This week in Year 4 8/06/18

We hope you had a great half term.  The children have returned enthusiastic for their last half term in year 4.  This academic year really has gone quickly! 

It was lovely to see so many of you on Thursday for our presentation.  We think the children produced some really thoughtful ideas for a possible redevelopment of the Leisure Park.  They took all the views of the stake holders into account and were able to share ideas sensibly with the adults in the room.  We will wait to see what actually happens in the future.  The date muted is 2025 so our children really will be the customers of the future!

The second part of our presentation provided the hook for our next project “On Your Bike”.  We looked at the necessity of wearing a cycle helmet by taking part in an egg drop.  Each group had to protect an egg from being dropped from a height.  The only proviso was the egg had to be able to be taken out of the case – just like a head comes out of a helmet.  There were so many different ideas and many, but not all, eggs survived.  We hope you enjoyed this as much as the children.

Thank you for sending the children in with their PE kit for our new day of Monday.  This will concern the many areas of athletics and Thursday’s lessons will be looking at the skills needed for rounders.  We also have swimming later on in June.  Please check the letter sent out this week for the exact dates.

Hopefully we will see some of you again at Sports Day on Friday morning.  Keep your fingers crossed for fine weather!

The Year 4 Teaching Team