Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

Year 4

This week in Year 4                                                              w/b 13/1/20

We have continued with our English work based on "Escape from Pompeii".  We have looked at many adventure stories and then used the knowledge of their structure to write a plan for our own story.  We also looked at how and why authors use speech and worked on writing speech with all its correct punctuation.

In Maths we have been improving our skills in multiplication of three and four digit numbers by one digit.  We have also been practising our times tables which are vital to efficient multiplying.  This will also prove helpful next week when we move onto division.  There is a competition between boys and girls on Times Tables Rock Stars this week to speed up our responses.

Our project has shown us how the Earth is made.  We also learnt about tectonic plates and the area of the world with so many volcanoes, it is known as the Ring of Fire.  In Art, we have been drawing the Great Wave which has Mount Fuji in the background.

We have persevered with orienteering and even though the weather has been against us, we were able to complete some skill work.  Our inside lesson of Gym at least had no weather problems.  On that note, please could you remind your child that shorts are needed for indoor PE as it is disappointing when apparatus is denied because tracksuit bottoms are being worn.

Tonight the children have brought home their reports of the Foundation subjects we studied last term.  Please look in bags if you have not received this.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team





This week in Year 4                                                  w/b 6/1/20

A belated Happy New Year to you all!  We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas holiday and were able to spend time with family and friends.  The children have certainly returned from the Christmas break refreshed and ready to learn.  

This week we have started our new project "There She Blows".  The children have been very excited by the clips of active volcanoes that we have shared.  We have found out about several volcanoes and today looked at how the inside of the earth has been made up.   To compliment our learning, we have used the book "Escape from Pompeii" to improve our vocabulary for our project.  This will remain the focus for the next couple of weeks as we move into story writing.

In Maths we have been looking at calendars.  We have taught many ways to try and remember how many days are in each month.  Please ask your child to show you.  Next week we are going to be looking at Multiplication and Division.  We hope you have found Times Tables Rock Stars useful.  Some children still need to work on that instant recall of table facts and this is an enjoyable way to practice.

Please resume reading at least four times a week now that the term has started.  It really does make a huge difference to children's progress.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4                                             w/b 16/12/19


What a week this has been!

 We started the week busily making items for the Christmas Market.  The children worked really hard and developed new skills while working with clay, paper and carrying out two lots of cooking.  It was lovely to see so many of you on Thursday and we thank you for supporting your child and the school.

Then on Wednesday, we were treated to a concert from all three classes on the ukulele . Each class played four pieces of music as a taste of what they had been working on.  We were very impressed with how much progress they had made in a term and were delighted that they had such a large audience to play to.

This morning we ended our Advent unit with our Christingle service.  The children made their own Christingles and learnt about the symbolism of each component.  Then we held a Christingle service and reflected on how the candles made us feel.  We finished our ceremony by singing "Away in a Manger" and "Silent Night". The children have taken their Christingles home so do ask them about it.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who sent in oranges.

So, now as we have reached the end of a busy and varied term, we would like to thank you for all the ways in which you have supported us.  We would also like to say thank you for the lovely gifts.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2020!

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4                                   w/b 9/12/19


Wow!  We have just finished the final performance of our production "C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S spells Christmas" and we are so proud of each and every child in all three classes.  The lines were delivered clearly, the jokes were shared beautifully and the singing was stunning.  We are hugely appreciative of the audiences - our school, Y2 from the Infants and of course, the parents.  We want to say a special thank you to you for the help with learning lines, providing costumes and encouraging everyone to take part.  For some children, being on stage was a massive achievement and a chance to shine.  Thank you too, for all your kind comments.  We are glad you enjoyed it and hope it made you feel a little Christmassy!


In English this week, we have looked at the structure of traditional stories and planned our own story in this style.  We will be writing them next week.  We will also be involved in lots of craft work in a variety of media as we get ready for the Christmas Market on Thursday. We hope that you are able to visit us.


Finally, we are going to make Christingles as part of our RE work.  We would be grateful if your child could come to school on Monday with an orange.  School will provide all the rest of the equipment.

Many thanks.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                                                   w/b 2/12/19


Well, it's beginning to look a feel a lot like Christmas!  This week we have been busy rehearsing our lines and songs for the Christmas Production.  Thank you to those who have sent in costumes.  Please can we ask that any remaining costumes are sent in by this Monday please.  We hope to see as many of you as possible at one of the three performances next week.  If you would like a ticket, please ask at the office.

This week in English we have been continuing to work on settings, using descriptive phrases and adjectives.  We have based this on snowy language, using the Snow Queen to help us.  We have been really pleased with the language choices made by the children which have made their descriptions so effective.

In Science we carried out an experiment to try and prove the effect temperature has on turning a solid (ice) into liquid.  Some of the predictions made before the investigations were disproved by the evidence we collected.  Therefore we had to make conclusions based on the data we measured in six different locations.

We have begun to look at the meaning of Advent and on Monday, a visitor will be joining us to tell us what Advent means to Christians.  As mentioned, last week, we are going to make Christingles for a service in the last week.  We would be really grateful if you could send in an orange for Monday 16th December please.  School will provide all the other materials needed.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4                                              w/b 25/11/19


It may have been a four day school week but we have certainly packed a lot in!

In English we have been reading the Hans Christian Anderson story of the Snow Queen and writing a character description for her.  This has meant using adjectives and powerful language and trying to write effectively for our readers.  Next week we will be moving onto settings.

In Maths we have finished our work on graphs in our Statistics block and then practised some reasoning skills to show we can apply what we have learnt.  In Science we had great fun trying to prove that solids melt at different rates.  Some of us were surprised at our results as they didn't always match our predictions.  This led us to think about reasons - true scientific practice.  With melting chocolate, marshmallows, butter and bread, it smelt lovely in Year 4.

On Tuesday, we were lucky to take part in a Drum workshop,  This involved banging huge balls as we moved around them and from side to side but still keeping in rhythm.  This was really energetic and great fun.  All the staff and children really enjoyed this session.

We are now only a week away from our Christmas performances and we would like your help.  All children must know their lines without a script by Monday 2nd December.  Please could you practice with your child.  Most only have one or two lines to learn.  Also Monday is the day we want costumes in please.  Send them in a labelled carrier bag. Any problems, please jot down in a Home School book so we can be of help.  Your child has been given a letter tonight to request tickets for each performance.  Please look in bags if you have not received this and return it to school with your requests. 

