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Relax Kids


Creating calm, confident kids.


Relax Kids hold a weekly session at KFJS, giving our children the chance to build confidence and self-esteem, while learning techniques that will help them for years to come.  Class teachers nominate children to attend sessions per term.


Relax Kids Basingstoke is run by Kath Routledge.  Her fun sessions are different from any other classes – they use a combination of mindful games; storytelling and exercises; stretching, breathing, and massage.  The relaxation techniques taught help children to recognise their strengths and manage their emotional journey through life.


Those attending the classes learn skills that they can use every day:


  • How to develop their self confidence
  • How to manage their moods or emotions
  • How to manage stress and anxiety
  • How to increase their brain power
  • How to relax and improve their sleep
  • How to self soothe


Relax Kids classes include the following activities:


  • DYNAMIC warm ups and exercises
  • EXCITING games
  • RELAXING stretches
  • CALMING breathing exercises
  • SOOTHING peer massage
  • POSITIVE affirmations
  • CREATIVE visualisations


The following video shows some of a Relax Kids class filmed at Burnham Copse Primary School, with the Headteacher talking about the impact the sessions have had in school.

Relax Kids Classes Introduced To Schools In Hampshire

Relax Kids classes use a unique combination of mindful games, storytelling, exercises and massage to support mental and physical well being. The relaxation and breathing techniques aim to provide ways of dealing with anxiety and stress, developing self-confidence and managing emotions.

Kath runs a range of classes in the Basingstoke area. You can find out more about Relax Kids on her website or Facebook page.