Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together


Government funding for PE


You may be aware that in the spring of 2013, the government stated that they were going to be giving schools across the country a total of £150 million pounds over the next 2 years, to help continue the Olympic legacy. This amounts to £8000 for each school and then a further £5 extra for every child. For Kings Furlong Juniors, we received just over £9,000 to help develop PE in our school.


Through the Sports Premium Funding, our aim is to:


  • Enhance the learning of the pupils in PE, particularly in Gymnastics and Dance
  • Develop the skills of PE teachers
  • Increase the take-up of after school sports clubs, and other clubs


We had input from our pupils, parents, governors, staff and PE leader to discuss how to use this significant amount of money effectively in a way that can benefit the whole school. We had a range of different sporting specialists come in to our school to demonstrate their programmes and to explain what they could bring to our school and more importantly the children. As a result of this, we have decided to go with a company called Planet Sport. They will be coming in to teach one of the PE sessions for each year group, every week.


We see this as a really positive contribution to our school, as not only will the children enjoy the idea of being taught by a coach, and the benefits that brings but also it allows our staff to further develop and enhance their professional skills. A typical afternoon will consist of both classes in one year group having separate one hour sessions of PE. For one of the sessions, a member of staff will go out with his or her class and observe the lesson and teaching skills being used. This will help generate new ideas and introduce new concepts. Then, whilst the other class are taken out for their PE session with Planet Sport, the other teacher will be given non-contact time. This teacher will then be expected to take a club after school, as we feel that after school clubs are important and we would like to offer an even wider variety than we have in the past. In line with this, Planet Sport are also going to be running two after school clubs a week. They have offered us a reduced charge of £3 an hour rather than £5 an hour. We think this is a fabulous opportunity to provide a large range of different sports clubs which we may not have been able to offer before. Examples of this are gymnastics, fencing, dodge ball and many more. Overall we view this as being an extremely positive step forward in our school’s development of PE provision, allowing each child to experiment with new skills and received specialised support.


Evaluation of 2013-2014:


  • Staff – Increased confidence across a range of sports and games, particularly in teaching Gymnastics. New ideas and fresh perspective. Improved understanding of skills progression in a sport/game.
  • Pupils – High engagement in lessons. Extended their skills through more challenging activities. Improved differentiation.
  • 75% of pupils were in at least 1 club in 2012 – 2013
  • 85% of pupils were in at least 1 club in 2013 – 2014, with more sports clubs than previously.
  • An improved culture of sports and competition, with children taking part in more competitions against other schools, both locally and nationally.


Plan for 2014-2015

Through using Planet Sport as our provider, we will:


  • Develop the quality of teaching of dance, tennis, fitness circuits, tag rugby and cricket;
  • Deepen the quality of teaching of gymnastics
  • Further develop teacher participation during CPD sessions by Planet Sport, and sharpen the provision.
  • Continue to enable a wide provision of clubs, and further develop competition between schools.