This week in Year 3…(16.3.18)

This week has been assessment week in Year 3. The children have worked really hard and approached each test in a very sensible way. They should feel proud of themselves as we have seen them all try their very best. Well done Year 3s. These assessment results will be reported to you in the same way as they were at the end of the first term.

The powerful Roman army was our focus this week. The research the children did about Roman soldiers for their homework was very useful and helped the children to really understand how hard life as a soldier must have been. In English lessons, the children used video clips and books to help them to take notes about the weapons the soldiers had, their advanced fighting formations and what they did in their leisure time. Using these notes the children then wrote their own report. They really are becoming experts. 

For homework this weekend, the children are making Roman Numeral clocks. These will be used in lesson time next week to help develop their understanding of Roman Numerals and their time telling skills. Please practise telling the time with your child at home…if you get time! 

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Year 3 Team

This week in Year 3…(9.3.18)

What a great day! Please don’t be surprised if your children are very tired tonight; we’ve had a very busy, hands-on day.  Our Roman project really came to life today. After arriving at the centre, the children sat in replica roundhouses (along with smoky fires in the centre), had a go at being archaeologists and digging through the mud to find some very interesting artefacts, learnt about Roman Numerals to answer maths sums and answered Roman knowledge questions. Later, they went inside a Roman villa to discover the excitement of Roman toilet culture, build mosaics and gazed at Roman frescos. Those Romans were very clever!  “I wish we could do this every day!” 

We were really impressed with the children’s thoughtful and knowledgeable answers to the Butser staff’s questions.  As always we were very proud of their impeccable behaviour and respect for others. It was wonderful to be told by the staff at Butser that our children were one of the best groups they had ever had. Well done Year 3. 

Have a great weekend

Year 3 team

This week in Year 3…(23.2.18)

Welcome back. It sounds like you’ve had a busy half term! The children told us all about the exciting things you were doing over the week. Well, here we are in our 4th half term, over halfway through the year!

The Romans are invading… The children have really enjoyed the start of our new project, The Rampaging Romans, and are very enthusiastic about their new learning. On Monday we kicked off with creativity.  After looking at some of the amazing mosaics that the Romans left behind, the children created their own. These are on display both in the classrooms and in the cloakroom. Using atlases the children have identified where the Roman Empire began and how it spread over 48 different countries. Next week we will be looking into why the Romans came to Britain. 

In English lessons the children have begun a new class novel, ‘I was there…Boudicca’s Army’. We will be using this fantastic historical story to help cover English skills alongside their new Roman knowledge.  This week the children have been developing their understanding of complex sentences – using conjunctions and subordinate clauses. We will be continuing with this next week too.

In maths the children have been developing their subtracting methods. We were very pleased with the progress the children made over the week; it was a pleasure to watch their confidence grow. Next week we will be recapping properties of 2D shapes and learning about perimeter and how to measure it. 

Next week we look forward to seeing you at Parents’ Evenings on Monday or Wednesday. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 3 Team

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