This week in Year 3…(11.5.18)

Year 3 have really enjoyed starting gardening this week; they are really hard workers. If you get a chance, come round to the front of the school and watch as the garden is transformed.  This week was generally clearing and preparing the soil.  Thank you for sending in seeds for us, and the gardening gloves as there were quite a few stinging nettles.  Next week the children will be planting and sowing seeds. If anyone knows of a good child friendly slug and snail repellent please could you let us know.  

In English the children have been learning all about adverbs (words that describe the verb) e.g. how? silently, where? in the forest and when? after a while. To consolidate the children’s understanding, we have been reading a beautifully illustrated book called The Great Kapok Tree which raises the issue of trees being cut down and animal’s homes being destroyed.  This has linked nicely with last week’s work on The Lorax. 

In maths the children have been developing their understanding of fractions; it’s been quite challenging but the children have shown good resilience.  Next week we move on to addition and subtraction with money.  If you are out shopping at the weekend, please share any money transactions with your child. Thank you.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Year 3 Team