School Letters

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Newsletter-Mon-17th-July-2017776.3 KB17/7/2017
PTA Raffle July 2017372.3 KB15/7/2017
Family BBQ 5th July 2017258.3 KB4/7/2017
PTA Family BBQ Help257.4 KB30/6/2017
Primary Prom letter to parents 2017465.4 KB27/6/2017
Newsletter-Mon-26th-June-2017912.3 KB25/6/2017
PTA Junior Disco July 2017363.1 KB22/6/2017
Newsletter-Mon-5th-June-2017616.6 KB11/6/2017
Newsletter-Mon-12th-June-2017535.9 KB11/6/2017
PTA Dad's & kids DVD night354.7 KB8/6/2017
Wheelie Bin Sticker Competition339.0 KB24/5/2017
Matchbox and Form 2017113.6 KB24/5/2017
Newsletter-8th-May-2017554.9 KB21/5/2017
Newsletter-22nd-May-20171.0 MB21/5/2017
Newsletter-16th-May-2017724.0 KB21/5/2017
Summer 2 Clubs 2017655.3 KB16/5/2017
Walk to School Knight Street Launch May 2017457.7 KB10/5/2017
PTA meeting May 2017453.1 KB3/5/2017
Newsletter-2nd-May-2017411.2 KB2/5/2017
Newsletter-24th-Apr-2017373.5 KB22/4/2017
Temporary LTS Summer Term 16-17184.5 KB6/4/2017
Easter Letter April 2017246.1 KB6/4/2017
March 2017 Booklet for parents about questionnaire feedback842.8 KB4/4/2017
Newsletter-3rd-Apr-2017408.8 KB4/4/2017
Letter RE Mr Applegate234.2 KB4/4/2017
Newsletter-27th-Mar-2017400.2 KB26/3/2017
Hants Soccer Summer 1 2017426.1 KB20/3/2017
Summer 1 Clubs Website 2017667.4 KB20/3/2017
PTA Junior Disco 2017481.8 KB20/3/2017
PTA Easter Egg hunt letter 2017258.6 KB20/3/2017
Newsletter-20th-Mar-2017448.0 KB18/3/2017
Newsletter-13th-Mar-2017540.9 KB12/3/2017
PTA minutes March 1729.1 KB12/3/2017
Kings Furlong Junior School Ofsted Report 2015161.1 KB9/3/2017
Red Nose Day 2017176.6 KB8/3/2017
Newsletter-6th-Mar-2017674.9 KB5/3/2017
Newsletter-27th-Feb-2017479.3 KB27/2/2017
Newsletter-17th-Feb-2017524.1 KB18/2/2017
Giant Sing March '17427.9 KB15/2/2017
Newsletter-13th-Feb-2017661.4 KB10/2/2017
Clubs to continue February 2017367.7 KB6/2/2017
Newsletter-6th-Feb-2017562.8 KB6/2/2017
Sports Report Jan 2017311.5 KB3/2/2017
PTA Uniform Sale and Meeting232.3 KB3/2/2017
Newsletter-30th-Jan-2017563.3 KB29/1/2017
Newsletter-24th-Jan-2017553.7 KB29/1/2017
PTA Letter EGM505.8 KB18/1/2017
NSPCC Letter 16 Jan 2017363.7 KB16/1/2017
Newsletter-16th-Jan-2017735.0 KB15/1/2017
NSPCC Speak out Stay safe478.5 KB11/1/2017
Newsletter-9th-Jan-2017440.5 KB8/1/2017
Newsletter-3rd-Jan-2017677.6 KB2/1/2017
Newsletter-16th-Dec-2016596.6 KB16/12/2016
Governors Gazette - December 2016521.0 KB13/12/2016
PTA Tea Towels Dec 2016389.0 KB8/12/2016
Aspirations 2017661.2 KB6/12/2016
PTA Raffle Letter Dec 2016324.7 KB5/12/2016
Pinocchio285.0 KB4/12/2016
Newsletter-5th-Dec-2016595.6 KB4/12/2016
Spring 2017 Clubs Website651.8 KB28/11/2016
Newsletter-28th-Nov-2016546.8 KB27/11/2016
Newsletter-21st-Nov-2016517.0 KB20/11/2016
Newsletter-7th-Nov-2016636.2 KB11/11/2016
Newsletter-11th-Nov-2016464.2 KB11/11/2016
PTA first update letter 201663.9 KB11/11/2016
Love in a box Oct 2016156.6 KB18/10/2016
Love in a box lists Oct 2016151.0 KB18/10/2016
PTA Autumn Disco 2016378.8 KB14/10/2016
Year 2 Information Sessions 2016402.2 KB11/10/2016
Photographer appointments 2016137.4 KB7/10/2016
Parents Evening Questionnaire Oct 201663.0 KB4/10/2016
Newsletter 3rd Oct 2016631.2 KB3/10/2016
Newsletter 26th Sept 2016510.0 KB26/9/2016
Triple P Parenting Course Sept 16132.8 KB22/9/2016
Harvest Celebration Food to bring in185.6 KB19/9/2016
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon Fri 30th Sept420.1 KB19/9/2016
Possible Free School Trips flyer to parents224.4 KB19/9/2016
2016 Harvest Flyer 481.5 KB19/9/2016
PTA Newsletter September 2016363.1 KB19/9/2016
Can you Dig it - Help needed75.3 KB18/9/2016
PTA Newsletter September 201661.1 KB18/9/2016
Parents Eve October 2016148.0 KB18/9/2016
Being a parent is hard work230.9 KB13/9/2016
News Update 12th Sept 2016571.8 KB12/9/2016
50 50 PTA Lottery Letter312.9 KB12/9/2016
Autumn 1 2016 Clubs642.7 KB6/9/2016
Sept 2016 First Day Newsletter410.8 KB6/9/2016
MindEd for families693.0 KB18/7/2016
Governors Gazette July 2016619.4 KB14/7/2016
Road Safety Newsletter 2 June 2016434.8 KB16/6/2016
esafety message share aware313.1 KB8/9/2015
Going home arrangements381.5 KB28/8/2015
E-Safety Update July 2015518.7 KB28/8/2015

Y3 visit to Eastrop park269.2 KB5/5/2017
Year 3 Manydown Trip332.4 KB3/3/2017
Year 3 Make your mind up278.1 KB2/1/2017
Year 3 Cinema trip347.0 KB18/11/2016
Year 3 visit to Apple107.0 KB4/11/2016
Expectation letter 2016131.0 KB12/9/2016

Year 4 Volcanoes245.1 KB2/1/2017
Cinema vist Y4 2016387.5 KB18/11/2016
Cinema vist Y4 2016128.0 KB18/11/2016
Science trip108.0 KB14/10/2016
Discovery Centre Year 4106.6 KB15/9/2016
welcome to year 4107.9 KB6/9/2016
Ashmolean follow up letter108.1 KB6/9/2016

Think Safe 2017408.7 KB25/6/2017
Summer 2 Clubs Website 2017524.1 KB24/5/2017
Living Rainforest letter 2016447.5 KB12/1/2017
Year 6 Carnival263.9 KB2/1/2017
Expectation letter 2016130.5 KB9/9/2016