This week in Year 3…(2.2.18)

Another busy week in Year 3!  On Monday Zoolab arrived with bags, boxes and containers full of some very unusual creatures.  The children greatly enjoyed the chance to hold and feel a giant snail, a large…very large hissing cockroach, a corn snake, a rat and an enormous millipede. This led our week into learning about food chains and the vocabulary around them e.g. producers, consumers, prey and predators.  There is a great game the children can play on the BBC Bitesize website which asks the children to explore food chains in different habitats.

In English lessons the children have worked very hard to write their own animal adventure stories.  The skills they have been developing include accurate punctuation, prepositions, similes, adverbs (ly words) and writing direct speech.  They have worked extremely hard and are very excited about publishing these next week with their watercolour illustrations. The homework this weekend is to create their own book cover.

In maths the children have been developing their addition methods including an expanded column method.  Ask your child which method they would use to add; they are very really improving how they discuss their thinking and methods.  Next week the children will be learning how to measure accurately and will be using their addition methods to add lengths using millimetres.

Hopefully you have received the parents’ evening letter.  Please complete yours and return it ASAP, as appointments are filling up quickly.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Year 3 Team

This week in Year 3…(26.1.18)

Another busy week…this week the children have really enjoyed reading The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark.  We have picked out themes that are similar in each chapter which helps us to work out what we think will happen next.  The children have been learning the importance of adverbs within narrative texts, in particular, ly ending words and how they can really improve how a reader can visualise things in their mind’s eye e.g The boy miserably ate his snack.  The boy happily ate his snack. 

Using this story, the children have chosen their own animal that they will be using next week to write a story following the same theme. Over the last few days the children have worked hard to use powerful adjectives, similes and prepositions to describe their characters.  They are looking forward to planning their own stories and over the weekend are thinking about what their animal could be afraid of.

In maths the children have been learning to tell the time.  This has also included solving time duration problems.  The children would really benefit from practising their clock reading skills with you.

Next week we are greatly looking forward to our visit from Zoolab.  This will lead the children into their next part of project work which will be food chains.

Wishing you a restful weekend,

Year 3 Team

This week in Year 3…(19.1.18)

Well, it’s been a very cold week hasn’t it? The snow caused a lot of excitement in Year 3. What a shame there wasn’t enough for making snowmen!

During the week the children moved on with their project work from teeth to the digestive system. They had some very creative ideas about what they thought was inside us and what happened to our food! Next week we will be focusing on food groups, nutrition and healthy eating. Please help to remind your child to complete their food diary over the weekend. We would like to use this information during project lessons on Monday afternoon. 

In English the children have continued on the theme of persuasion and have written to try to persuade our PTA that sweets during a disco are a good idea.  In skills lessons the children have been learning about apostrophes with the focus on possession e.g.Tom’s coat is blue. Next week we will be starting a class novel ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. Our focus will be character descriptions, planning and writing our own animal stories. Our skills focus will be adverbs, particularly ly ending words e.g. slowly, happily.

In maths the children have been deepening their understanding of fractions including fractions of amounts e.g 1/3 of 24. Next week we will be looking at time. It would really benefit the children if you could practise telling the time at home. The children are allowed to wear watches to school so if they have one please could they wear them next week.

Finally, please could we apologise for the spelling confusion in Monet yesterday. The children have been sent home today with their actual spelling list. It may differ from the one in their homework books. Please could they learn the ones they were sent home with today which uses apostrophes for possession. 

Many thanks for your continued support

Year 3 Team

This week in Year 3…(12.1.18)

Phew, that was a busy week!

The children started the week learning all about homophones (two words that sound the same but are spelt differently) for example allowed and aloud. Please could you practise the list with your child at home as they will need to know the meanings and the spellings for next Tuesday’s test. 

You may have noticed that your child has become quite good at persuading you recently! In English lessons, we have been looking at persuasive texts and the techniques that are used. Rhetorical questions and powerful adjectives have been our targets so far.  We will be continuing this work next week including exaggerating and flattery…sorry! 

In maths the children have been developing their understanding of fractions. We will be looking at fractions of amounts next week. If you could practice halving at home it would be very useful e.g half of 28 is 14. 

In project time the children have been learning about the types and functions of both human and animal teeth. This has led on to work about mouth hygiene. The children tell us they are experts at cleaning their teeth! Next Wednesday we will be having a dental nurse coming to talk to the children. The children will then be writing persuasive letters to younger children about keeping their teeth clean.

Finally, this afternoon we had an absolutely brilliant pantomime to watch. The children loved it! They were captured by the fun, music and dancing. 

See what we mean by a busy week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 3 Team

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