Kings Furlong Junior School

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July 2015 Parents Forum

On July 9th 2015, we ran another ‘open forum’. Over 30 parents attended. This was yet another opportunity for parents to share their thoughts about our school, and to contribute towards continual improvement. Below is the summary of the meeting.


What did parents appreciate?


  • Parents thought that the communication across the school was excellent, and they really appreciated this.
  • Parents felt the target cards were really good, and appreciated that they were done termly.
  • Parents felt strongly that there children were valued by all staff, and this was really important to them.
  • A very good ethos.
  • Children were supported to be good.
  • They really appreciated the learning behaviours, and said that they often use the behaviours language at home to help their children.
  • They really liked the increase in competitive sport.
  • They felt that the Reception team were very friendly and helpful.
  • Homework – the fact that it is set weekly, and gives a sense of what the children are learning. Marked. Consistent. Spellings, times tables etc.
  • The PTA activities were fantastic- varied, social, and help bring a strong sense of community.


What could be improved?

To make our school even better, we could…… Actions
Homework – the creative projects weren’t appreciated because the parents end up doing it mostly, and the cost of it, and the time taken. Also, the Big Maths is a similar type of activity every week. Could creative projects for homework be optional?
Can Maths Homework be more varied?
PTA tickets sold after school only- issue for working parentsPTA discos only on Weds – chn miss out if doing clubs. What about alternating days each term? Mr Applegate to speak to PTA.
More outdoor learning Teachers to be aware of and seek opportunities.
Lack of trips, or variety of trips.Pay frequently to save up for trips (e.g. £1/week)Need more notice sometimes. 1 month is best as it helps parents budget for the month. Miss Dunn to keep an eye on across projects.Mrs Walker to review possibilities here.
Trips must have 1 at least months notice. Additional permission from Mr Applegate by staff needed for a trip sooner than this.
Clubs – parents were very happy with the range. The problem is that so many children want to do them, so frequently, and often there aren’t enough spaces. Parents offered to help if it meant more children could attend the club. Or run side by side (e.g. in hall). Mrs Walker to write to parents asking what club they would run etc.
More opportunities for presentation/public speaking – to build confidence. Mrs Redgell to monitor in English planning. This will come across in the new curriculum planning anyway.
Reading – 5x a week- how can we make this a positive thing? Rewards when achieve a certain number? Badges? Mrs Redgell and and Mrs Bennett to think creatively about making this a more positive system.
Maths Help Sessions for Parents Mr Hanson to run one each half-term.
Parents want to know what the project is about, and what the children will be covering that term in English and Maths (in more detail than what is currently given out). They were keen to help, but need to know how.

Each year group give this out at the start of each project.

Let us know what you think – give us a call or send us an email!


Alternatively, visit Ofsted’s very own Parent View website by clicking here.