Parents’ Views

At Kings Furlong, we value the views of parents and those in our community. We constantly seek their thoughts and suggestions, holding open forums, giving out questionnaires, and informally asking parents ‘on the playground’.

100% of parents would recommend our school to others, according to the March2017 survey!



General Comments

  • My child is lucky to get an opportunity to go to such a wonderful school. Thank you KFJS for your support.
  • We are pleased with all the school offers.
  • We appreciate the efforts taken by the school for the general knowledge quiz. We enjoy doing it as a family.
  • We are really impressed with the communication from the school. Thank you.
  • My child has settled in really well and thoroughly enjoying her time at school.
  • I can see that my child’s work is really improving.
  • Thank you for providing a warm and welcoming school.
  • The support from the Year 3 nurture group is really supporting my child.
  • Keep doing what you’re doing!
  • An excellent report from Parents’ Evening – thank you!
  • My child loves Young Carers club- it really helps her feel valued.
  • My child is really making progress, and the staff meet her needs well. Thank you.
  • I like that my child really enjoys being at school and that he gets extra help.
  • My daughter has been encouraged and supported to achieve. The teaching and leadership are strong.
  • The difficulties my child was having have been addressed quickly and effectively.
  • I like the fact that spellings are now in the homework books so I can see the results.
  • My child continues to love being at KFJS.
  • The transition from Y2 to Y3 was really good.

One thing I would like to see….

  • More challenging homework to be given, or just more homework.
  • Children to understand more what their spellings mean
  • The quiz is quite a lot of extra work for Year 3 pupils, and quite tricky too. Could this be adjusted to lessen their work load?
  • Could you offer wrap-around clubs for working parents?
  • Children to learn first aid [this happens briefly in Year 6].
  • Cycling proficiency courses [this is done in Year 5].
  • The lunch menu should include a cold option.
  • Encouragement to have healthy packed lunches.
  • Longer parents’ evening appointments.
  • More music opportunities, e.g. learn violin.
  • More class activities in the afternoon that parents can attend.
  • Not having to reapply for sports clubs.
  • A wider range of books available for different readers.

What are we already doing?



results Feb 2016

Comments from Year 3 parents:

  • Well done to the staff and pupils achieving a ‘good’.
  • My child has settled in well and we are happy with expectations.
  • I was very happy with the recent Ofsted report. I feel the teaching at the school is a very high standard and the school is managed extremely well.
  • We are very pleased by the rating and the hard work that the school has invested. Happy we decided to send our child to KFJS.
  • I am extremely happy with my child’s progress and experiences at Kings Furlong Junior School so far. The school is very effective in meeting the needs of my child and I feel she is doing very well.
  • I would like to know more about how poor behaviour is dealt with, as I am unsure. [Our behaviour policy is here: ]
  • I wish they give homework during holidays and introduced more clubs. [We are at maximum capacity for clubs at present. Homework is sometimes set during holidays, although we feel pupils – and teachers – need a break, too!].

Comments from Year 4 parents:

  • Very pleased by the rating and the hard work that the school has invested. Happy we decided to send our child to KFJS.
  • We are very pleased with our child’s schooling. She is progressing well. She enjoys school and we can see this. Well done.
  • I can see the hard work that everyone has put into the school so it’s excellent this has been recognised by Ofsted.
  • My child very much enjoys coming to school, he is motivated by being challenged and very happy with himself when he achieves these challenges!! He loves being given a variety of opportunities such as being on the school council, general knowledge quiz, big maths.
  • Playing football, scooter/bicycle after school in the ground is affecting badly parents with young children. There were incidents in which ball came to them or cycling fast past them. Please have a look into this. [We are onto this!]

Comments from Year 5 parents:

  • The substance of homework has improved presenting more of a challenge to my child.
  • Really pleased all the hard work done has been recognised by Ofsted.
  • As a parent very happy to see this school was rated as a good school.
  • We think that the school should be rated higher.
  • A wider range of religions should be taught. [The school teaches the Hampshire agreed syllabus for RE called ‘Living Difference’. This can be read it here: ]

Comments from Year 6 parents:

  • Really happy to see the report. Everybody worked really hard for the result and I am sure it will only go up the ladder.
  • My child has had four excellent years at KFJS. I have absolutely no regrets for choosing to send her to you. Thank you so much.
  • I am very happy with my child’s progress and the way she is being taught.


