Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together


Plan for 2016 – 2017:

The Sports Premium Funding is to continue for the coming year.


To ensure we use Sports Premium Funding effectively, we will:


  1. Continue to enable a wide provision of clubs to be offered and continue participation in a range of inter school competitions.
  2. Continue to provide a lunch time club to encourage active sport through play.
  3. Provide direct CPD and quality coaching within PE lessons.


Review of Impact for 2016-2017


1. Clubs & Sports Participation


Sports Premium has been used to fund even more clubs this year, as well to provide cover to enable teachers to run sports-based clubs and tournaments for the pupils.


Our clubs have included: Soccer Schools UK Football 2 x after school, 3 x am (including a girls only club), Netball, Boot Camp, Multi Sports, Tag Rugby, Dance, Karate, Gol Football. Many clubs have run multiple times.


Percentage of children who attended at least 1 club = 88% (84% last year)
Of this 88%, 76% did a sporting club (65% last year)


This year the school again has taken part in a variety of competitions. We have taken part in several tag rugby tournaments with a fair degree of success. We won the 5/6 Stuart League not losing one game throughout the four meetings. (St Annes, Kempshott, Park View and ourselves made up this league). We entered the girls 5/6 Sparkling competition and the 5/6 mixed and 3/4 mixed. In the 3/4 Sparkling the team made it to the quarter finals. We took part in the Winter Hockey League with 5 meetings. 12 children representing the school in a Table Tennis tournament with some fantastic results. We were unable to make it to the Cross Country event due to a last minute change of venue so an in-school event was held. The 5/6 girls took part in a 7-a- side football tournament while the boys entered a football event help by Basingstoke Football club for 3/4 and 5/6. There was also a high 5 netball tournament, tri golf and two kwik-cricket tournaments. A busy year! We also have 6 boys who have been selected to attend trials for the Basingstoke District Under-11 Football team on 13th aiming to follow on from the successes of two Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.


2. Lunch Time Clubs

Sports Premuim Funding has partly been used to fund lunchtime clubs. Planet Education have delievered this each day for a particular year group on a rotation basis. It has included a range of sports both on the playground and on the field. They have focused on team games. The impact has been seen through calmer, successful lunchtimes, children reporting that they love the sports provision during lunch times, and and increase in general sports participation as in section 1.


3. Coaching and CPD

Whilst not directly funded by Sports Premium due items 1 and 2 requiring the full allocation, it is important to highlight the quality PE sessions delivered by Planet Education and UK Soccer Schools twice a week to every year group. These trained coaches provide excellent teaching to our pupils, and they very much enjoy their PE lessons. Teachers have benefited too by developing their own skills alongside the coaches at times.