment. Thank you.

Have a great weekend

Year 3 Team