Maths at KFJS


Here are some resources to help parents and children develop their knowledge of how we teach maths at KFJS!

Click here to read our Written Methods of Calculation

Click here to read Mr Hanson’s notes on Big Maths, from the parent workshop.

We also use Big Maths to improve our pupils’ mental maths abilities. Below are some files that may help!

APP CLIC381.3 KB30/1/2014
CLICAnswersLevel13.2 MB30/1/2014
CLICAnswersLevel2816.0 KB30/1/2014
CLICAnswersLevel3860.8 KB30/1/2014
CLICAnswersLevel4929.9 KB30/1/2014
CLICAnswersLevel51.0 MB30/1/2014
CLICLevel12.9 MB30/1/2014
CLICLevel2473.1 KB17/2/2017
CLICLevel3530.7 KB30/1/2014
CLICLevel4572.4 KB30/1/2014
CLICLevel5656.8 KB30/1/2014
CLICTestsAnswers5.3 MB30/1/2014
LearnItsAnswersRec454.3 KB30/1/2014
LearnItsAnswersYear1450.4 KB30/1/2014
LearnItsAnswersYear2455.2 KB30/1/2014
LearnItsAnswersYear3459.6 KB30/1/2014
LearnItsAnswersYear4461.6 KB30/1/2014
LearnItsAnswersYear56455.8 KB17/2/2017
LearnItsRec196.7 KB30/1/2014
LearnItsTestAnswers946.8 KB30/1/2014
LearnItsYear1198.2 KB30/1/2014
LearnItsYear2200.0 KB30/1/2014
LearnItsYear3199.3 KB30/1/2014
LearnItsYear4201.0 KB30/1/2014
LearnItsYear56203.9 KB30/1/2014

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We aim for all our pupils to become strong mathematicians! To help parents understand what we teach and when, we’ve put our coverage cards below. These basically break down the National Curriculum objectives into phases (or terms). Some objectives are repeated in phases 1, 2 and 3. The coverage cards also show the expectations of what should be achieved by the end of the year; we aim for the vast majority of pupils to have ‘S’ ticked- meaning they are ‘secure’ in that objective.


Our Maths Curriculum – see the documents below to see which maths is taught when!

Y3 Whole year by phases250.5 KB22/11/2015
Y4 Whole year by phases101.8 KB22/11/2015
Y5 Whole year by phases448.5 KB22/11/2015
Y6 Whole year by phase478.2 KB22/11/2015