General Comments

  • We feel the school is doing a fantastic job at the moment. Lots of great opportunities for both children. Thank you.
  • Helpful, genuinely caring teachers and LSAs who work incredibly hard. What more could we ask for? Home/school communication remains excellent.
  • It was great to participate in the classroom activity during the Three-in-one morning. Could we have further opportunities for parents to join in with lessons please?
  • I cannot fault this school. Keep up the good work!
  • I am very pleased with the school and feel the teaching standard is supportive and pro-active.
  • You are doing extremely well so please keep going like this and keep & share the update with us.
  • Really enjoying my child learning in school. I think the school is managed brilliantly.
  • I’m very happy with my child’s education. He has come leaps and bounds since joining Kings Furlong. Thank you so much.
  • My child, while eager to get to secondary school, enjoys every day at KFJS. Thank you for making it such an outstanding school.
  • With regard to homework we feel this is more appropriately set this year.
  • Excellent school and staff. My daughter thoroughly enjoys being here. Big thanks to the teachers.
  • My child has had a fantastic start to the new year/class. He is really enjoying all aspects of his learning. We are very happy with his progress.
  • Thanks for all your support.

One thing I would like to see….

  • More parent assemblies in the afternoon evening.
  • A buzzer at the gate at the infants side of the school
  • Have some animals at school
  • The school explaining to younger children the dangers of smoking and drug taking.
  • To be informed of the main topics of study (i.e. space and planets) in advance.
  • Record assemblies/music performances etc that working parents cannot attend. These could then be posted on the website.
  • Explanations of what the grouping represents in her spellings.
  • A few more spaces for after school clubs.
  • Holiday homework.

At the end of each year, we ask our parents to complete a questionnaire. The results from July 2015 are below. There is always room for improvement, but we are pleased with the positive comments and responses given by parents.


Comments from the section, “I am particularly pleased about”:

