This week in Year 6 (23/4/18)

The main focus of our week continues to be the final preparations for SATs. Having gone through the papers the children completed in our mock week with them, we are now covering those areas that they are not quite as secure on. This applies in particular to Grammar and Maths. We are so pleased by the positive attitude the children are showing to their revision and the resilience they demonstrated throughout the mock week.

We will be sending home a timetable for SATs week along with details of the SATs breakfast club, next week.

Looking beyond SATs, we have planned the bowling treat for Friday 18th (you should have received a letter earlier this week) and we will be discussing with the children the organisation of their Leavers Party. There are still rather a lot of children who have not yet brought in their Spelling Sponsorship money which means we do not yet know exactly how much we have to spend on the party. Please can you make sure that this comes into school this week so the children can start planning.

Thank you for all your continued support – only nine school days left to go!

Year 6 Team

This week in Year 6 (19/3/18)

Our focus for this week has been RE. The theme is ‘Sacrifice’. This has linked with our project work on the Mayans and how they believed in sacrifices to their gods. We revisited the Easter story and how Jesus sacrificed himself. The children then had the opportunity to interview Garry, who is a leader of one of the local churches, to ask what sacrifice meant to him as a Christian. Next week they will be using the question and answer session to produce a piece of writing in the style of their choosing.

Next week in maths, the children will be applying their knowledge to answer a range of reasoning questions. This is the area they find hardest, working out what is being asked of them and then which skills they need to use to answer the question fully.

We will also be testing the children on their final spellings for the sponsored spell and giving them one chance to spell those they have previously got wrong. Wednesday we will send home their total score out of 100 so they have the Easter holiday to collect their sponsorship money.

Have a good and warmer weekend.

Year 6 Team

This week in Year 6 ( 12/3/18)

We started the week by spending Monday morning making our Mayan masks. We used a plastic bag stuffed with paper to get the correct shape for a mask and covered it with Modroc. These have been left to dry and we will paint them next week.

In English, the children have been writing a story about being transported in time and place to find themselves in the middle of an Ulama game (an ancient Malayan sport). Maths this week, has been focused on fractions. This is an area which children struggle with more than others. We will be moving on to revise telling the time in analogue and digital and converting between the two, including 12 and 24 hour digital. Reading timetables is also an area we will revise as the children have struggled with this type of question in our practice tests.

As part of our project, Ancient Adventures, the children have been organised into small groups and have selected an aspect of Mayan life to research in these groups. Their aim is to produce a short presentation which we hope to share with you when ready.


  • Sports Relief week. Children to record the distance they walk to school each day. Friday to come to school in PE kit (including their colour team t-shirt) with a voluntary £1 donation. The afternoon will be spent in colour team sport challenges.
  • Sponsored Spell. There is still time to sponsor your child. All the spelling tests will take place before Easter so the children have the Easter holiday to collect in their sponsorship money.

Have a good weekend,

Year 6 Team.

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