Finally our RE topic is Advent and as part of this we will be making Christingles.  Please could you send your child in with an orange by Monday 16th December.  School will provide all the other items.  Thank you.

Have a good weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                          w/b 18/11/19

The focus of this week in English has been on writing a poem based on a candle.  To do this, we tried to use the tools of a poet such as Pie Corbett.  We brainstormed to find powerful vocabulary and effective similes to bring the poem to life.  We are proud of the imagery in our finished pieces of work.


To help us with our work on our Science project, each class has visited the Primary Science Centre at QMC.  The children were able to carry out four investigations to further their knowledge of states of matter - solids, liquids and gases.  This even included making our own plastic by using hot water and moulding the polymer into different shapes.  It really showed us how useful it is when we recycle plastic.  Being able to carry out a fair test will be something we continue learning about next week.


Today we have sent home a costume letter for our forthcoming Christmas production.  We usually find that by sharing what we have around the home works really well - the true meaning of Christmas!  We ask that named costumes are in on Monday December 2nd please so we can look at the overall impact.  We hope the stage blocks will be up by then so we can practice on our stage.  We do have a few bits and pieces at school which can supplement some costumes so please ask if we can help with this.


Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team



This week in Year 4                                                 w/b 11/11/19

In English this week, we have been looking at poetry.  We have looked at many types of poems to try and work out how poets manipulate language for effect.  We were then able to develop a "Poet's Tool Box" which contained the tools of simile, personification, rhyme etc.  We studied a poem called "Day's Eye" and next week we will start to write a poem in a similar style.  To help us, today we looked at candles and wrote down vocabulary that might help us.

In Maths, we finished our work on Time and then started the next block which is all about ways in which we can present data.  So far, we have looked at pictograms and bar charts and will move onto line graphs next week.

We have also started our new project, "Fire and Ice".  We began by looking at the differences between the molecules of "Solids, Liquids and Gases.  The homework will also support this.  To develop our understanding, we shall be working at QMC in the primary science department.  Each class will spend a morning there next week.  As we will be walking both ways, please ensure your child has a coat!  A snack can be brought too and normal dinner arrangements will still apply.

Auditions have now taken place for the Christmas production.  Scripts and parts will be sent home soon.  We have already been busy learning the songs!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                                        w/b 4/11/19


We have been looking at the concept of power in our own lives and in the lives of Hindus and Christians.  There were many thoughtful responses.  To compliment this work, our reading text has been about the Hindu festival of Diwali.  We have looked at the traditions associated with this festival such as diva lamps and rangoli patterns.  Divali took place this year in half term and so we were able to listen to the experiences of children who took part.  Our English writing was based on the story of Rama and Sita which explains why lamps are so important to this celebration.

In Maths we have been looking at telling the time on analogue and digital clocks.  Lots of children have made good progress with this and it would be fantastic if they could continue to practise at home.

Next week we will begin our science based project, Fire and Ice.  As part of this, we will be going to use the science lab at QMC.  More details to follow.

We have sent home some lines from our Christmas production.  We do not expect children to learn these off by heart but we would like them to read them and practise performing them as we are holding auditions on Monday afternoon.  There will be parts of different sizes - some speaking, some dancing etc.  We look forward to starting to it really soon.  Performances for parents are Thursday 12th December at 9.30 and Friday 13th December at 2.00  Tickets will be available nearer the time. 

This is going to be another busy half term!

Just a reminder - all children must bring a coat, even if they come to school by car.  They are outside for an hour at lunchtime and the weather has turned very cold now.  Please could you make sure they bring a coat each day.  Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This Week in Year 4                                w/b 21/10/19


What a lovely end to our half term and our Egyptian project.  Thank you to all the parents who braved the weather and came to our sharing afternoon in the hall.  We hope you were as amazed as we were by the creativity of the children in their choice of project homework.  We appreciate that support was given from home and we thank you for this.  We had so many different aspects of  Egyptian life presented in unique and creative ways.  We also hope you saw the hieroglyphs on the clay and the real papyrus that was given to us by the Ashmolean Museum.  The children have taken  both of these home so do ask them about it.   This project was amazing - the children have really enjoyed it and are now Egyptian experts.

It was lovely to see so many of you at our parents evenings this week.  We hope you enjoyed looking at all the work the children have done in seven weeks.  The children are very proud of their learning and so are we.

We hope everyone enjoys half term and uses it as a chance to recharge batteries as the run up to Christmas is always busy (and exciting).  We encourage the children to find a good book especially if the weather is bad and of course, there is always the Rock Stars Times Tables Challenge!

Wishing you an enjoyable and restful half term,

The year 4 Teaching Team



This week in Year 4                      w/b 14/10/19


We have just returned from our trip to Oxford to visit the Ashmolean Museum.  We had a workshop in the Egyptian galleries and saw a real Egyptian shrine to a pharaoh and two actual mummies.  One was a dancer who had been preserved to provide entertainment in the afterlife and the other was an important man called "Jed" (for short) who had a very impressive coffin.  As well as the coffin, which held the mummified body, there were three lids of an increasing size which had hieroglyphics and symbols on every aspect.  We also saw mummified cats, birds and even a baby crocodile which accompanied the pharaoh on his journey to the afterlife.  Then we looked at civilisations which were successful alongside the Ancient Egyptians  such as pre-historic Britain, Indus and Ancient Sumer.  This will help us in our project work next week.  The children were well behaved and answered questions from ourselves and museum staff very knowledgeably and politely.  We were very proud of all of them.  Thank you for your patience with the slightly later pick-up time.

This week we have been looking at the discovery of the most famous pharaoh of all, King Tutankhamen.  We now know how his tomb was discovered by Howard Carter almost hundred years ago.  We have also as a year group shared some of the wonderful homework created by the children.  On Thursday, we visited each of the three classes and were inspired by the creativity and variety of all the pieces.  Thank you for all your support with this.  We will share them again on Friday when we invite you in to see the children's work on Egypt.

We have also been continuing with non-chronological reports and finishing our block of work on subtraction.

A busy but very enjoyable week!

We hope to see you at parents evenings next week but in the meantime, do have a lovely weekend.


