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Acting on the views of parents

Acting on the views of parents – Yet more evidence!


The overwhelming majority of parents are very positive about the way that we respond to comments and suggestions. Here are just a few of the ways we have responded to them:


  • Homework Club- this was set-up in November 2012, at the request of several parents
  • Clearer Homework policy and communication- we held an open forum, spoke with staff, pupils and parents, and clarified the homework policy and expectations. 
  • Being kept informed of pupil progress- we now produced ‘report cards’ to give to parents, which give an indication of levels, expected attainment, and strengths and development points for their children.
  • Clearer communication- we now communicate through text messages, emails, website, Facebook, Twitter, and paper copies.
  • Increased parent participation – we now provide learning opportunities for parents to join in with their child’s learning at least once per term, usually more. This is on top of normal school events (like school/Christmas plays).
  • Music lessons – we now have guitar and piano lessons available to all pupils (at cost), and free recorder lessons.
  • More clubs- we now have a range of clubs.
  • Easy Payments- we’ve introduced on-line payments, as well as the ability to pay in advance for trips and school dinners.
  • ICT- we’ve introduced new and improved technology, so that our pupils are better prepared for using IT in life and learning.
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Alternatively, visit Ofsted’s very own Parent View website by clicking here.