Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together


Plan for 2015-2016

Through using Planet Education as our provider, we will:


  1. Develop the quality of teaching of athletics, tag rugby and cricket;
  2. Deepen the quality of teaching of gymnastics and dance
  3. Further develop teacher participation during CPD sessions by Planet Education, and sharpen the provision.
  4. Continue to enable a wide provision of clubs, and continue to further develop competition between schools.
  5. Provide a lunch time club to encourage active sport through play to develop team work and resilience.


Evaluation of 2015/16


Through conferencing children from each year group it is apparent that there is a genuine love of sport across the school. It was hard to find a child who had any negative comments to make about the sports provision in school and these were mainly based on wanting more tennis lessons and less basketball. The children have enjoyed learning the skills required to take part in a variety of sports and this is evident in the number who have wanted to take part in the range of competitions entered by the school.


Staff have continued to find that teaching alongside Planet Education staff has enabled them to acquire a stronger understanding of the skills required by children to take part in a range of sports, and how to teach these skills in an interesting fun way. This has resulting in staff feeling more confident in their delivery of PE lessons, particularly in gymnastics.


A range of sports clubs has been offered to the children including tag rugby, netball, and several football clubs. Arsenal Football club has continued to run its gifted and talented before school clubs for Years 3/4 and 5/6. There has also been a lunchtime club which has given further opportunities for sports, and also allowed those children who find play times more difficult to take part in team games.


Outside agencies have also been used to deliver sport. Mr Watton, an outside hockey coach,  has taught the Year 5 hockey and QMC delivers swimming lessons for Year 4 and 6 in the Summer Term. Rugby coaches have supported our teaching, too.


Competitions entered:


  • 2 x 5/6 Boys 7-a-side football tournament
  • 5/6  Girls 7-a-side football tournament
  • Sports Hall athletics
  • Cross Country
  • 5/6 Netball Tournament
  • Norman Tag Rugby League
  • 5/6 Sparkling Tag Rugby Tournament
  • 3/4 Sparkling Tag Rugby Tournament.
  • Hockey Tournament