This week in Year 3…(13.7.18)

Well, it’s been a busy week! On Tuesday the children enjoyed watching the Year 6 production and were wowed by the performances and singing. The Year 6 team did a great job.  

The children coped well with the disappointment of the football.  It hit us hard as we have been slightly obsessed with football this term.  We told each other jokes the next morning to cheer us all up!

Many thanks to all of you who came to Year 3’s homemade garden fruits muffin sale.  The children thoroughly enjoyed using the fruits that they had grown in our community garden to add to their muffin mixes and make delicious muffins to sell.  We hope you also enjoyed the superb packaging that the children created using their 3D nets expertise from our maths lessons earlier in the week.  There was a real buzz around the sale as the children couldn’t help but show the pride on their faces.  Well done Year 3s.

Only a week and a day to go! Enjoy your weekend.

Year 3 Team