This week in Year 4 (10/7/17)

Despite nearing the end of term, the children have continued to be busy. In Maths they have been given a challenge to complete in pairs by next Friday. They have been given a budget of £1000 to plan a holiday to a destination of their choice for two children and one adult. They have to produce a complete itinerary and full costing. We first discussed all the different maths skills they would need to use. There has been very interesting discussion taking place about the best time of year to go and how long they can afford to be away etc as all the groups had to adapt their original ideas when they discovered the real cost of travel. They might think twice before asking for that extra ice cream this summer.

In English we have continued reading our class reader, Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell. The children have been writing their own chapter that could be included in the book with a new character. This has produced some lovely writing using imaginative description.

Friday most of the children in the school had an extra playtime because they had read four times in each of the last two weeks. Sadly in Year 4 there were 17 children who had not met this simple expectation and missed out instead having to stay in class and read. Reading every night with your child is key to them becoming good writers.


We hope you were pleased with your child’s report. Any questions, please do arrange to see the class teacher.


Wednesday afternoon – Brass Music concert.

Children need a carrier bag to bring home their old books.

This week in Year 4 (22/5/17)

Swimming is now finished for Year 4 and all the children have been awarded a certificate for their achievements. It was pleasing seeing those who started off unable to swim and lacking in confidence, make such progress. We hope that these children in particular get the opportunities to build on these first steps.

It was lovely seeing so many of you at Sports Day Friday and weren’t we lucky with the weather. For me, seeing the team work and resilience from the children, is the highlight. So many happy faces, all trying their best for their team. Please remember the coloured t-shirts are now their PE shirts.

After half term we will be starting our new project, On Your Bike. This will be looking at forces, in particular those created by magnets, and simple electrical circuits.  We will be discussing the importance of fair tests too.

In Maths we will start off the half term by revising the formal methods for the four operations and applying these to solving problems.


We do hope you have an enjoyable half term,

All the Year 4 team.

This week in Year 4 (8/5/17)

The main focus of this week has been our swimming sessions on Monday and Wednesday. It has been pleasing to see the children already making progress especially in the confidence of the non-swimmers- and there is still another 4 sessions to go!

Our project, Leisure and Pleasure, has continued with the children collating the data from their homework and learning how to show it on an excel spreadsheet. Next Tuesday morning we will be walking to the Leisure Park to hopefully interview employees at some of the outlets and get their views on how they would like the Leisure Park to be developed. The children will also have the chance to walk round the park and get an idea of the size of area it covers.

In maths the children will be moving on from looking at the units of capacity to looking at mass.  They will be estimating the weight of various objects then weighing them, so they get a feel for how heavy a kilogram actually is. This also gives them practice at reading a range of scales and multiplying and dividing by 1000 as they convert between g and kg.

We hope you have a good weekend.

Year 4 Team.

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