This week in Year 5 ……. (4/2/18)

The Year 5 ‘Book Club’ continued this week with children having great discussions about what they have read do far.  Some groups have already started their second novel.  Wow!  It had a positive impact on the children earning an extra play on Friday afternoon as a result of them reading so much at home.  Well done children and parents.  Remember, it is at least 4 times a week for 2 weeks.

In writing this week, children have worked in groups to create a play script of a Greek myth.  They are excited about their parts and may ask to bring in something from home as a prop.  They will be showing the class what they’ve created later next week. 

The children have been learning PowerPoint skills this week to create interesting slides about how the Greeks have impacted our lives (legacy). They particularly enjoyed creating transitions and animations. 


This Week in Y5 ………… (28/1/18)

In English the children have been using the skills of brackets, dashes, topic sentences and complex sentences to write a report on the Ancient Olympic Games.  They researched the topic themselves and found out some fascinating facts. 

We had our first Book Club meeting, which has to be classed as a complete success.  We’re sure many of you have seen the children reading a little more than normal – long may it continue. Reminder: Having the book in everyday is a good idea but having it on THURSDAY is ESSENTIAL.

Next week the children will be building Greek chariots from scratch.  They will be using saws, measuring wood and problem solving as they build.  Could we ask that any old cereal boxes be brought in in readiness please. 

This Week in Year 5 …… (21/1/18)

Tuesday’s Ancient Greek visitor was a highlight of the week.  I’m sure you’ve already heard lots about the rigged voting in Greek times, the battles between cities in the Olympics, training for battle and them attacking an unknowing victim (Mr Hanson).  The children have been set a project homework inspired by their learning so far.  They may need to talk through their ideas with you.  Hopefully, they will come up with a plan to make sure it is finished on time. 

Thursday’s ‘Book Club’ was also special this week.  The children are very excited to have new books to read.  There is a letter in their pack explaining what they need to do.  In summary, they have decided what page to read up to and should do this before Thursday when they discuss it as a group.

How’s the practising of telling the time going?  Good?  Why not challenge them this week with fraction questions.


The Year 5 Team

This week in Y5 (w/c 8.1.18)

All week we have been focusing on time, reading all kinds of clocks and timetables. Do keep practising at home, especially those analogue clocks, to keep the new skills sharp. 

Next week we are heading off to ancient Greece with our visitor and workshop on Tuesday. Any children wishing to dress in Greek costume on this day are very welcome to (no other non uniform please) but school uniform is fine too. Thank you to everyone who has already paid towards this fantastic, immersive and engaging experience.

Following on from the Greek day, we’ll be learning about the Olympic Games in ancient times and life in Sparta and Athens ready to write non-chronological reports. On Thursday it’s the first reading reward playtime of the year; if you don’t want to miss out, make sure you read at least 3 times over the weekend to reach the target of eight times over two weeks.

Ask your children about today’s visiting “Sleeping Beauty” pantomime. It was almost as good as the KFJS Christmas production last month! Oh yes it was…

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Y5 team


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