  • The level of homework given and variety of after school clubs.
  • Confidence and support given- my child’s progress has been excellent and the school and teachers work very hard.
  • My child’s school report this year!
  • All the help & support given to my child. He must have been extremely difficult a lot of times, so thank you so much.
  • The way sports day was organised, it went very well. The older children really looked after my child when she got upset, great teamwork.
  • I am happy about how the school welcomed my child when she first started. I was very worried about her moving school. And the school made it so much easier. Since being here she has improved so much in everything.
  • My child’s reading and writing which has improved so much since year 2. Also her maths which is now up to expected age.
  • Letting parents come to special assemblies.
  • I am particularly pleased about: the many opportunities for extra-curricular activities that my child has had this year, the highlights being Street Dance, cookery and sewing clubs, and also the trip to the Houses of Parliament.
  • My child enjoys school.
  • The different range of clubs before and after school.
  • My child’s reading has improved.
  • My daughters report was amazing and am so proud of her achievements since moving to KFJ. Thank you.
  • Leadership and teaching at the school.
  • The activity trips pupils go to.
  • My child is keen to learn and attend school which must be a positive reflection on both her and the school.
  • The teaching quality. Supporting staff.
  • The level my daughter is at and how well she has settled into year 3.
  • I would like to say that we appreciate the effort and commitment from Mr Applegate. He genuinely cares about the school and the children and it really shows.
  • My child seems to have made some firm friendships and is always looking forward to seeing everyone.
  • My child has made good progress this year and has gained more confidence.
  • The support my child received from her teacher and the school in her learning in general and in specific target areas.
  • Besides school learning, school provided opportunities for children to learn other musical instruments.
  • The support that has been given to my child, that has also made her grow in confidence and given her strength to work hard and not be discouraged. Thank you
  • My child’s progress this year. He has enjoyed his classes, the sports programmes and the teachers. Overall the school is a great environment and we are pleased to be a part of it.
  • The day to day running of school and the teaching from all members of staff.
  • The progress my child has made this year, 2- sub levels in writing and maths, and 3- sub levels in his reading! Very proud of him!
  • The praise the teachers give; I feel that my daughter feels valued.
  • How the school is run in general, very pleased with extra-curricular activities, excellent staff who are always willing to help and chat if required. FANTASITC SCHOOL!!!!!!
  • After school clubs that my son enjoys.
  • The ongoing communication between school, and the parents’ feedback sessions.
  • I am particularly pleased about QMC and CBEC science trips.
  • How well my child has done this year and that he is happy to go to school every day.
  • School friendly approach.
  • Choir. After school activities. Lots of communication between school and home. You are doing fantastic work.
  • The competitive sports playing different schools.
  • I am pleased my son loves coming to school and that the school values our children’s happiness and character development which then helps our children to achieve academically.
  • More homework and more time to spend in libraries they want to use playtime for libraries.
  • My child’s teacher is very nice and helpful and gave excellent guidance to her. The head teacher is approachable as always.
  • How happy my child has been at school this year.
  • How my child has improved not only in school work, but behaviour as well.
  • Good curriculum. Thanks for all effort teachers put in. Good feedback at parents’ evening
  • The school is very good at communicating and extracurricular activities.
  • The way my child & myself are always supported!!
  • I am pleased about everything.
  • Teaching quality, supporting staff.
  • How nice the teachers are and how much support we have received from them.
  • The progress my child has made this year and how happy he has been at school.
  • All people are very kind and helpful. Many thanks.
  • My child’s progress.
  • The range of clubs on offer.
  • The fantastic, hardworking teachers and LSAs. How do they remain so friendly, positive and helpful!?
  • The dedication, enthusiasm and hard work from all the staff at the school. It really is a pleasure to have my child attend here and feel nothing is too much trouble. It has a community feel. Thank you!
  • The range of learning opportunities for my child.
  • Leadership & teaching at the school.
  • School keeping me updated.
  • It feels like a team, the staff all behind each other.
  • How dedicated the staff are in providing a positive school experience.
  • The good communication made my daughter feel so welcome as a late starter.
  • Leadership and teaching quality.
  • Learning maths and English.
  • My child is really enjoying being in the school rugby team.
  • The support given by teachers.
  • My child’s SAT’s results.
  • All aspects of school life.
  • Thanks to everyone who helped her achieve her best.
  • The help my son has had in preparation for his SATs and the excellent teaching in Year 6.
  • School keeps my child really safe.
  • How my child takes on learning seriously and listens to her teachers and shows willingness.
  • Her progress in English (her tenses) and maths.
  • Small focus groups, the fact more sports clubs have been introduced. Mrs Barter’s netball – fantastic!
  • We are always happy with how the school is managed. All the team at KFJ are fantastic. They always go extra mile to help children keep up the good work and thank you
  • The staff are all friendly and approachable and make you feel welcome and comfortable, and make the children enjoy their experience at school!
  • Communication and the effort that goes into building a school community that children can be part of.
  • My child’s progress in year 6.
  • I feel that my daughter is well prepared for starting secondary school.
  • My child finally learning to swim. Increased confidence in PE.
  • The great teachers and their hard work.

Comments from the section, “One thing I would like to see happen is”:

  • Even more regular parents evenings (currently 2 formal meetings a year, 1 informal meeting, 2 progress reports sent home, and 1 end of year report).
  • Parents consulted about who will be in the next class with them.
  • More spaces in cookery club/for child to be able to take part in it more than once throughout the year.
  • Extra after school clubs, with more places.
  • Ensure kids are following healthy snacks habits at least in school.
  • Case by case decisions on taking children out of school for holidays with educational purpose.
  • The continued review of sports provision and to ensure that the proposed building work and temporary classroom do not detract from the playground/sporting facilities.
  • More school trips.
  • School gate to be opened when an event is on during school hours.
  • Holiday homework- maybe small project or diary?
  • I would like to see even more Art.
  • Even more specific information on what our children are being taught each week.
  • A short guide for parents on the basics of English and Maths teacher methods please. More workshops eg. Maths.
  • To be given some information about the assessment system that will be used next year. Will levels still be used on a day to day basis? If not, how will progress be reported to parents? How will the children understand their own progress and next steps?
  • Tea parties. Hot dogs/burgers at school disco.
  • More fun activities for year 6 after SATS. Even if it is a fun school trip that is funded by parents.
  • That the school carries on being a great school and it doesn’t change just because it will grow in number of pupils.
  • Can’t think of anything so all must be good!

