This week in Year 3…(w/b 13.11.17)

Another busy week in Year 3!  The ‘Stone Age boy’ book, has been thoroughly enjoyed by the children this week; it has inspired them to write descriptive diaries about his exciting adventures.  We have been very pleased with both the increase in the children’s stamina with their writing and their growing use of powerful vocabulary.  Well done, Year 3s!

In project time, the children have worked in groups to create cave paintings on large, vertical boards (to mimic being in a cave).  They have also explored Stone Age pottery and have enjoyed creating their own pots using a grooved ware style. 

Next week we will be moving into the next stage of the Stone Age when farming first began. 

Today the children had a fantastic morning at the cinema watching Cars 3. Their behaviour was brilliant as always and they were a pleasure to be with.  We all particularly enjoyed the new plush reclining seats!

Many thanks for your support with Children In Need yesterday.  

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 3 Team


This week in Year 3…(w/b 6.11.17)

Using the fantastic picture book, Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura, the children have travelled back 15,000 years to find out out what life may have been like for Stone Age people. The main character, a modern day boy, finds himself suddenly in a very different world.  After discussing the beautiful illustrations, the children have developed their vocabulary and understanding of prepositions to write powerful descriptions of a Stone Age settlement. We will be continuing with this book next week to help the children to write diary entries as if they were there!

In maths this week we have focused on the use of number lines to multiply. Next week we will be using money in problem solving. If you could share some coins with your child this weekend, discuss their value and practise counting coins this will set them up well. 

Next week we have Children In Need on Thursday 16th November. The children have been asked to come to school in non school uniform for a donation of 50p. Please could we also ask you to send in some cakes for our bake sale at break time. There will be a toy sale and a lucky dip for a small amount of money. 

Finally, on Friday we will be going to the cinema. Please remember to send a packed lunch with your child as they will be too late for a school lunch.

Thank you for your support,

Year 3 Team

This week in Year 3…(w/b 30.10.17)

This week we have started our new project; The Savvy Stone Age. On Monday, the children were presented with a brick and were asked to move it across the desk using whatever they could find in the classroom. Pretty soon they had worked out they could roll it using pencils. This then led into a discussion about how Stone Age man could have moved the stones from Wales to Hampshire to create Stonehenge. Later on in the week, to help the children to understand just how long ago the Stone Age was, we all went into the hall and used a very long time line to plot out time! It was established that it was a very, very long time ago!

Today the children have had a fantastic and somewhat foggy day at Stonehenge! They had a close up look at the stones, explored replica Stone Age houses and enjoyed looking at many actual artefacts in the museum. They were a pleasure to take, showed great Kings Furlong Learning behaviours and are probably very tired tonight. We are!

Next week the children will have their flu sprays on Tuesday and it is ‘photo day’ on Wednesday. If your child is in Blue Team they have a non uniform day on Monday.

Please could we remind you to ensure your child has their P.E kit in school next week as this week quite a few children missed out on their P.E lessons due to not having kit. 

Also, please could we ask you to make sure your child has their name on their belongings especially jumpers and coats that are often removed during the school day. We have had a few jumpers with names that have washed off.

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 3 Team

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