Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

2015 - 2016

This year, the government raised the bar in terms of expectation for Year 6 pupils. The tests as a result were challenging. We believe that our teacher assessment results most accurately reflect what our pupils have achieved this year.


Meeting Expected Standard


Subject School 2016 National 2016 School Teacher Assessment results Hampshire



Reading 54% 65% 82% 71%
Writing 79% 74% 79%


GD: 23%

Grammar 71% 72% 74%
Maths 63% 70% 81.5% 71%
Combined R,W, M 51% 53% 68% 58%


The Average Scaled Score 2016


Each child’s total score in each subject gets converted into a number which is between 80 and 120. This is called a scaled score. The government have set the bar very high, and would like Year 6 pupils to get a scaled score of at least ‘100’. They are calling this the expected standard. Remember, levels such as 4a or 5c are not used anymore. We are extremely proud of what our pupils have achieved in class throughout the year. We also believe that they did their very best in what were very difficult tests.


Subject School 2016 National 2016
Reading 100.5 103
Grammar Punctuation Spelling 103.7 104
Maths 102.8 103