Y5’s (Alfred the) Great day in Winchester!

Y5 visited historic sites across Winchester city centre on Friday 29th June and learned about the impact of the Saxons and King Alfred the Great on the city. They braved sweltering heat, fascinating street performers and bustling Hat Fair crowds to see the length of the ancient high street all the way from West Gate to East Gate. From the ancient Buttercross down to the River Itchen and the walls surrounding the city, they considered which landmarks were related to King Alfred and the Saxons in their bid to stay independent from the Viking invaders.

They handled and sketched an Anglo-Saxon pot in the museum and saw amazing models of the city at different periods in its history. There was even a skeleton to observe and period clothing to try on: children trying on the monk costumes remarked how like Star Wars characters they looked with the hood up!

Then it was on to the spectacular cathedral where the cool stone floors and calm, airy open space were most welcome after the hot, crowded streets. The children stood in absolute silence for a few seconds to observe the peace and tranquility of this magnificent building before Mrs Bryan went on to give a brief history of its importance in the development of Winchester. Some intriguing stories about St Swithun and the six mortuary chests kept the children riveted and asking first class questions. Exemplary behaviour and model learning behaviours amounted to a perfect day out which left us all hot and tired but with a better picture of what primary historical sources are. 

Thanks to the expert staff at Winchester City Museum, cathedral and the education centre and also to our amazing governor and parent helpers. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Have a lovely long weekend and see you all on Tuesday!

The Year 5 team

This week in Y5 ….. (w/b 4th June)

On Wednesday, your child behaved impeccably during their trip to Cranbourne.  The activities in the Taster Morning varied from RE to Science and Food Tech to Hair and Beauty.  It was lovely to have some parents able to join us too – thank you!  We’ll see Cranbourne twice more this term with some maths lessons (once at KFJ and once at their school). 

In computing this half term, the children are learning how to blog using WordPress.  What we do in school will only be able to be viewed in school.  However, the children will have the skills to blog on their own devices at home.  We obviously talk about the safety needed around putting thoughts and ideas on the web for others to read.

A lot of time was spent this week supporting children in dealing with issues that had started online (WhatsApp, gaming) outside of school time. Please be aware that children chatting as a group can be great fun but can quickly turn sour e.g. ‘kicking’ someone from a group. And of course, reading something unkind just before bed is not ideal.

This Week in Year 5 …. (w/b 14th May)

We’re all poets

And we didn’t even know it.

This week the children have been writing some stunning poetry and there was hardly a rhyming couplet in sight.  Instead, they have been learning to use the following poetic devices in their mountain poems: onomatopoeia, alliteration, rhetorical questions, similes, metaphors and personification.  Their developing use of figurative language is fantastic and they’ll have more chances top use it this week.

Recently in maths we have been looking at finding the area and perimeter of shapes as well as finding the volume of a shape by counting cubes.  Although as adults, we’d probably find this easy, it is something children sometimes struggle to see.  It’s fractions again next ๐Ÿ™‚

There were 20 children who did not get the last reading award for reading 4 times each week (15 mins each time).  Please help them to keep up this skill as it will set them up well for life.  If your child isn’t fitting it in, perhaps consider allowing tech when the reading is done.  

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