The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                                  w/b 7/10/19

This week we have been looking at the skills needed to write a non-chronological report.  We  studied the features of successful reports in a variety of non-fiction books on Ancient Egypt,  We then collected notes on four areas; pyramids, mummification, River Nile and homes.  We then practised turning our notes into the first paragraph on pyramids - we are quite experts on this subject now! Eventually we will build up to a full report which will showcase our knowledge and skills.

In Maths we have continued with subtraction.  Many of us can now use the expanded method and some have begun to practise column method and apply this to word problems.

In our project work, we have moved onto looking at the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians.  On Monday we discovered how papyrus was used to make early paper.  We even had a go at making it ourselves!  In Art, we looked at the wonderful colours and intricate patterns found on Egyptian jewellery.  We had a go at completing the other half of some examples and then used this understanding to design our own piece in the style of the Ancient Egyptians.

Next week we are off to the Museum.  All children will need a packed lunch on Friday  and as previously mentioned, we will be slightly later back.  We have been given the approximate time of 3.45 by the coach company.

Thank you for booking a parents evening appointment using our new on-line system.  We look forward to meeting you.

Have a lovely weekend despite the rain.  Perfect weather for going on our new Maths game "Rockstars"!

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                           w/b 30/9/19


This week we took part in King Furlong's very first Poetry Jam.  Year 4 worked on the poem "From a railway carriage" by Robert Louis Stevenson. We explored the poem, looking at images, similes and personification and then thought about how we should perform it.  Each class had their own lines and then we put the whole poem together.  The children recited it brilliantly and the rhythm of the train filled the hall.  Finally, on Friday, we had a go at writing our own verse based on what we might see on our own train journey.  The children enjoyed this experience of sharing poetry as a school.  The Poetry Jam was a huge success.

Friday was also an exciting time for Year 4 as we carried out our own mummification of our teddies/dolls.  Thank you so much for providing the toilet roll.  The children now understand the whole eight step process and can use this to support their learning when we go to the Museum in two weeks time.

In Maths we are continuing our work on subtraction and have begun to introduce the children to Rock Stars.  This is a fun way to learn tables.  Chadwick have already tried it and Hepworth and Moore will be taking part early next week.

Please can we remind you that all children are expected to read four times a week and have their logs signed.  Most of our children do this but in order to maximise progress, we need everyone to take part.  Any problems, please let us know.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4                                           w/b 23/9/19

We have been very busy this week and the children have managed to fit a lot of learning into four days!

In English, we have been finishing our work on diaries and asked the children to write a diary entry independently.  This gave the children a chance to apply the new skills studied this week into their own writing.  We wrote about some of the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians such as papyrus, pyramids and astronomy.  We also had a go at making our own pyramids from marshmallows and cocktail sticks.  We quickly realised (just like the Ancient Egyptians) that a square based pyramid was more stable than a triangular base.

In Maths, we have been looking at efficient ways of adding.  The children have tried very hard to master new methods and are pleased with the progress they have made. Next week, we look at how to use these skills to solve word problems.

On Thursday, we sent home a note about the half term homework project ideas.  We have asked the children to think about an Egyptian object and create a 3D model, picture or collage.  Please let us know if any more explanation is needed.

We also asked if the children could bring in a toilet roll and a small figure or soft toy on Friday as we want to experience how the Egyptians carried out mummification. Thank you for your support with this.

Have a good weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4


This week we have been finding out where Egypt is and how far it is away from Basingstoke. It is over 3000 miles.  Do ask your child!   We now know what the capital is and that the Nile is the longest river in the world.  We wanted to find out what modern Egypt looks like and were surprised by the many modern attractions enjoyed by tourists.  In Art we have begun to sketch Egyptian people in the style of the original tomb paintings, makings sure the heads, eyes and feet are turned to the side while the bodies remain  facing forward.

In English we have been writing diaries from the point of view of our explorer, Henry Jackson.  We have found out about what Egyptians wore, the houses they lived in and the huge importance of the river Nile.  In Maths we have finished out unit on Place Value.

Please can we ask for your help.  Our indoor PE lesson is gym.  All children need to have shorts and should not be wearing joggers.  These are only suitable for safety reasons for outdoor sports. Thank you.

We also are having more and more children upset because they cannot find unnamed lunch boxes and jumpers.  Please could you check if any pen has been washed out as we do try and reunite lost items to their owners but it is proving difficult and time-consuming. Having a name is so much quicker for everyone involved.

Finally we sent out details of a trip to the Ashmoleon Museum in Oxford.  If you can help, please let us know, bearing in mind we will be slightly later back to school.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the Autumn sunshine.

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                                  w/b 9/9/19


Welcome back!

We have now completed our first week of the new school year and we are very pleased with the way the children have settled into year 4.  They have all coped really well with new routines and getting to know their new teachers.  A great start has been made with reading four times a week and we thank you for your support with this.

This week in Maths we have been looking at Place Value and in English we have begun a block of work on diaries.  We have also started our project for this half term, "From Papyrus to Pyramids".  We have looked at how archaeologists found our about the Ancient Egyptians from hieroglyphs  and even had a go at writing messages ourselves.  We also entered a virtual Time Machine and journeyed back through the Tudors, Romans, Vikings, Ancient Greeks until we reached 3100 BC - the age of the Ancient Egyptians.

This half term we will be doing indoor PE (Gym) and outdoor PE (Tag Rugby)   Please could children have named kit in for these.  Please note that shorts need to be worn for gym and not tracksuit bottoms.  Also if children cannot remove earrings, please send in tape so they can be covered up for safety reason.

We do hope you feel the children have settled in well but please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further help.

Enjoy the weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team 

End of Term..........                                               

It seems the summer holidays have come round really quickly.  It seems no time at all since the children were starting year 4 and now they are about to enter Upper School in year 5.

We have really enjoyed working with each and everyone of them and are taking away some lovely memories.  It has been a pleasure to teach them and watch them develop into the people they have become.  This would not have been so successful without the support of home and we sincerely thank you for this.

We hope that you all have a well deserved break.  Have fun and we look forward to seeing you all in September.

The Year 4 Teaching Team 

PS Remember the Summer Reading Challenge run by the Library.  The teachers are doing it too! wink





This week in Year 4                                            w/b 8/7/19

It doesn't seem possible that this is the last full week in Year 4.  The year seems to have gone by so quickly.  We are really proud of all our children, the progress they have made and the people they have become.  We believe that they are now fully prepared to enter year 5 and life in Upper School.

