Year 6 Performance DVD

A DVD of the Year 6 ‘Acts of Randomness’ performance can be purchased from Monday after school, from the office, at a cost of £2. All profit will go towards supporting drama and performance at Kings Furlong Junior School. Thank you.

Acts of Randomness

Dear Parents,

We cannot begin to tell you how proud we are of your children. They performed so brilliantly tonight and each and everyone of them shone like a real star. It has been a privilege to work with the children and give them the opportunity to put on the show that they wanted to be a part of. School gave the children this opportunity but these young people could only be as good as they were tonight because of the families who have raised them. They were a credit to you all and we just want to thank you for giving us such lovely children to work with. Hopefully, they will all sleep soundly tonight and recharge their batteries. Our next event is Friday’s party. So, lots more fun to look forward to!

Best wishes,

Mrs Chapman and Mrs Steadman.

Trip to Bramley

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. On Monday morning, the coach to take us to Bramley will be leaving school at 9am promptly. Children all need to be in school for 8:45am so that we can register everyone and get them seated on the bus in time for its departure.

A packed lunch is needed and a water bottle please. If any children get travel sick could you please make sure they have had a travel tablet at breakfast time. Although it is a short journey, it is quite a winding route.

This always proves to be a great trip to enhance children’s knowledge on staying safe and it would be such a shame to miss out if they are late. We need signed permission slips returned from everyone. Many did not return their forms last week and were issued with new letters on Friday – please check with your child if they have handed theirs in.

With many thanks,

The Year 6 Team

Year 6 … [15.05.17]

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you gave the children last week during the stress of the SATs. The children applied themselves really well under pressure and we are so proud of their resilient attitudes. They have all worked really hard this year to prepare themselves for these tests and to quote one of our students: “I tried my very best; I really couldn’t have tried any harder.” So many of our young learners could honestly make this claim and this is a reflection on the wonderful upbringing they are getting which values education.

Friday was a day of fun, ice-cream and relaxation and their behaviour at McDonald’s was impeccable: they truly wore the Kings Furlong uniform with pride. One of our students not only showed excellent behaviour, he also showed how kind he was wanting to give his ice-cream to a homeless person. This genuine sense of charity really touched us as teachers.

Although we are no longer under the pressure of getting ready for the SATs, we are still hard at work. Writing becomes a key focus this half term in the final sprint to prove how wonderful we are before we moderate their work for their final writing assessment grade. New Science projects are underway: the areas of light, electricity, changing states, mixtures and solutions will be covered this term.

We also need to prepare for an end-of-year show. The children have yet to decide what this might entail but I’m sure they will keep you posted on their ideas.

Here’s to a great last term!

The Year 6 Team.

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