Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together


The Pupil Premium 2015-16


We received £91,600 Pupil Premium funding from the government.  We deployed the money is a variety of ways to improve wellbeing and outcomes for our children who are in receipt of the Premium. 


Use Purpose Outcome
Release time for staff Conference children, scrutinise books, team meetings to valuate and improve practice and progress for PP children. Individual needs of each PP child assessed and actions set to tackle barriers and improve rates of learning.
SENCO time Liaise with teachers of children who are PP/SEN to ensure needs are met effectively eg use of scaffolding. PP children with additional needs had their needs met through quality first teaching and bespoke support based on their individual needs as well as interventions on a 1-1 or small group basis.  Our SENCO regularly supported teachers in order to tackle the learning difficulties of our SEN/PP children.
LSA training Play therapy


Effective scaffolding and questioning


PP children are appropriately scaffolded to support their learning with the aim of reducing reliance on adults.
Educational psychologist support Actions for more complex learning needs of PP pupils put in place. Support is in place including additional adult support and is regularly evaluated.
Play therapy Particularly vulnerable PP children given more intense support from a trained therapist. Children have greater engagement and resilience in school, improved liaison with parents.  Pleasing progress has been made in reading, writing and maths and the children are beginning to close the gaps with their peers.
ELSA, Draw and Talk, pre-anger management, social skills support Support for children who have difficulties with social and emotional situations. Nearly a third of our PP pupils received additional pastoral support to improve their ability to self-regulate their behaviour and increase wellbeing and achievement.
Small group teaching for 1 term Increased amount of teaching of basic skills in English and maths for PP children who need to make rapid progress. The vast majority of children in these groups made good progress.
Financial subsidies Funding for trips, visits, opportunities at school, clubs. PP children participated fully in the opportunities the school provided which required finance.
Year 6 focus group Teaching of a smaller group to ensure PP children securely on track to meet targets throughout the year. The children made strong progress in these groups.
1-1 LSA support Support for 2 children who require a personal curriculum. The needs for both children were met to ensure that school was attended regularly.
Progress meetings between teachers, heads of year and senior leadership team Needs of PP children who are not securely on track are scrutinised. Additional actions were put in place to close gaps based on the needs of the individual children which were evaluated regularly and adapted as appropriate.
Monitoring of work Learning journey and maths books monitored Appropriate scaffolding and effective feedback ensured the provision for our PP children is good.
Family Support worker Help for families who are experiencing behaviour problems or have punctuality and attendance issues. 18 families have been supported in different ways to ensure the wellbeing of children attending our school.