This Week in Y4 18/05/18

This week the weather has been lovely and this has enabled us to make the most of our PE lessons outside.  We are extremely fortunate to have the amazing school grounds with the field and trees and now from our Year 4 window, we can watch the garden coming to life under the careful management of Year 3 children.  We have been enjoying multi skills and developing our cricket abilities in small team games.  We certainly have children who can throw the ball well and use the bat to great advantage, sending the ball flying across the field.

In Computing this week, we have further developed our knowledge of Excel.  The children can now input data and make a range of graphs which can be interpreted to find out more about the wishes of the people of Basingstoke, concerning the redevelopment of the Leisure Park.

In English, we have been developing our skills in speaking and listening and using this to take part in several class debates.  The children really enjoyed debating “Cats v Dogs” and then turning their attention to whether the redevelopment of the Leisure Park should take place.  Some children were even persuaded by the presentations to change their minds!

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4 04/05/18

This week we have been taking part in the Big Pedal Challenge.  Lots of children have been cycling or using their scooters to get to school – even in the rain on Wednesday!  Thank you to all who took part.  We hope you enjoyed it.

This week we have written a middle and end to a narrative story about a boy who gets stranded in a ball pit.  We had many inventive ways written about how he escaped.  The stories were imaginative and entertaining.  We hope to display some in school.

In Maths we  finished our work on symmetry and then looked at reaasoning.  Today the children had a new task to do which was solving a problem and then being able to explain it to another group, using the correct mathematical language.  This was enjoyed by all and a lot of learning took place.

On Tuesday, we are walking to the Leisure Park.  The weather looks to be hot.  Therefore please could all children bring a water bottle and wear a sunhat.  If possible, putting sun cream on before leaving home would also be a great idea.  However if rain is forecast, then a light raincoat would be needed. This trip is only the morning and so the children will not be required to carry their packed lunches.  

Enjoy the sunshine this long weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4 27/04/18

What a difference a week makes!  Last Friday we were boiling in record temperatures for April and this Friday we have had rain cancel our PE outdoors which meant learning new cricket skills in the hall.  However we have still managed to get to Level 5 on the Long Barrier which should improve our fielding and throwing.

This week we have been working on our skills as Newspaper reporters.  We have written a piece about a robbery which took place in the early hours.  The children have practised  writing headlines, using a good introductory paragraph to draw the reader in and then adding details in the main body of the piece.  We are now beginning to publish our work in the style of a news article.

In Maths we have revised our knowledge of 2D shapes and are now looking at symmetry.  We started with using shapes with mirrors and will continue this week with work on symmetry using the mirror line.  We also listened and voted for our favourite times tables songs.  More news to follow on this.

The children have also been thinking about the Leisure Park.  What is already there, what they like to do there and then what they might like to see there when the area is developed.  There were some very imaginative ideas!  We are hoping to walk to the Leisure Park on the 8th May and would love some help to accompany us.  Thank you for the volunteer who has already approached us.  It is a morning trip – leaving at 9 and returning in time for lunch.  Please let us know if you can help.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Remember next week is the “Big Pedal”.

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Y4 20/04/18

What a difference in the weather!  The last two days of this week have been staggeringly hot.  The children have coped extremely well.  Thank you for sending them in with water bottles, sun hats and sun cream already applied.  We are lucky to have a lovely field to enjoy in the fine weather but the shade of the trees provide welcome relief too.

This half term our new topic is called Leisure and Pleasure.  We are looking at a local issue and have chosen the proposed changes to the Leisure Park.  As part of this, we will be walking to the Leisure Park to look for ourselves.  A letter has gone home tonight with further information.

We have been looking at newspapers in English this week.  This has involved looking at the 5Ws that make a successful opening paragraph – why, who, when. what, where.  We have also been learning about direct and indirect speech.  Maths has all been concerning data handling through many forms such as pictograms, block and line graphs.

Our PE this half term is Multi-Sports and Cricket.  These are both outdoor activities but can we suggest that children still bring shorts for these lessons as joggers/track suit bottoms are too hot for the Summer term.

Hope you enjoy the sunshine this weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

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