This week in Year 3…(3.7.17)

Well, it’s been another scorcher! The children have coped well with the heat, much better than us!

On Tuesday the whole school, in quite a long line, walked to the Anvil to take part in the Primary Prom.  The children made us very proud due to their fantastic behaviour and great participation with the singing. If your child was inspired to take up a new instrument, we do have a music teacher that visits our school to do lessons, please ask at the office.

The children have been very reflective this week and have enjoyed writing their own end of term reports which will be added to their main reports that you will receive next week. We showed the children all 3 of their project books from this year and it was brilliant watching them sift through them and see for themselves how far they have come.

Today was move up day at Kings Furlong, which the children greatly enjoyed.  They came back to us this afternoon full of excitement about their new classes and the activities they had taken part in.

Apologies for the date mix up on the homework slips.  Homework is due in as normal on Tuesday.  This is the last homework that will be set this year.

On Monday it is Roman Day for Year 3. It is going to be a very action packed, fun day.  We are all greatly looking forward to it.

Have a lovely weekend

Year 3 Team

This week in Year 3…(26.6.17)

This week the children received letters from our Year 2s asking all about life in the Juniors. The children have used their wealth of knowledge to reassure the younger children that Year 3 is a fantastic year and that they should be very excited about coming up. They will be publishing their reply letters and sending them back on Tuesday. It has been delightful watching our children playing so sensibly with the Year 2s and we feel very privileged to listen in on some of their conversations e.g “Yeah, it is the best school in Basingstoke!”

Next Friday is Move-up Day for us all. The children will be told whether they are in Mrs Redgell’s or Mrs Smith’s class that morning.  We have arranged the new classes according to lots of different criteria and, as you can imagine, it is not an easy task. We feel the choices we have made will benefit all the children. Please do pop into school if you have any concerns; we are happy to discuss them with you.

During the INSET day tomorrow, we will be holding transition meetings and sharing information about each child with their new teacher and making sure next steps for learning are highlighted so in September they can settle in quickly. Your child’s end of year report will be coming home during the week commencing 10th July.

Wishing you a relaxing Sunday.

Year 3 Team

This week in Year 3…(19.6.17)

What scorching weather we have had! The children have coped amazingly well and were very sensible; drinking lots of water and trying to stay in the shade. PE lessons were shortened and lots of mini breaks were given to keep the children cool.

The Roman Army has been our main focus this week. The children researched why the army was so successful, what it was like to be a soldier and what weapons they used. With all this information, they were then taught how to group it ready for paragraph writing. We have concentrated on using subordinating conjunctions in sentences which the children have picked up well. Their fascinating reports are being published to show to parents.

We have started our end of year tests this week which are used alongside ongoing teacher assessments to decide if the children have met Age Related Expectations (ARE) for Year 3.  You will receive all this information in the children’s end of year reports. So far we are very pleased with the effort the children have put in. We are making sure the children see them as a chance to shine and show off what they have learnt, not as something to fear or become anxious about. Please could we ask you to discuss this with your child and help them to see them as practise for tests that they will have to experience through their schooling journey. Thanks.

Have a great, cooler weekend

Year 3 Team

This week in Year 3…(12.6.17)

Wow, what a busy week!

On Monday the children thoroughly enjoyed our International Music workshop.  They were singing in 5 different languages and learning some very interesting dances.  We were very impressed with how all the children got involved, even those reluctant dancers!

In project time, the children have been learning all about the warrior queen, Boudicca. Our class novel (I Was There… by Hilary McKay) explores what life would have been like for a Celt child and how exciting it must have been to actually meet Boudicca.  The children wrote some very powerful diary entries, as if they were Kassy, and created fantastic descriptions of Boudicca.  In art, the children have been developing their proportion skills when sketching portraits and have drawn some great pictures of Boudicca.

Next week the children will be learning all about the Roman army and what life was like for the Roman soldiers.  And…of course, learning more Roman songs in Music!

Have a great, sunny weekend.

Year 3 Team.

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