This week in Year 3…(12.1.18)

Phew, that was a busy week!

The children started the week learning all about homophones (two words that sound the same but are spelt differently) for example allowed and aloud. Please could you practise the list with your child at home as they will need to know the meanings and the spellings for next Tuesday’s test. 

You may have noticed that your child has become quite good at persuading you recently! In English lessons, we have been looking at persuasive texts and the techniques that are used. Rhetorical questions and powerful adjectives have been our targets so far.  We will be continuing this work next week including exaggerating and flattery…sorry! 

In maths the children have been developing their understanding of fractions. We will be looking at fractions of amounts next week. If you could practice halving at home it would be very useful e.g half of 28 is 14. 

In project time the children have been learning about the types and functions of both human and animal teeth. This has led on to work about mouth hygiene. The children tell us they are experts at cleaning their teeth! Next Wednesday we will be having a dental nurse coming to talk to the children. The children will then be writing persuasive letters to younger children about keeping their teeth clean.

Finally, this afternoon we had an absolutely brilliant pantomime to watch. The children loved it! They were captured by the fun, music and dancing. 

See what we mean by a busy week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 3 Team