This week in Year 3…(18.5.18)

The weather has been very kind to us and our project this week.  The sunshine has meant that we have been able to go out to the garden and plant some seeds, seedlings and flowers.  Our Community Garden continues to improve. Well done, children. We could do with a bit of rain now though!

At the beginning of the week the children received a letter from a garden centre asking them if they could write a child-friendly leaflet about plant care for their display board. The children rose to the challenge and have enjoyed using their improving understanding of complex sentences to write informative paragraphs for their leaflets.

Today, the children have pulled together all of their recent English skills learning to write a letter to Miss Westaway to let her know how our garden project is going. We have used this piece of writing as part of our ongoing assessment and we are very pleased with the standard at which the children are independently writing.

In maths the children have used addition and subtraction skills to work with money and find change. During problem solving lessons the children have worked out least amounts of coins needed to make amounts and which amounts they can make if certain coins are removed. Any money practise over the weekend would be helpful.  Are the children practising their telling the time skills at home?

Time has flown by, next week is our last week before the half term holiday! During next week the children will be exploring the concept of symbolism in RE and learning about the Tree of Life from the Bible. This will then be linked to a famous story, The Three Trees which again has the focus of symbolism. In maths the children will be developing their knowledge of shape, angles and perimeter as they create their own ideal Community garden plan.

Enjoy your busy weekend, a royal wedding and the FA cup final. Something for everyone!

Year 3 Team


This week in Year 3…(11.5.18)

Year 3 have really enjoyed starting gardening this week; they are really hard workers. If you get a chance, come round to the front of the school and watch as the garden is transformed.  This week was generally clearing and preparing the soil.  Thank you for sending in seeds for us, and the gardening gloves as there were quite a few stinging nettles.  Next week the children will be planting and sowing seeds. If anyone knows of a good child friendly slug and snail repellent please could you let us know.  

In English the children have been learning all about adverbs (words that describe the verb) e.g. how? silently, where? in the forest and when? after a while. To consolidate the children’s understanding, we have been reading a beautifully illustrated book called The Great Kapok Tree which raises the issue of trees being cut down and animal’s homes being destroyed.  This has linked nicely with last week’s work on The Lorax. 

In maths the children have been developing their understanding of fractions; it’s been quite challenging but the children have shown good resilience.  Next week we move on to addition and subtraction with money.  If you are out shopping at the weekend, please share any money transactions with your child. Thank you.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Year 3 Team


This week in Year 3…(4.5.18)

Today, we had a lovely morning walking to the town library and taking part in some book hunting activities.  The children behaved beautifully and answered the librarian’s questions very confidently.  Well done Year 3.  You are a pleasure to take out.

This week the children have been reading the story of the Lorax.  They have really enjoyed the rhyming style and have practised choral reading.  The story has a very serious point to make which the children feel very strongly about.  ‘I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees.’ Using their letter writing skills the children have written complaint letters to the Once-ler asking him to stop cutting down trees.  It has definitely given us all something to think about.

Please could we ask you to check your child’s jumpers/cardigans as we are collecting quite a few in lost property.  Many of the names have washed off.  Please check your child has their own and their names are on them.  Thank you.

As the weather looks to be warming up, please make sure your child has a water bottle in school every. Thank you.  Learning can be very thirsty work!  

We wish you all a lovely bank holiday and will see you on Tuesday.

Year 3 Team

This week in Year 3…(27.4.18)

Well, our new project has really inspired our children already! Due to the new car park being built last year and the qube classrooms being added, the community garden has somewhat been forgotten. Having been to look at our tired and overgrown community garden, the children are very keen to get started improving it.  The children will be using this task to support their learning about plants and flowers in our Flower Power project.

In English lessons, the children have been learning about writing letters and grouping their information to form paragraphs.  After writing to Miss Westaway to ask for permission to carry out this project, the children have written to local supermarkets and garden centres to ask for donations.  We are eagerly awaiting their replies.

In maths the children have been securing their division methods and answering worded problems.  Next week we will be developing fractions understanding.  You could support this at home by asking the children to halve numbers below 100.  The children are becoming a lot more confident with their times tables, keep up the practising at any opportunity…walking to school, while driving in the car. Thanks.

Next week we will be visiting the town library, the Discovery Centre, on Friday morning to help the children to understand the Dewey System.  The children will be playing games and searching for authors. 

Wishing you are lovely weekend,

Year 3 Team


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