This week we have been looking at adverts.  We have analysed existing adverts and looked at the techniques used by advertisers to persuade.  We then devised our own advert for the safety feature we designed last week.  We hope that this  focus will also help the children to think in the future about how adverts persuade them and that they remember all about exaggeration and bias.

We have also been looking at the way God is depicted in Christianity and Hinduism.  On Thursday we were lucky enough to have a visitor, Yvonne, from the Methodist Church to talk to us about her idea of God.  The children asked many thoughtful questions and showed great respect.  We then compared the Christian Trinity with the Hindu Trimurti and again, the learning showed how well the children were engaged with this topic.  

In Maths, we problem solved using various forms of data handling.  This ranged from graphs to Carroll diagrams and tables.  We also finished our multiplication games, in readiness to test them out between the year 4 classes next week.

Thursday was  the disco.  Many of the children attended and had a really good time.

PE is still continuing.  Several children forgot kit this week.  Please remind them to bring it so we can take full advantage of this lovely weather and develop our skills in tennis and rounders.

Have a lovely weekend

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in year 4                                     w/b 1/7/19

This week has been DT week.  This was part of our project "On Your Bike".  We had been thinking about how the roads could bemade a safer place for cyclists.  We researched what products were already out there and then interviewed children in Year 6 to see what they would be prepared to wear/use to keep themselves safe.  With this information, we then began designing our own own products.  This led to us spending some time making prototypes.  The ideas were many and varied, ranging from luminous shoes to fluorescent bicycle tyres.  Finally we evaluated our products and suggested ways in which we would improve them in the future.  We really learnt a lot about the design process and enjoyed carrying out our ideas.

We also started our new PE theme of tennis.  We will be learning the different strokes and improving our hand/eye coordination.  We will be trying to become more accurate in placing shots.  Wimbledon, here we come!  PE could be moved due to timetable changes so we would like kit in school everyday please.

Your child should have brought home a letter today about the clarinet concert on Wednesday 17th July.  There will be two performances - Moore and then Hepworth and we would be pleased to see you there.

Today the children met their teacher for September in their new classrooms.  We hope that everyone enjoyed the experience and that the move to Year 5 will be a smooth one.  Mr Hanson and Mrs Smith are looking forward to working with the children in September.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team 

This week in Year 4                                                      w/b 24/06/19

This week has seen the temperature soar.  We actually managed the walk to our final two swimming sessions at QMC in the dry!  All the children have been given a certificate, showing what they have achieved during the last four weeks.  On the back of the certificate are the skills the children had to demonstrate to pass the relevant level.  We hope you find it interesting to see just what they have been up to.  The final lesson was all about water safety and what to do if you see someone in trouble in the water.  A timely reminder with the summer holidays coming up.

In English this week, we have been writing explanations and using causal conjunctions to support our writing.  We began by explaining how the shirt machine works and then moved on to explain how switches work in an electrical circuit.  In Maths, we have just begun our unit on area and will be continuing this next week.  We have also been looking at computer art, beginning with using a program to create a picture in the style of George Seurat (pointilism)  This made images by putting lots of dots next to each other and letting your brain join them up.  It was fun using the laptops for this and we will return to this soon.  In our project, we have been looking at keeping safe on a cycle.  Prior to our own designs, all the children took part in the Great Egg Challenge.  This was to demonstrate how a cycle helmet can protect your head.  There were many great ideas.  Thank you to all the parents and friends who came to help.  We were also lucky enough to have a talk by Mr Butler (Fin's Dad) who showed us how he keeps safe on his bike when cycling in Central London.  He showed us his very special helmet and stick that puts a green cycle image on the road.  It was really fascinating.  Do ask your child to explain what they have seen.  A very big thank you to Mr Butler from all of us.

Please can we remind you that now swimming is over, our PE will revert back to Monday and Friday.  Can we have kit in on a Monday and home on a Friday please as there are sometimes unavoidable timetable changes. 

Thank you so much for your understanding during the work on the extension to the playground and grass area.  The children have been very good at using the fire doors as access and we thank you for your patience when you pick them up at the end of the day!  It will all be worth it!

Finally, as the temperatures are on the rise, please could all children have a named water bottle in school please.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team








This week in Year 4                                                                         w/b 17. 6. 19

Our third week of swimming has now gone and we only have two sessions left at QMC.  This week all the children jumped in the deep end and swam to the shallow end.  For some children, it was a chance to show off improved strokes but for others, it was a brave move to be able to swim, with help from the instructors, starting from the deep end.  We are proud of all the children and they have certainly enjoyed this activity.

This week in English we have looked at explanation writing and have analysed various texts to work out what this particular genre entails.  In Maths, we have worked on securing our skills with perimeter.  Science has been fun this week.  We can now all make a circuit with bulb, battery and crocodile clips.   We also made a switch so we could turn a bulb on and off.  

As part of our project, we have been looking at how we can keep ourselves safe on the roads, whether we are walking, cycling or a passenger in a car.  We considered possible hazards and how we could minimise risks.  This was a useful reminder as we are fast approaching the summer holidays.

Next week, we are looking forward to the Great Egg challenge on Friday.  Some children have already brought in recycling materials for this but we could do with more please.  Newspapers, cardboard, bubble wrap etc would be very gratefully received.

It was good to see so many of you at the Summer Bounce which luckily was held on a dry afternoon.  Hoping you have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This Week in Year 4                                                       w/b 10/6/19


What a lot of rain we have had this week!  This made for very wet journeys to and from QMC for our swimming lessons but we are enjoying developing our skills of front and back crawl.  Thank you for sending the children in coats.  Fingers crossed for better weather for the remaining lessons.

This week we have had our summer tests in Reading, Maths, Grammar and Punctuation.  We have Spelling to go.  The children have tried hard and have done their best.  This will inform us about progress in these areas and enable us to work on areas that may need revisiting.

Alongside this, we have looked at finding fractions of quantities in Maths and studied the work of Chris Riddell in English.  We wrote a diary entry for a member of the Attic club and invented a new character in the style of Goth Girl.  Our Science was an enjoyable investigation into the properties of magnets and discovering which materials are magnetic.  This led to us creating our own superhero - Magnet Man- in Art and exploring comic book art by looking at how words are given impact in this very specific genre.

We hope you received the text inviting you to work in a team with your child, taking part in our Egg Challenge on the 28th June.  The children will be bringing a message about this in their Home/School books.  Please look out for it!

