This week in Year 5 ……. (4/2/18)

The Year 5 ‘Book Club’ continued this week with children having great discussions about what they have read do far.  Some groups have already started their second novel.  Wow!  It had a positive impact on the children earning an extra play on Friday afternoon as a result of them reading so much at home.  Well done children and parents.  Remember, it is at least 4 times a week for 2 weeks.

In writing this week, children have worked in groups to create a play script of a Greek myth.  They are excited about their parts and may ask to bring in something from home as a prop.  They will be showing the class what they’ve created later next week. 

The children have been learning PowerPoint skills this week to create interesting slides about how the Greeks have impacted our lives (legacy). They particularly enjoyed creating transitions and animations.