This week in Year 4 22/09/17

We have been very busy with our project this week on Ancient Egypt.  The full title is “From Papyrus to Pyramids” and we have been looking at how the Egyptians used papryus from the river Nile to make paper.  Following on from this we will be looking at Egyptian writing known as hieroglyphics.  Our writing has been based on the diary of Henry Jackson – an explorer who has travelled to Egypt and is commenting on what he has seen.  Life is very different!  Next week we will be creating our tomb paintings and would be grateful for any old shirts to prevent accidents to clothing.

In Maths we have been looking at Addition and learning different methods to use when problem solving.

We have now begun sending homework.  Spellings and tables will be next to follow as systems are now in place.  Homework is set on a Wednesday and is due in school the following Monday.  It is often used in class that day so we do need it!

PE in Autumn can be quite damp.  Please could your child have a carrier bag to put wet shoes in so that the rest of the kit stays dry.  Thank you.  We do encourage children to take it home at the weekend for washing so it is ready for the following week.

The children who had read eight times in the last two weeks had extra playtime today as a reward.  The majority of children do read but the expectation is all children read to an adult at least four times a week.  This has such an impact on their learning in all areas of the curriculum.  Thank you for your continued support with this.

Hopefully this glorious weather will continue and the weekend will be warm and sunny!

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4 15/09/17

We have now completed a full five day week in Year 4 and the children have settled in really well.  They look smart and are organised with PE kit, reading logs etc. This time of the year, we are still enjoying our beautiful school grounds and so started our writing by describing Autumn and its changes.  We then moved on to Diary writing and practising the skills needed for this.  In Maths we have introduced Place Value and will be looking at addition next week.

Because of the changeable weather, children are going out in coats or jumpers and then taking them off because they are hot.  For this reason, some are being left outside and then cannot be found.  If the items are not named, it is harder to return them and children become very distressed at the end of the day.  Please could you check that jumpers, coats and lunch boxes are named.  Thank you for your support in this.

Today we have sent home an information letter about life in Year 4.  If you have any concerns about it, please come and see us.  We have also sent home a topic flyer about our topic on Ancient Egyptians so you can see what your child will be studying this half term.

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 8/9/17

Hello everyone.

Welcome to a new school year!  We hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday. The children look really smart in their uniform and are all set for learning.  We have been very impressed with the way they have settled in and can see examples of our learning behaviours in every lesson.

PE takes place on a Thursday and Friday and children need PE kit in school on these days.  It can be brought in on a Monday and taken home on a Friday and this routine does seem to work well.

All children have a reading book and reading log now.  The expectation is that all children read at least four times a week.  Reading is a huge focus in our school so if there are any problems, please let us know and we will do our best to solve them.

Finally a plea for help.  If you have any men’s shirts that are no longer used, please could you send them to us.  They make great art aprons as they cover everything!

Have a great weekend

Year 4 Teaching Team