This week in Year 3…(7.7.18)

For homework this week the children were asked to watch some, if not all, of the England football match.  We hope they really enjoyed it! We did!  Well done, England.  We will be using the match next week to discuss the learning behaviours that the players showed and how we can learn from them, including Gareth Southgate’s management skills! Many thanks for all your support with the stadium homework over the last few weeks.  The children created a fantastic display and were very proud sharing their learning with others. This project has really gripped us all.

In the community garden the children have been very busy watering and harvesting some of the ripe fruits and vegetables.  We will be using the fruits to make muffins which the children will be selling after school.  More information about this will be coming soon!  The children have enjoyed writing thank you cards for the local companies who supported us. We were very lucky.

Next week, taking advantage of the amazing weather, the children will be learning practically about capacity (ml and L).  Please could we ask you to send your child in on Monday with a couple of containers that we can use. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. 

Year 3 Team