Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

Year 6

Last week in Year 6  (w/b 10/12/18)


The children completed their task of writing to Miss Westaway to persuade her not to change the school lunches to a completely healthy menu. It was interesting listening to them debating amongst the class as to which items in the lunch menu they felt should be changed; pizza was high on their list.

In maths, the focus was percentages and how they are linked with fractions and decimals. We will return to this next term when the children are fresh.

For our RE, the children discussed the meaning of interpretation and looked at Matthew’s and Luke’s telling of the Christmas story. The children found the similarities and differences between the two.

Friday, we started making our items for the Christmas Market next Thursday. We do hope you will be able to join us to see what we have been doing.

Year 6 Team

Last week in Year 6  (w/b   3/12/18)


On Monday, Miss Westaway set Year 6 the task of persuading her whether school lunches should be changed to even heathier choices or not. This meant they have had to brush up on their persuasive writing skills including the use of modal verbs, colons and semi-colons. Next week they will be completing their letters to her.

Finding the area and perimeter of rectangles and complex shapes made of rectangles has been the maths topic for this week. Next week we will be moving on to Decimals, Fractions and Percentages and how they are linked.

Our project focus for the week was the life cycles of different animals such as butterflies and snakes. The children also researched the life and times of Charles Darwin and will be writing his biography next week.

Christmas Market

HELP. We need coffee / hot chocolate/ gravy granule lids please to enable us to make one of our products for the Market. 


Year 6 Team

Last week in Year 6   (w/b  26/11/18)


The week started with the children dissecting flowers so they could draw and label the reproductive parts. We then moved on to watching and discussing the dvds on ‘How babies are made’ and ‘How babies are born’. Next week we will be looking at the life cycle of some different animals.

Ratio was the focus for maths and will be continued for part of next week before moving on to revise area and perimeter.

The Island by Armin Greder remained the inspiration for English with the children writing what they felt was the ending of the story.

Year 6 Team

Last week in Year 6    (w/b  19/11/18)


Last week the children had a go at another set of past SAT papers so they could get use to the timings and format of the papers. The results will be shared with the children this week and we will work through the more difficult areas.

In English, the children have been sharing the first part of a book called The Island by Armin Greder. This created plenty of discussion opportunities for the children and a chance for them to work on their vocabulary skills.  This week they will be using their imagination to write what they feel the end of the story should be.

3d shapes was the focus of the maths and we will be applying this knowledge to word problems this week. We will be moving on to ratio next.

Monday, the children had a go at matching the baby photos they had bought in, with the right child or adult. This will lead into looking at which characteristics are inherited. They also looked at the difference between invertebrates and vertebrates. 


Year 6 Team

Last week in Year 6   (w/b  12/11/18)


We made a start on our new project, Circle of Life, this week. Adaption of animals to their environments and how to use classifications keys have been the focus.

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes has been the stimulus for our writing.  The children have retold the story but basing it from the view point of a different character and focusing on the use of similes, metaphors and parenthesis.

In maths, we have continued with fractions; how to use the four operations with them and find fractions of amounts. We will be moving on to 3d shapes next.

This week the children will be sitting a set of practice Sat papers so they get the feel of the papers, the format and timing.


Thursday 22nd November 3:30 pm   Hockney Class.

Meeting to watch the Sex Education videos the children will be watching shortly.


Year 6 Team.

Last week in Year 6   (w/b 5/11/18)

This week Year 6 joined in with the second of the school’s two week project based round World War One. Our aspect was whether women were as important as men in the war. The children who didn’t come to PGL had spent that week looking at the causes of the outbreak of the war and on Monday morning, they shared these with the rest of the Year. The whole year group then researched the different ways women contributed to the war effort from working in the ammunition factories to working as aeroplane mechanics. In groups, they debated whether women were as important as men, and recorded these debates using iMovie. The children enjoyed showing off their skills and their knowledge to parents on Friday.

In Maths, we have moved on to fractions. We will continue with this next week as it is always an area children lack confidence in. The Highway Man by Alfred Noyes will be the focus of English next week and the use of similes and metaphors.

We look forward to a busy week and hope the children are fully recovered from our lovely week at PGL.

Year 6 Team.

Height and Weight Checks for Children in Year 6


Each year in England, school children in Reception and Year 6 have their height and weight checked as part of the National Child Measurement Programme. The School Nursing Service are due to measure our Year 6 pupils on 22 November 2018, and will be coming in to talk to them about it on 6 November 2018.