Wishing you and enjoyable (and dry!) weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                                     w/b 3/6/19

Welcome back to the final half term of the year.  How quickly the year has gone!  We still have lots to fit in before the summer holidays.  Our new project is called "On Your Bike".  It is a science based project and we started our learning by using bikes to find out about friction.  We designed our own investigation and carried it out on the field.  We soon discovered the need for friction if you are a cyclist!

This week we have begun our swimming block of eight lessons.  All the children were assessed and assigned a group.  Now the forthcoming lessons will help the children to learn to swim or improve their strokes.  We are sure that the children will enjoy working on these new skills.  Just to mention that we walk to QMC and there is very little cover.  Please send in a coat if it might be wet so that everyone is dry and comfortable for afternoon lessons.  We also suggest the children might benefit from bringing in a snack to give extra energy for the walk and swimming.

Tonight it was lovely to see lots of you at the Summer Fair.  Unfortunately we were very unlucky with the weather and had to use the Hall of both schools.  Hopefully you still found lots to enjoy.

A reminder that from Wednesday, the entrances used by Hepworth and Moore will not be able to be used.  This is due to the area being tarmacced.  Both classes have been told the way they should exit and enter the school.  Please do talk to your child and decide on a suitable place to meet them at the end of school.

Hoping you have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                                            w/b 20/5/19

We have come to the end of our half term with a very successful Sports Day.  We were really proud of all our children, especially the sportsmanship they showed to others.  The weather was perfect for the races and stayed fine for the picnic afterwards.  It was lovely to see so many of you and we do thank you for the support you gave to your children and to the other competitors.

This week we have been looking at what it means to "belong".  This encompassed families, friends, school and the wider community.  We then looked at how Hindus show they belong.  The children came up with some very thoughtful insights which they shared with the class.  This was supported by our work in English which was based on a book called "Someone Else" - about someone who wants to belong.  It had an important message for us all.

In Maths, we began to look at division.  We have started to develop a strategy for solving three and four digit number division sums.  After the holiday, we will be applying out new skills to worded problems and investigations.

On the first Monday after half term, we will be going to QMC for our first swimming lesson.  A letter and text has been sent about what the children will need.  We will be walking there and back so please keep an eye on the weather in regards to whether a coat will be needed.

On Tuesday 4th June, we will be starting our project "On your Bike".  A letter was sent out today asking children to bring a bike if possible.  This is to help with a science investigation.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a lovely half term holiday.  We look forward to seeing the children for their final half term in Year 4 on Monday June 3rd.

The Year 4 Teaching Team 

This week in Year 4                                                                              13/5/19

We have been busy as usual this week.  We began by looking at formal methods of multiplication. The children have been working on adopting an efficient method for multiplying larger numbers.  Obviously instant recall of times tables is extremely important in this area of Maths.  We will be focusing on this over the coming weeks as one of the key objectives in Year 4 is to know all multiplication and divisions facts for all times tables up to 12's.  A good way to practice these skills is to use "Hit the Button" which is available on our website.

Our English work has been centred around a thought provoking book "The Whisperer" by Nick Butterworth.  In this text, cats take centre stage in a story loosely based on Romeo and Juliet.  As well as learning how to plan and develop a story, it also gave us the opportunity to practise setting out speech.

Today your child will be bringing home a copy of the book "Sadsville" by Martin Roberts.  This is part of an initiative for all children across Hampshire to help develop understanding of where help is available if you are sad, for any reason.  We hope you enjoy sharing this with your child.

Also tonight, you should receive a letter all about swimming.  We hope it answers all your questions but if not, please drop us a line in a Home School book or pop in to see us.  Definitely worth looking in bags if you have not seen this letter yet,

Friday is Sports Day.  We hope to see as many of you as possible.  Children will need full PE kit and it is especially important they wear their colour team shirt.  Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                           06/05/19

We hope you enjoyed Bank Holiday Monday even though the weather was not as good as it could be. This week, in Maths, we have been looking at having an efficient formal method of calculation for subtraction and being able to apply this knowledge to worded problems and puzzles which involve reasoning.

In our English lessons, we have been busy writing to a variety of businesses and Basingstoke Council explaining our proposals for the empty shop units in the town centre.  The children have been very thoughtful and persuasive and we look forward to receiving replies in the next few weeks.

Our PE lessons have been outside - we were lucky to have avoided the heavy storms!  We have been learning athletic skills and how to improve our times in running or techniques in throwing.  Please can we ask that children wear their colour team t shirts.  These will certainly be needed for sports day on the 24th May.

This week the children were given their own individual mouth pieces for their clarinets and have continued to improve their musical skills.  We are lucky to have the expertise of Hampshire Music Service to deliver these lessons and the children really look forward to Wednesday afternoons.

Finally, on Friday you will receive a letter about swimming lessons which begin in June.  Please look out for this and if you have any questions, either pop in or put a note in Home School books.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4                                                w/b 29/4/19


Another busy week in Year 4. We began the week by improving our skills in column addition and then applying them to worded problems.  We were really pleased with the progress made and the increasing confidence to work with 4 and 5 digit numbers.

In English, we have continued with our work on persuasion.  The children have made links with a letter in Guided Reading which has helped to tune us in to techniques writers use to persuade us to their point of view.

On Thursday, we worked into town and looked at four empty shop units.  The children looked at the size, footfall and facilities surrounding each of the sites.  Back at school, we then looked at what our previous survey showed us which new shops were wanted by local residents.  We, then, had to decide which of the four sites would be the best for our proposed shop.  The children carried out their field work investigation carefully and some members of the public were very complimentary about their work ethic and behaviour.  Well done, Year 4.  Big thank you to the parents who came with us and enabled the trip to run smoothly.

Today we had the perfect conditions for our PE lessons.  Both classes were out on the field practising sprint and relay and honing our skills for Sports Day.  The sportsmanship showed to other members of the year group was really fantastic.  We were very proud of you!

Miss Dunn, in Monday's assembly, gave an update on how many of us read 4x a week or more.  Both classes in Year 4 scored 44%.  However, a year 6 class averages 100% every week so we have still got work to do!  Please encourage your child to read at home.  It has been proved to make such a difference to progress in all areas of the curriculum.

We hope you enjoy Bank Holiday Monday and look forward to seeing the children on Tuesday.

