This week in Year 6 (6/11/17)

After our very busy week away at PGL or taking part in the Activity week at school, the children settled back into the school routine on Monday, surprisingly well.  There were still some tired faces though, including the staff, but I’m sure after another weekend break, we’ll all be fully recovered.

This week the children have spent their afternoons creating presentations about their time at PGL or at school last week. They hope to show these to you the week of 20th November and further details will be sent out soon.

In English, The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes has been our focus. The children discussed the meaning and imagery in the poem and acted it out in groups. Next week they will be retelling the story in their own words focusing on using similes and metaphors.

Fractions has been the focus for maths this week starting with equivalence and how to simplify fractions. This will continue next week moving on to fractions of amounts and mixed and improper fractions.

Dates for your Diary.

Friday 17th November: Cinema trip for Year 6 to Vue Cinema to see Cars 3. Children will need a snack, coat and a packed lunch to eat on return to school as we will be too late for school dinners.                            

This week in Year 6 (16/10/17)

Looking back over the half term, we realise just how well the children have settled into Year 6. It has been a busy half term but we know the next one will be even busier.

This week in Maths, we continued looking at capacity, length and mass, and the units used for each. The children practiced converting between these units while getting an idea of the capacity and weight of common items.

In English, having looked at the features of a newspaper report, the children then wrote their own report based on the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

Our project of Crime and Punishment was completed this week by finishing our class reader ‘Holes’ and then watching the film to see how it compared with the story.

We hope you all have a lovely relaxing half term and look forward to Monday 30th October and seeing the children all ready for their week at PGL or a fun packed week at school.

Year 6 Team

This week in Year 6 (9/10/17)

For maths this week we finished our work on division and moved on to capacity. Next week we will be focussing on converting between millilitres and litres and then looking at Length and Mass. Wednesday, the children were given a mathematical problem to solve in small groups. They were able to choose from a range of resources, items that might help them carry out the investigation. It was pleasing to see good team work and a great deal of resilience.

In English we have been focusing on the features of a newspaper report and direct and reported speech. To link in with our project on Crime and Punishment, the children have been discussing the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the alleged crimes committed by Goldilocks. They will be turning this story into a newspaper story next week.

The Great Train Robbery has been our topic for project work this week, looking further at the people involved and the prison sentences they received.

Friday was our whole school Colour Team Challenge and it was a pleasure seeing the year 6s head their teams which were made up of 4 children one from each year group. The aim was to get a marble to move in the slowest time possible from one end of a propped up table to the other using newspaper and tape to slow it down.


Monday. Parents Evening. If you have not been able to make either of the nights, please do ask to see either of the class teachers at another time.

Thursday.   Be Bright Be Seen – non-uniform day and to wear as brighter clothes as possible.



We hope you have a good weekend.

Year 6 Team

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