A letter and leaflet from the School Nursing Service will be sent home with Year 6 children next week. Copies are also available on our website (letter and leaflet).


If you are happy for your child to be measured, you do not need to do anything.


If you do not want your child's height and weight to be checked, please let us know by writing a letter to the Head Teacher.


Children will not be made to take part on the day if they do not want to.


Further information about the National Child Measurement Programme can be found at

Information and fun ideas to help your children stay healthy can be found at

Last week in Year 6    (w/b   15/10/18)


The Great Train Robbery was the focus for English this week. After further research into the facts and those involved, the children wrote a newspaper report, written as if it was the day after the event.

2d shape remained the focus for Maths this week. After half term we will be moving on to revising and extending their knowledge on fractions. During the half term, please can the children keep working on their recall of their times tables.



Monday 29th October.  Non-uniform and packed lunch in disposable containers required, for those going to PGL. PE kit required by those not coming to PGL.


We hope you have a restful half term break and look forward to seeing the children all ready for their week at PGL on Monday 29th or a fun packed week at school.


Year 6 Team.

Last week in Year 6      ( w/b 8/10/18)


The highlight of this week was the colour team challenge on Friday where the children, in mixed teams of 8, had to try to make the tallest structure they could, using art straws, which would support a giant marshmallow for 20 seconds. It was pleasing to see how well the Year 6 children led their teams, listening to the views of all the members regardless of which year they were from. Well done to Blue team and commiserations to Red team.


The misdemeanours committed by Goldilocks, when she broke into the three bear’s cottage, has been the inspiration for our writing this week when the children presented the facts as a newspaper report. The children revised relative clauses and direct and indirect speech with the aim of including these in their writing.  


In Maths we moved on from long division to the revision of 2d shapes and will carry on with this next week as the children appear a little rusty.


The children have been given an exercise book for them to use as a Memory Book – their own personalised revision book – in which they can add any notes they think will help them for their SATs.


Reminders: As part of our Harvest Celebrations we are collecting items for the local Food Bank and all contributions will be gratefully received upto Thursday.


We look forwarded to seeing you on Tuesday or Thursday for Parents Evening.


Year 6 Team.

Last week in Year 6    (w/b 1/10/18)

Welcome to the Year 6 blog!

Five weeks into the term and we are delighted with the way the children have risen to our expectations of them for this busy year.

In maths the children have been mastering the formal written methods for the four operations, focusing this last week on division which they tend to find hardest. We will be moving on to revising 2 and 3 d shapes soon. The theme for English has been writing diary entries. These have been from the point of view of Oliver and the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist.

So far in our project of Crime and Punishment, we have looked at the different types of punishments that were metered out over the ages and have had interesting debates on whether the age of legal responsibility should be raised to 18 and whether graffiti is art or vandalism. This lead to the children creating their own TAG as part of their art work. Our class reader is Holes by Louis Sachar which fits with our project of Crime and Punishment.

A few reminders

  • PE in Year 6 is on Tuesdays and Fridays but PE kit should be bought into school on a Monday and kept in school till Friday in case there is a day change due to bad weather.
  • Homework comes home on a Wednesday and must be bought into school for Monday (spellings are tested on Tuesday)
  • Tuesday 9th October 6:30 is the PGL parent’s information evening and each child should have an adult representative at the meeting to collect relevant forms etc.


We look forward to seeing you Tuesday evening.

Year 6 Team.

What are we learning in Year 6?


This half-term our topic is 'Crime and Punishment'. Our topic flyer and vocabulary are shown below.


Welcome to Year 6!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!


All Mixed Up! Year 6 Project Flyer Summer 2 2018




Year 6 Grammar Glossary

The following ‘Grammar Glossary’ may be helpful for SATS preparation. You can download a printable version here.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

This week in Year 6 (23/4/18)


The main focus of our week continues to be the final preparations for SATs. Having gone through the papers the children completed in our mock week with them, we are now covering those areas that they are not quite as secure on. This applies in particular to Grammar and Maths. We are so pleased by the positive attitude the children are showing to their revision and the resilience they demonstrated throughout the mock week.


We will be sending home a timetable for SATs week along with details of the SATs breakfast club, next week.


Looking beyond SATs, we have planned the bowling treat for Friday 18th (you should have received a letter earlier this week) and we will be discussing with the children the organisation of their Leavers Party. There are still rather a lot of children who have not yet brought in their Spelling Sponsorship money which means we do not yet know exactly how much we have to spend on the party. Please can you make sure that this comes into school this week so the children can start planning.