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                         w/b 22/04/19


We hope you had a lovely break and were able to enjoy the sunshine of the Easter weekend.

This week we have finished our History project by burying our Homework in a time capsule.  We will be putting a plaque up soon so that it can be found and opened in twenty five years time.  The children found it hard to believe that twenty five years ago, there was no Internet, mobile phones or games consoles.

We have started our new project now.  This time we are developing our geography skills by looking at a local issue: the empty shop units in Festival Place and the Malls.  We will be looking at the problem for ourselves this week when we walk to town.  To prepare for this, we have studied various maps and looked at how OS symbols are used.  

In English, we have been looking at techniques that are used in persuasive letters.  This has been helped by our work in Guided Reading.  We have planned a letter of our own and next week will be writing it for others to read.  In maths, we have looked at the survey we sent home before half term about the shopping centre and used the data for the construction of various types of graphs. We have also interpreted graphs and found the information they can tell us.

Our PE is now outside for both sessions (weather permitting).  Please note that as previously stated, the new days are Monday and Friday.  We will be practising our skills in Athletics and Cricket.  Please have kit in for the whole week.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

 This week in Year 4                                           w/b 1/4/19

This week has been as busy as ever! We have finished our Anglo Saxon study by looking at how the Saxons coped with injuries and illness.  Some of the remedies were quite amazing!  We then invented  our own medicine, using some of the ingredients available to the Saxons.  Finally we also wrote a chant which would ensure our remedy would work!  We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Saxons and have developed our historical skills.  Next term, we will be looking at a local issue of the present day, involving Festival Place.  

On Wednesday, we joined with the children of the Infants School for a Science morning.  The title of

the morning was "Awe and Wonder" and in our mixed age groups, we had a great time exploring what would happen if we mixed different materials together.  We were really impressed with the "What if"questions the children came up with.

Next term, the timetable has a slight change in that PE will be now be on a Monday and a Friday. We  will be outside as much as possible (weather permitting) and so the children will need a change of clothes and suitable footwear.  Bringing in kit on a Monday and taking it home for washing on a Friday works well.  As always, please make sure all items are named.

Finally, as we approach the Easter holidays, we would like to thank you for your support this term and wish you a happy and relaxing holiday.  The children have worked hard and deserve family time to recharge for the Summer term.

Looking forward to seeing the children on the 23rd April,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This Week in Year 4                                                    w/b 25/03/19

This week we have been learning how to write a report.  We have used four aspects of Saxon life - food, clothes, jobs and houses- and have developed our own information page.  We will now work together in a team of four to create our own book with a glossary, front cover, blurb etc.

In Maths, we have been working on shape, translation and symmetry.  We have then applied this knowledge for a secret task which will be revealed to you on Sunday.  We also found out this week about how Saxons applied Law and Order to their daily lives.  With no prisons, punishments were pretty drastic and the children really enjoyed learning about wergild and ordeal by water, fire and hot iron.  In Art, we looked at how artists use the foreground, mid ground and back ground to suggest perspective.  We then had a go at using this knowledge on a sketch of a Saxon village.


Finally, as the weather is improving, we are using the field for play times and lunchtimes.  The children get hot and take off their jumpers, often leaving them outside.  Although we bring them in, we are continually frustrated by the lack of names written inside them.  Staff are spending a lot of time after school trying to find unnamed jumpers which is distressing for all concerned.  Please help us by checking that your child's jumper is named and the name has not worn off in the wash. Thank you.


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This Week in Year 4

We began the week working with a Saxon visitor, Ed.  He began by telling us the history of the Saxons and then we spent time in the Great Hall. Some of us were villagers while others were the Lord and Lady or guards.  Do ask your child what the lowly person did in the village - a vital but quite disgusting job! We knew that the Saxons liked playing board games and we were able to play a typical Saxon game called Fox and Geese.  This was great fun, involving tactics and cunning. Then in the afternoon, we looked at Saxon weapons, a Saxon grave and what the buried artefacts told us about the life of a Saxon.  Finally we took part in a spear throwing competition and then listened to the dramatic story of Beowulf.  Ed left this on a cliff hanger - we will have to wait to find out the ending.  A very enjoyable day!


Today we enjoyed the Talent Show.  Our Year 4 children represented us brilliantly and we want to say a big thank you to them all.  It takes a lot of courage to perform in front of a large audience.  

Please keep encouraging the children to read four times a week.  It really does make a huge difference across so much of the children's learning.

We hope you have a good weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in year 4                                             w/b 11/3/19

This week it has been wet and very windy.  Thank you for sending the children to school with coats so they can still go outside at playtimes.  Lets hope the weather improves next week.

This week, we have been assessing the children in reading, writing and maths to look at the progress they have been making.  This will help us to set targets for future lessons.  Everybody tried their best and we are very proud of their efforts.  Well done Year 4!

Today we have all had fun taking part in Comic Relief.  The Hall looked very different in Assembly as we looked out onto a swathe of red instead of the usual sea of blue.  At the end of our Celebration Assembly, Mr Hanson organised a Joke Off between children and their teachers.  Each class had voted their best joke which was kept hidden from their class teachers.  This was then put against the class teacher's choice and the audience voted which was the funniest. The final score was Children 7, Teachers 3.  Thank you to everyone who donated to this worthy cause.

On Monday we look forward to our workshop on Anglo Saxon Life.

Have a lovely weekend,

The year 4 Teaching Team

This Week in Year 4                                                   w/b 4/3/19

The week began with the auditions for the Talent Show.  We were treated to fifteen acts which included singing, dancing, magic and gymnastics.  Everybody did really well in front of an audience and it was very difficult to select just three acts to go forward.  Well done everybody who took part.


We have continued to work on our class novel, "Stig of the Dump" this week and looked at how to set out speech.  We then looked at how to improve our stories by writing really interesting openings and closings.  In Maths we have been revisiting the various methods we can use for multiplication.  Project work helped us to discover why the Anglo Saxons invaded and eventually settled. 


Thursday this week was very different as it was World Book Day.  Thank you to everyone who helped with the costumes.  It was great fun seeing all the inventive ideas and guessing which character was being portrayed.  We also did lots of special activities concerning books and saw authors who explained how they wrote their stories.  Every child has received a £1 book token to spend either on a complete book (about ten to choose from) or it can be put towards a book of choice. Please pop along to the participating stores in town before the closing date.


