This Week in Year 5 …. (w/b 14th May)

We’re all poets

And we didn’t even know it.

This week the children have been writing some stunning poetry and there was hardly a rhyming couplet in sight.  Instead, they have been learning to use the following poetic devices in their mountain poems: onomatopoeia, alliteration, rhetorical questions, similes, metaphors and personification.  Their developing use of figurative language is fantastic and they’ll have more chances top use it this week.

Recently in maths we have been looking at finding the area and perimeter of shapes as well as finding the volume of a shape by counting cubes.  Although as adults, we’d probably find this easy, it is something children sometimes struggle to see.  It’s fractions again next ๐Ÿ™‚

There were 20 children who did not get the last reading award for reading 4 times each week (15 mins each time).  Please help them to keep up this skill as it will set them up well for life.  If your child isn’t fitting it in, perhaps consider allowing tech when the reading is done.  

Getting Creative!

Year 5 have been getting creative making collages representing mountain scenery. Watch this space for the finished results!

This Week in Year 5 ……. (27/4)

Congratulations to Picasso who won the X2 X4 and X8 times tables competition today.  It was incredibly close.  Perhaps Kandinsky can win next week’s battle with the threes and sixes.  Hit The Button, YouTube songs, games as you come to school and just writing them down will all help.

In English, the children have been learning to be a journalist and have used these skills really well in their writing.  We were all really impressed.

In PE this week, the children improved their batting skills in cricket in particular hitting the ball back in the direction of the bowler.  We should be having PE on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this half term.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t started yet (the hockey coach was poorly) but we hope to up and running this week.


Have a lovely weekend.

This week in Year 5 ……. (w/b 19/3/18)

We braved the cold on Monday and walked to QMC where the children worked fantastically on 4 different science experiments.  They created a parachute, tested the way different shaped objects move through water, investigated levers and explored gears and cogs.  We have one more trip later in the year to Winchester (date to be confirmed) and it would be great to have some more parents to help out if you can.

On Thursday, the children took part in the Winter Olympic sport of curling.  They had a blast and also learnt about friction in the process.

In English the children have been learning to build an argument.  The topic: Should school end at 5:30?  Something for you to discuss over dinner, perhaps?

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