Thank you for all your continued support – only nine school days left to go!

Year 6 Team


This week in Year 6 (19/3/18)


Our focus for this week has been RE. The theme is ‘Sacrifice’. This has linked with our project work on the Mayans and how they believed in sacrifices to their gods. We revisited the Easter story and how Jesus sacrificed himself. The children then had the opportunity to interview Garry, who is a leader of one of the local churches, to ask what sacrifice meant to him as a Christian. Next week they will be using the question and answer session to produce a piece of writing in the style of their choosing.


Next week in maths, the children will be applying their knowledge to answer a range of reasoning questions. This is the area they find hardest, working out what is being asked of them and then which skills they need to use to answer the question fully.


We will also be testing the children on their final spellings for the sponsored spell and giving them one chance to spell those they have previously got wrong. Wednesday we will send home their total score out of 100 so they have the Easter holiday to collect their sponsorship money.


Have a good and warmer weekend.

Year 6 Team


This week in Year 6 ( 12/3/18)


We started the week by spending Monday morning making our Mayan masks. We used a plastic bag stuffed with paper to get the correct shape for a mask and covered it with Modroc. These have been left to dry and we will paint them next week.


In English, the children have been writing a story about being transported in time and place to find themselves in the middle of an Ulama game (an ancient Malayan sport). Maths this week, has been focused on fractions. This is an area which children struggle with more than others. We will be moving on to revise telling the time in analogue and digital and converting between the two, including 12 and 24 hour digital. Reading timetables is also an area we will revise as the children have struggled with this type of question in our practice tests.


As part of our project, Ancient Adventures, the children have been organised into small groups and have selected an aspect of Mayan life to research in these groups. Their aim is to produce a short presentation which we hope to share with you when ready.



  • Sports Relief week. Children to record the distance they walk to school each day. Friday to come to school in PE kit (including their colour team t-shirt) with a voluntary £1 donation. The afternoon will be spent in colour team sport challenges.
  • Sponsored Spell. There is still time to sponsor your child. All the spelling tests will take place before Easter so the children have the Easter holiday to collect in their sponsorship money.


Have a good weekend,

Year 6 Team


This week in Year 6 (19. 2.18)


Our new project, Ancient Adventures, has been the focus of the week. We started by constructing a time line showing when the Mayans were around and then looking at where they settled. We then concentrated on the masks they wore for different occasions and their significance. Our writing has been based round a non-chronological report on the masks. Next week the children will be writing a letter as if they were Alberton Ruz, the archaeologist who found the tomb of the great Palenque ruler, K’inich Janahb Pakal, at the  Temple of Inscriptions, to the director of Mexico’s Museum of History.

In Maths, we started the week by discussing common errors in the maths papers the children sat before half term and then moved on to revising how to find the area and perimeter of 2d shapes. We will continue with this next week before spending a little time revising time.

Our Sponsored Spell started this week with the children being tested on Block one and two .Next week it will be Block 3 and 4. There is still time for the children to collect more spons

We look forward to meeting you at the Parents’ Evenings this week and sharing the progress the children have made along with those areas they need to focus on for the SATs.


  • Parents Evening: Monday 26th and Wednesday 28th  
  • World Book Day Thursday 1st

               The children are encouraged to come dressed up as their favourite book character.

Year 6 Team.


This week in Year 6 (5.2.18)


The main focus of this week has been practice SAT papers. By doing this the children learn to increase their resilience which was very evident this time but it also means that when we come to the real thing they are not fazed by it as it is just another test. The results from these tests help us, and the children, to see which areas we need to give further emphasise too and which children might benefit from a little one to one time on certain topics.

Our project work this week has been looking at whether it is right for the carnival in Brazil to cost so much money when there are so many people that live in poverty. This provided interesting discussions and writing, showing the reasons for and against.

The children have bought home the form for the Sponsored Spell for sponsors to show their pledges, either per word (there are 100 in total) or for the total. Just to remind you, the money raised will be divvied equally between the very worthwhile charity, Cancer Research which was chosen by the children, and their end of year party. At the same time, we hope to motivate them to learn their spellings for the SATs.

Some of the more able readers have been asking for book recommendations, these are a few personal recommendations (from my own children.)

Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman

Back Home by Michelle Magorian and other books by her (author of Goodnight Mr Tom)

Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz

Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

The Airman by Eoin Colfer

The Story of the Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbit (author of Five Children and It)

Literally any book by Cornelia Funke

Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson


We hope you and the children have a relaxing half term.

Year 6 Team



This week in Year 6 (29.1.18)


Is was pleasing to see so many of you at the SATs meeting on Wednesday evening but if you were unable to make it, the power point is below. If you have any questions, please come and ask one of us. More details about the Breakfast Club will be given nearer the time.


This week the children have been writing to the Brazilian government expressing their concerns about deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. This has given them a chance to use the skills of formal writing and persuasion. While in maths the focus has been on angle work and finding out missing angles in 3 and 4 sided shapes.


The children have been given a letter to bring home to explain about the sponsored spell which will start after half term. They have also been given a copy of all the words they will need to learn and how these will be broken down into the 10 sections. Next week they will have the first two sections to focus on for the holidays.


Remember Parents Evenings are Monday 26th and Wednesday 28th February. Please return the reply slip as soon as possible. We look forward to being able to discuss your child’s progress towards SATs with you.

Year 6 Team


Year 6 SATS Presentation


Thank you to Year 6 parents and carers for attending our SATS information evening on 31st January. You can view the presentation below. Teachers also shared a list of 100 books to read in Year 5 and 6.

Year 6 SATS Presentation

Still image for this video

This week in Year 6 (22.1.18)


We started the week in English, by writing a recount of our trip to The Living Rainforest. We then moved on to looking at examples of formal and informal writing, identifying the differences ready for writing a formal letter of persuasion next week.


Our maths focus has been 2-D shape and angles. Firstly, we revised the properties of 2-D shapes and then how to measure and draw angles using a protractor correctly. Next week, we will look at how to work out missing angles.


As part of our project work, the children have begun to look at the differences between the rich and poor in Brazil and how they live. We will discuss this further next week.



SATS meeting Wednesday 31st January at 18:00

Workshops start this Monday for those children who were offered and accepted a place.


We hope you have a good weekend and look forward to seeing you Wednesday evening.

Year 6 Team.


This week in Year 6 (15/1/18)


This week in Maths, our focus has been on Ratio and how we can show problems pictorially using the bar model. Next week we will be revising 2D shape linked with angles.


In English we revised how to recognise expanded noun phrases, adverbial phrases and prepositional phrases. The children then started writing a continuation of a story based in a jungle using these features to improve their writing.  


The week was rounded off with our very successful trip to The Living Rainforest today. It was clear how much the children enjoyed the day by the questions they asked and the interest they took in their surroundings. We were delighted with their behaviour too.  


On a slight down note, there are still children in Year 6 who are not reading often enough. With SATs fast approaching we cannot over emphasise the importance of the children reading to an adult at least four times a week.  Please check the books they are choosing are suitable quality books and that they read a range of authors. We will discuss this more at the SATs evening.


Date for the Dairy

SATs Information evening Wednesday 31st January


We hope you have a good weekend,

Year 6 Team


This week in Year 6 (8.1.18)


It has been pleasing to see how well the children have settled back into school this week, ready for a very busy term.


We started our new project, Carnivals, last week, by first identifying the different continents on a map of the world and then the different countries of South America.  This week we made masks and learnt some dance moves based on the film Rio. We then went through the school showing them off to each of the classes. Next week is our trip to the Living Rainforest on Friday.


Our maths focus this week has been algebra and next week we will be moving on to ratio and proportion. In English the children have written diary entries based on a clip from Rio and next week they will be continuing a story about being lost in a rain forest, to link with our project.


This week we also started our revision classes. Monday afternoon is split between maths and SPAG and Wednesday is for reading. Our PE afternoons have been moved to Tuesday (this half term it is orienteering) and Thursday (gymnastics). This means the children need inside and outside PE kit this term. Due to the change in PE days, homework will now be given out on a Thursday and collected Tuesday.


We hope you have a good weekend,

Year 6 Team.


This week in Year 6 (20/11/17)


Firstly we were pleased so many of you were able to make it to the PGL /Activity week presentations Tuesday afternoon. I think you will agree the children really did have a fantastic week.


Our project of The Circle of Life had continued this week with the Sex Education DVDs and question and answer sessions Wednesday and Thursday morning and in the afternoon, we have continued looking at classification. Our LSAs sorted the baby photos the children had brought in and Thursday afternoon the children had to try to work out which photo belonged to whom. This lead on to work on inherited and acquired characteristics.