Hoping you have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                                           w/b 25/2/19

We hope you had a good half term break and were able to enjoy the beautiful weather. 

We have begun our next project "From Invaders to Settlers".  This is a history based project which looks at how England was invaded by the Anglo Saxons, following the retreat of the Roman Army.  This week the children have been in role, deciding on where they would choose to settle.  They then looked at where the Angles, Saxons and Jutes came from and where they chose to live.  The treasures of Sutton Hoo also proved fascinating and after investigating like archaeologists, we looked at the gold buckle in detail and tried to imitate its intricate detail.

In Maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction and began to apply our skills to real life problems.  In English, we have begun to study "Stig of the Dump" by Clive King.  This has been enjoyed by all and will continue to inspire our writing in the following weeks.

Next Thursday (7th March) is Book Day.  We are looking forward to seeing our children's costumes to celebrate their favourite book characters.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                                   w/b 11/2/19


As the half-term comes to a close, we would like to say how proud we are of how the children have worked during this time and how hard they have tried with their learning.  We hope that you were able to study some of their books with them at this week's parents evenings.  It was lovely to see so many of you and we really appreciate you working with us and the support you offer.

This week, we have finished our work on volcanoes and completed our mini-topic in RE where we looked at what Christians mean by "Jesus is Divine.  We thought of situations where miracles may be seen today.  Some of the suggestions were really thoughtful such as it is surprising that huge trees come from such tiny seeds and how amazing it is that we can speak to someone on the other side of the world in seconds.

As part of a very busy week, we watched our friends take part in a guitar concert and also looked at the home learning outcomes of children in years 5 and 6.

The week finished with Mad Hair Day in aid of St Michael's hospice.  As always, the children amazed us with their inventive designs.  Thank you for your support with this worthwhile cause.

We do hope you enjoy the half term holiday and we look forward to seeing the children again on Monday 25th February.

The Year 4 Teaching Team


Year 4 Saxon Workshop 18th March

This week in Y4                                          w/b 4/2/19

What an explosive ending to the week!  It was really great to see so many parents coming to school on Friday to share our Home Learning outcomes and to watch the explosions of the volcanoes that we had made to support our project, "There She Blows".  If you couldn't make it, please look at the video and pictures beneath this text.

This week, we have studied the work of the British artist Nick Rowland and copied his techniques for creating pictures of volcanoes.  This involved using black paper and then splattering paint and using straws to blow paint to give a great effect of lava travelling down the slope of the volcano.  This was great fun and produced some dramatic paintings.

In Maths, we have been learning how to work out fractions of quantities, using the bar model.  This involved unitary fractions such as 1/2, 1/4 etc and then moved on to non-unitary fractions such as 2/3, 3/5    We finished the week carrying out an investigation called Bryony's triangle.  This was again based on finding fractions.  Ask your child to show you how to make a flower out of a square of paper!

In our English work, we have been looking at improving our writing by including three different types of fronted adverbials - manner, time and place.  We look forward to seeing these used in extended pieces of writing in the next few weeks.

We hope to see you at one of the Parents Evenings this week. (Tuesday or Thursday)  Slips have been sent home with the appointment times but if you have mislaid this, please write a request in Home/School books and we will be pleased to send a reminder.

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team

Volcano display - 8 February 2019


Thank you to everyone who came to our project display today. We hope you enjoyed seeing the fantastic effort the children had put into their volcanoes. The photos and video below hopefully give you a taste of the excitement when we combined baking soda, food colouring and vinegar to create real eruptions!


Still image for this video

This week in Year 4                                              28/1/19

What an end to the week!  The children were hoping for snow and they certainly got what they wished for!  We hope they enjoyed the snow and were able to build snowmen and go sledging.  We look forward to seeing the photos that have been sent to the school of the fun that was had by all.

Before the snow arrived, we had been painting our volcano's and finishing our art work.  The children have really engaged with this project and this was particularly evident in the high standard of the project homework that was brought into school this week.   We truly appreciate all their hard work and the support you give them at home.

In Maths we have been looking at various ways of division.  Some children have used number lines or chunking while others were doing the bus stop method.  We also learnt how to show remainders and then apply our learning to word problems.  Those children who really know their tables found this certainly helped with this new learning.

In English, we have looked at the book "Escape from Pompeii" and used this to develop our understanding of constructing complex sentences. 

We were also lucky to have Mrs O'Brien as a special visitor to talk about the many volcanoes she has visited, including Mount Vesuvius which devastated Pompeii.  The children were fascinated by her talk and photographs and asked many thoughtful questions.

Hope you enjoyed this rather special weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                             w/b 21/1/19


This week we have been completing our reports on volcanoes and are starting to publish them.  Then we made our own 3D volcanoes. We began by using newspaper and a small bottle and then covering with modrock.  Next we will paint them.  Please join us on the 1st February to watch them explode.

In maths we have been looking at length and weight.  We used our measuring of Barbie and Action man and multiplied all our measurements to make a giant size version.  In our lessons on weight, we estimated the mass of a tin of food and then weighed it.  Then we worked out the difference between our estimation and the actual measure. It was quite tricky to estimate but we used the previous guess to help us improve accuracy.

On Wednesday we started our block of lessons with Hampshire Music Service.  This term we are learning to play the ukulele and are beginning to follow musical notation.  We really enjoyed our first lesson.  In computing we are looking at using a green screen on the i-pads to record a news report.

Unfortunately the sleet on Tuesday meant we didn't get outside to continue with our orienteering but hope to this week.  On Friday we had the apparatus out to compliment our work on balance in gymnastics.  However four children across the year group could not go on the apparatus as they did not have shorts.  This causes disappointment so we would be grateful if you could remind the children to have shorts in school.  Thank you for your help.


Have a good weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This Week in Year 4                                                   w/b   14/1/19


This week we have been learning about the Ring of Fire.  This is an area surrounding the rim of the Pacific Ocean where 75% of the world's volcanoes can be found. We have used our learning to add to our report writing on volcanoes in our English lessons.  We then chose one volcano that we were especially interested in and researched it using books and the Internet.  We used this information for our independent write on Friday.  This project has really caught the imagination of the children and they are becoming expert volcanologists.  Why not ask them a question? This week our main homework opportunity has been set where we have asked the children to decide how to present a cross section of the inside of a volcano.

