Update for The Green Recycling Team

Twelve members of Year 3 met today with Recycling Rachel (Hampshire County Council) to develop their understanding of what can and can’t be recycled in Basingstoke. The children used their knowledge of the Famous Five to sort recyclable materials from a pile of rubbish. They enjoyed wearing hard hats and high visibility jackets to prepare them for their role in our very own Mini- Recycling Facility!

The Green Recycling Team have decided that they need to update our school community about improving recycling in school and at home. They will be conducting spot checks on classroom recycling bins to see if everyone is outing the right things into the right bins!

Watch this space for their first update!


Over recent terms our Eco stars have been busy organising recycling points in school:    Stamps to 6R

  •     Old Batteries to 5H
  •     Spectacles to 6C
  •     Ink cartridges to 3B
  •     Brita Filter cartridges to 3AB
  •     Mobile phones 4D
  •     Plastic water bottles 5G

We raised £43 last year recycling ink cartridges. The children are going to decide how to invest this money in the communitiy garden. In the summer term we made a bug hotel near our community garden. It is a 5* establishment and was completely full over the peak summer holiday! … We are keen to help reduce local traffic. As part of our school Travel Plan we have cycle racks for pupils in years 5 & 6 to use once they have their ‘cycle to school licence’.