In Maths we have been focussing on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages and this will continue next week. Whilst in English the children are writing biographies on Charles Darwin.

Next week the children will start sitting a series of practice SAT papers so we can see the progress they have already made and flag up areas we need to focus on further. This also gives them further opportunity to familiarise themselves with the timings and layout of SAT papers.


We hope you have good weekend,

Year 6 Team.


This week in Year 6 (6/11/17)


After our very busy week away at PGL or taking part in the Activity week at school, the children settled back into the school routine on Monday, surprisingly well.  There were still some tired faces though, including the staff, but I’m sure after another weekend break, we’ll all be fully recovered.

This week the children have spent their afternoons creating presentations about their time at PGL or at school last week. They hope to show these to you the week of 20th November and further details will be sent out soon.

In English, The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes has been our focus. The children discussed the meaning and imagery in the poem and acted it out in groups. Next week they will be retelling the story in their own words focusing on using similes and metaphors.

Fractions has been the focus for maths this week starting with equivalence and how to simplify fractions. This will continue next week moving on to fractions of amounts and mixed and improper fractions.

Dates for your Diary.

Friday 17th November: Cinema trip for Year 6 to Vue Cinema to see Cars 3. Children will need a snack, coat and a packed lunch to eat on return to school as we will be too late for school dinners.                           

The Circle of Life Project Flyer


This week in Year 6 (16/10/17)


Looking back over the half term, we realise just how well the children have settled into Year 6. It has been a busy half term but we know the next one will be even busier.

This week in Maths, we continued looking at capacity, length and mass, and the units used for each. The children practiced converting between these units while getting an idea of the capacity and weight of common items.

In English, having looked at the features of a newspaper report, the children then wrote their own report based on the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

Our project of Crime and Punishment was completed this week by finishing our class reader ‘Holes’ and then watching the film to see how it compared with the story.

We hope you all have a lovely relaxing half term and look forward to Monday 30th October and seeing the children all ready for their week at PGL or a fun packed week at school.

Year 6 Team


This week in Year 6 (9/10/17)


For maths this week we finished our work on division and moved on to capacity. Next week we will be focussing on converting between millilitres and litres and then looking at Length and Mass. Wednesday, the children were given a mathematical problem to solve in small groups. They were able to choose from a range of resources, items that might help them carry out the investigation. It was pleasing to see good team work and a great deal of resilience.

In English we have been focusing on the features of a newspaper report and direct and reported speech. To link in with our project on Crime and Punishment, the children have been discussing the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the alleged crimes committed by Goldilocks. They will be turning this story into a newspaper story next week.

The Great Train Robbery has been our topic for project work this week, looking further at the people involved and the prison sentences they received.

Friday was our whole school Colour Team Challenge and it was a pleasure seeing the year 6s head their teams which were made up of 4 children one from each year group. The aim was to get a marble to move in the slowest time possible from one end of a propped up table to the other using newspaper and tape to slow it down.


Monday. Parents Evening. If you have not been able to make either of the nights, please do ask to see either of the class teachers at another time.

Thursday.   Be Bright Be Seen – non-uniform day and to wear as brighter clothes as possible.



We hope you have a good weekend.

Year 6 Team


This week in Year 6 (2/10/17)


Our focus for English this week has continued to be Oliver. The children watched the remainder of musical on Tuesday, so they could get a feel for the character of the Artful Dodger, and then wrote a diary entry from his point of view. Our focus was on how to create tension in our writing. Next week we will begin to look at the features of a newspaper report and how to change speech from direct to reported speech.


In Maths we have been focusing on division and how to apply the formal method to word problems dealing with any remainders in the appropriate way. In the second part of next week we plan to start looking at measurement especially converting between the different units. We will begin with capacity.

The children’s homework provided the stimulus for an interesting discussion as to whether the age of criminal responsibility should be changed. The children then had to write down points for and against and give their own conclusion. On Thursday the children had to be detectives, piecing together a range of facts and photos to work out what crime had been committed, when, where and how. The Great Train Robbery was the answer and the children will do more work on this next week looking at the punishments given to the six main criminals.



Parents Evening this Thursday and following Monday. We look forward to seeing you.

We need plenty of newspaper for a challenge on Friday so if you have any, please send it in.

We hope you have a good weekend,

Year 6 Team.


