This week in Year 4 2.2.18

This week we have worked in small teams to paint our volcanoes and the landscape surrounding them.  The results are extremely artistic.  Next week we will be coming to the point the children have been really excited about – erupting the volcanoes and watching the lava flow down the hillside on the land below.

In Maths we have continued to work on Time.  The children have worked hard to solve problems which involve converting into the 24 hour clock, reading timetables and working out how many days from one month to another.  The children have been learning how many days are in each month, either by using their knuckles or by reciting the rhyme “30 days has September” which many of you will be familiar with.

In English we have been looking at persusiave devices which can be used in letters.  Today the children wrote to Miss Westaway to try and persuade her to keep the Friday reward playtime for regular reading.  We think they have produced fantastic letters!

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team

This Week in Year 4

This week we have been making volcanoes from drinks bottles and modrock.   We have left them to fully dry out and then will be painting them and the surrounding landscape. When ready, we will be erupting them!  This is the part that the children are really looking forward to!  

As well as making volcanoes, we have been looking at the impact of volcanoes on the humans that live near them.  We found many positive and negative reasons for being in the vicinity of the volcano. Do ask the children what their final opinion was.

In Maths, we are helping some children learn how to tell the time while others who can tell the time both digitally and on an analogue clock, are now practising converting to the 24 hour clock.  Any practice you could give them at home would be hugely welcome.

In English, we have been learning about personification and have been finding verbs to describe a volcano.  We have practised writing sentences and next week we will be using these as a basis for writing our own poems.

Thank you for sending in the correct PE kit.  Most children now have PE shorts for Gym and so will be able to use apparatus.  A few children, though, still need to bring shorts and also find their appropriate colour team t-shirt.  Just a reminder – orienteering is on Thursdays and Gym is on Fridays so children need kit both days.

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team



This week in Year 4 19/01/18

This week has seen us learning about the different types of rocks.  We handled a selection of rocks and then identified them using flow charts, just like real geologists.  Then we used our knowledge to write an explanation text about the three main groups – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

In Maths we have been looking at coordinates and the children have really enjoyed using these skills when orienteering with Mr TV on a Thursday afternoon.  Next week, we are moving onto Time.  Many of our children still cannot tell the time and need help with digital and analogue clocks.  Please could you help us by practising with your child.  The more practice, the more proficient they become. These are life skills so any help with the basic telling of time would be very much appreciated.

We are hoping to make our own volcanoes next week and then causing them to erupt.  We will be doing this in small groups next Wednesday.  For this, we need small, empty plastic bottles and would be very grateful if you could send any you do not need anymore to school please.  We are aiming for 12 per class.

FInally, a plea.  Some children are not in shorts for gymnastics on Friday.  We cannot let these children use apparatus and so to avoid them becoming upset, please send them with blue shorts on Fridays.  It is warm in the Hall so they do not need tracksuit bottoms to keep them warm – although they can put them over their shorts for dinner play.  There is a link to uniform on this website for further guidance.  Thank you.

Have a good weekend.  Stay warm!
The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4 12/01/18

May we wish everyone a Happy New Year and say a huge thank you for the cards and presents given to us for Christmas.  They were very much appreciated by the whole team.

This week we have started our new topic “There She Blows” and the children have been very excited to find out all about volcanoes and tectonic plates.  They are becoming quite experts at explaining why volcanoes occur and how they erupt so please ask them.  In Maths we have revisited addition and subtraction, using various methods leading to the more formal column addition and subtraction.  Next week we will be applying our skills to solving multi step word problems.

PE days remain the same – Thursday and Friday.  As one session is indoor (gym), children must wear shorts but can wear track suit bottoms for orienteering outside as the weather is still changeable.

Today we have been treated to a hugely enjoyable pantomime.  We watched “Sleeping Beauty” and joined in with the songs, comedy routines and cheering.  We were even entertained by Miss Dunn and Mrs Barter joining in a dance routine – do ask your children to tell you all about it!

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team

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