On July 9th 2015, we ran another ‘open forum’. Over 30 parents attended. This was yet another opportunity for parents to share their thoughts about our school, and to contribute towards continual improvement. Below is the summary of the meeting.

What did parents appreciate?

  • Parents thought that the communication across the school was excellent, and they really appreciated this.
  • Parents felt the target cards were really good, and appreciated that they were done termly.
  • Parents felt strongly that there children were valued by all staff, and this was really important to them.
  • A very good ethos.
  • Children were supported to be good.
  • They really appreciated the learning behaviours, and said that they often use the behaviours language at home to help their children.
  • They really liked the increase in competitive sport.
  • They felt that the Reception team were very friendly and helpful.
  • Homework – the fact that it is set weekly, and gives a sense of what the children are learning. Marked. Consistent. Spellings, times tables etc.
  • The PTA activities were fantastic- varied, social, and help bring a strong sense of community.

What could be improved?

To make our school even better, we could……Actions
Homework – the creative projects weren’t appreciated because the parents end up doing it mostly, and the cost of it, and the time taken. Also, the Big Maths is a similar type of activity every week.Could creative projects for homework be optional?
Can Maths Homework be more varied?
PTA tickets sold after school only- issue for working parentsPTA discos only on Weds – chn miss out if doing clubs. What about alternating days each term?Mr Applegate to speak to PTA.
More outdoor learningTeachers to be aware of and seek opportunities.
Lack of trips, or variety of trips.Pay frequently to save up for trips (e.g. £1/week)Need more notice sometimes. 1 month is best as it helps parents budget for the month.Miss Dunn to keep an eye on across projects.Mrs Walker to review possibilities here.
Trips must have 1 at least months notice. Additional permission from Mr Applegate by staff needed for a trip sooner than this.
Clubs – parents were very happy with the range. The problem is that so many children want to do them, so frequently, and often there aren’t enough spaces. Parents offered to help if it meant more children could attend the club. Or run side by side (e.g. in hall).Mrs Walker to write to parents asking what club they would run etc.
More opportunities for presentation/public speaking – to build confidence.Mrs Redgell to monitor in English planning. This will come across in the new curriculum planning anyway.
Reading – 5x a week- how can we make this a positive thing? Rewards when achieve a certain number? Badges?Mrs Redgell and and Mrs Bennett to think creatively about making this a more positive system.
Maths Help Sessions for ParentsMr Hanson to run one each half-term.
Parents want to know what the project is about, and what the children will be covering that term in English and Maths (in more detail than what is currently given out). They were keen to help, but need to know how.Each year group give this out at the start of each project.

Below are the results from our May 2015 Parents Evenings questionnaires!

Feedback Feb 2015 Page 1 Feedback Feb 2015 Page 2 Feedback Feb 2015 Page 3




Acting on the views of parents – Yet more evidence!

The overwhelming majority of parents are very positive about the way that we respond to comments and suggestions. Here are just a few of the ways we have responded to them:

  • Homework Club- this was set-up in November 2012, at the request of several parents
  • Clearer Homework policy and communication- we held an open forum, spoke with staff, pupils and parents, and clarified the homework policy and expectations. Read the details here.
  • Being kept informed of pupil progress- we now produced ‘report cards’ to give to parents, which give an indication of levels, expected attainment, and strengths and development points for their children.
  • Clearer communication- we now communicate through text messages, emails, website, Facebook, Twitter, and paper copies.
  • Increased parent participation – we now provide learning opportunities for parents to join in with their child’s learning at least once per term, usually more. This is on top of normal school events (like school/Christmas plays).
  • Music lessons – we now have guitar and piano lessons available to all pupils (at cost), and free recorder lessons.
  • More clubs- we now have a range of clubs, which can be read about here.
  • Easy Payments- we’ve introduced on-line payments, as well as the ability to pay in advance for trips and school dinners.
  • ICT- we’ve introduced new and improved technology, so that our pupils are better prepared for using IT in life and learning.

Feedback Feb 2015 Page 3


Let us know what you think – give us a call or send us an email!

Alternatively, visit Ofsted’s very own Parent View website by clicking here.ofsted parentview