This week in Year 6 (25/9/17)


The highlight of our week was the visit from the Fire Service on Thursday. They worked with the children on how to be safe in the home from the fitting and maintaining of smoke alarms to designing an escape plan. The children also had a chance to be detectives, looking at a fire scene and trying to decide how the fire started while discussing all the potential dangers there are in the home. Linking with our project of Crime and Punishment and this week’s homework, they discussed the effects of arson and how the age of criminal responsibility is 10. The day was rounded off by a reminder of road safety including wearing a helmet when riding a bike, making sure bikes have good working brakes, always wearing a seatbelt in the car and how to cross a road safely.


Thursday was also National Poetry day so to link the two events together the children wrote poems based around the theme of fire.


In English the children watched the first part of the musical, Oliver! The children then imagined they were Oliver and wrote a diary entry describing their escape from the undertakers, the journey to London and meeting the Artful Dodger for the first time. Next week they will watch a bit further and write another entry from the Artful Dodger’s point of view.


The topic for maths this week has been multiplication and next week we will move on to division.

As part of our project, the children have been looking at copies of prison records of children dating back to the early 19th century and looking at the punishments given for different crimes. They have started designing a prison record for a fictitious child. Next week we will look at the Great Train Robbery.


Thanks you for those of you who were able to join us on Wednesday morning to share books with the children.



Parents Evenings appointments. If you have not yet done so, please return your letter very soon.

PGL Medical forms. Please return these by Monday. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


We hope you have a good weekend,

Year 6 Team


This week in Year 6 (18/9/19)


The focus for our project on Crime and Punishment this week, has been to complete a time line showing when different types of punishments were metered out over the ages, from 200BC to present day. The children have also been discussing what penalties they feel present day crimes, ranging from murder to animal cruelty, should incur and have started researching the actual maximum punishment.

From Monday, Mrs Wright, our SENCO, will be joining the Year 6 team in the mornings. This means that we will have reduced class sizes which will enable us to focus on the needs of the children in more depth.

In Maths we covered addition this week and moved on to subtraction. Next week the children will be practising applying the appropriate operation to solve one and two step word problems, before moving on to multiplication.

Having completed our non-chronological report on Crimes and Punishments through the ages this week, we will be moving on to writing diary entries next week based on the story of Oliver Twist.

On Thursday the fire crew will be coming in to spend some sessions with Year 6 on fire safety and road safety.



  • Tuesday 26th 6:00 pm  PGL meeting
  • Wednesday 27th 9:00 am. We hope you will join us to share a book with your child after the workshop.
  • Your child should have bought home 2 important letters, the first to register their place for Secondary School and the second about the nurse coming in to weigh and measure them.


We hope you have a good weekend,

Year 6 Team.


Crime and Punishment Project Flyer



This week in Year 6 (11/9/17)


This week the children have been getting a little taste of what SAT’s week will be like by having a go at past papers. The results of these will give us a base line to work from and enable us to group children according to their needs.


As part of our Crime and Punishment project, in English the children have started writing a non-chronological report about Crime and Punishment though the Ages and this will continue next week. We have also started a time line showing when different punishments were in force.


Our maths focus this coming week will be the four operations and making sure the children have a secure formal method they can apply to problems. We will be starting with addition and subtraction.

Dates for your diary.


Tuesday 26th September 6:00 pm. PGL meeting. Please make sure you child is represented as important information about the visit will be given out.


Wednesday 27th September 9:00 am.  ‘Drop everything and read.’ After a short presentation, we would love you to bring your favourite book up to the classroom to share with your child and friends.


Year 6 Team


Year 6 PGL Information Evening


Parents of Year 6 children attending the PGL trip this October are invited to an information evening on 26 September at 6.00pm.

A letter containing further information and a kit list for the trip is being sent home with your child.

This is also available to view here.

Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to Year 6!  It has been so pleasing to see how well the children have returned to school and settled into their new classes. We clearly have a very busy year ahead and this positive attitude to school is just what is needed.


This week we have started reading Holes by Louis Sachar as the beginning to our first project on Crime and Punishment and next week we will be starting the project by looking at the different types of punishments that were metered out over the ages.                


The children have bought home a guide to Secondary Schools this week, showing when the Open Evenings are and also the date by when you must have applied for your child’s place.


A few reminders.


PE is on Monday and Friday and this term will be outside, weather permitting.


Wednesday 27th September – There will be a reading information session at 9:00 and then time to visit the classes. Feel free to bring a book you enjoyed as a child to share with your son/daughter.


Have a good weekend,

Year 6 Team.