In Maths, we have been developing our skills in multiplication.  We have looked at the column method and realised that to be really successful, we do need to know our tables.  Please continue to help us with the instant recall of these.  Next week we are measuring and would like the children to bring in a tin of food for weighing on Wednesday.  (These will be returned)

This week we had six children who either did not have PE kit or only had tracksuit bottoms.  Children can only use the apparatus if they are wearing shorts.  This is a Hampshire directive for the safety of the children.  Please could you ensure they have shorts every week.  Of course, track suits can still be worn outside.  Thank you.

Finally, parents evening letters were sent out on Friday (Please look in bags if you haven't been given one by your child) and we look forward to seeing you in February.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This Week in Year 4                                       w/b 7/1/19

Happy New Year!  We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas break and look forward to working with your children as this new term begins.

In Maths this week, we have been looking at how the year is divided into seasons, months, weeks and days.  We then moved on to time.  The children need to know how to read digital and analogue clocks and work out problems involving intervals of time.  Some have begun to work with 24 hour clocks and converting times from 12 to 24 hour.  Any practice at telling the time that you could do at home would be very much appreciated.

We have used our new project "There She Blows!" to learn about volcanoes. The children are keen to find out more about this powerful force of nature.  We began by looking at the inside of the earth and how the tectonic plates float on the earth's crust.  The children discovered that volcanoes occur where two plates meet and there is a small crack, allowing the lava to come to the surface.

Our English work is using this knowledge to write a non-chronological report.

We have been thinking about challenges for the New Year.  We would like one of these to be reading four times a week at home.  We know that this has huge impact on children's progress in all areas of the curriculum.  The other challenge is to have correct PE kit in every week.  Tuesday will be outside taking part in orienteering and Friday will be gymnastics (balance).

Hoping you have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This Week in Year 4                               w/b 17/12/18

We have now reached the end of a very busy 15 week term.  The children have ended the year on a high with a very successful performance of the show "Silent Night" and an enjoyable few days preparing for the Christmas Market.  It was lovely seeing so many of you at these events and we are really appreciative of the support you have given over the term.

We have now had our last school event which was our Christingle Service. After making the Christingles, we went into a darkened hall and all sixty candles were lit by our LSA's.  We then sang Silent Night in English and German. It was a memorable and fitting end to our project on Fire and Ice.

After the holidays, our new project is "There She Blows".  This will be a geography based study of volcanoes and earthquakes and the children will discover why these occur in specific parts of the world.  We will also be considering the human impact of these natural events.


Finally, the whole of the Year 4 term would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  

This week in Year 4                                             w/b 10/12/18


What a busy week this has been.  We have performed our show "Silent Night" twice.  The children had been learning their lines and honing their acting skills for the past two weeks and were very keen to put it altogether and perform it to an audience .  They particularly enjoyed singing the diverse selection of songs - from traditional carols to Austrian yodels.  We are very proud of all the children, many of whom overcame their nerves to perform in front of a large audience.  We would like to thank you for all your help with costumes, learning of lines and listening to songs at home.  The songs are certainly catchy and we think it is a first for KFJ having a verse sung in German!   We were so pleased that so many of you could come and watch the show. We hope you enjoyed it!

On Thursday we went to CBEC to watch the drama club put on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  This was a really entertaining performance with plenty of audience participation. It also showed us the importance of delivering lines clearly and with expression.  Thank you to CBEC for inviting us!

The focus of our English lessons has been to finish our sequel to the Snow Queen.  This has involved composing four chapters and has been a major writing task.  We are now busy publishing our work and making a beautiful book in time for Christmas.  In maths we have been learning how estimation can improve accuracy when subtracting and adding.

Next week is going to be another creative experience as we prepare for the Christmas Market. The children will be baking, working with clay, experiencing painting with wax resist and much more. We hope you can join us on Thursday morning.  

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This Week in Year 4..................................  (w/b 3/12/18)


We have been continuing with our study of Traditional Stories and this week we had a go at writing our own sequel to the Snow Queen.  We looked at boxing up the story into the five parts- opening/build up/dilemma/events/resolution and have applied the sentence types and speech punctuation that we have been practising.  So far we have written two parts of our stories and the writing is really powerful with carefully chosen vocabulary.  We will be continuing this next week.

We have also been looking at candles - the very many ways in which they are used and their importance to Christians, especially  in the making of Advent Rings.  Maths has been studying other ways to present data eg pictograms, line graphs.

We are working hard on our production of Silent Night.  Costumes are super - thank you.  We are busy staging each scene and are very much looking forward to you coming to see either the Wednesday or Friday performance.  To help us with this, on Thursday we are going to CBEC to see their pantomime.  We know we will be able to pick up tips that we can use when we return to school.

Hoping you have a peaceful (and not too wet) weekend

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                                 30/11/18

Year 4 have become scientists this week and have carried out investigations involving different states of matter.  First we used three different solids, (jam, marshmallow and ice) and observed what happened when we heated them.  We recorded, using stopwatches, how long it took to change from a solid to a liquid.  Some groups actually noticed a further change to a gas.

Then the children were set a challenge to actually prove that temperature has a direct correlation with the amount of time it takes to change a solid to a liquid.  To do this we set four blocks of ice at various points inside and outside the classroom.  We took the temperature every fifteen minutes and also recorded how much liquid was in each pot. The results were recorded on line graphs and showed that we had proved the link between temperature and melting.

Further Maths lessons concerned other ways of presenting data.  In our English lessons we have read the traditional story of the "Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson.  We blocked out the five elements of the story and will be using this next week to write our sequels.

Thank you so much for the Christmas themed items donated to the PTA on the non-uniform day.  These will be used to make hampers to be raffled and winners drawn at the Christmas Market. 

Next week rehearsals will begin for our production.  We would be grateful if you could help children learn their lines and when they need to come in - they need to know who speaks before them.  If you are having problems with costumes, please see us as soon as possible so we can help source items for you.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                           23/11/18


We have been continuing with our science based project by looking at how different solids melt and turn to liquids.  We set up an experiment to investigate the time it takes for ice, marshmallow and jam to melt when heat is applied.  We then looked carefully at our results and drew a scientific conclusion on what happens to the particles when solids turn to liquids.  Some of us even changed the liquids to gas and were able to explain what effect this had on the particles.

This week has been test week and the children have tried their best with every challenge they have met. We have had tests in reading, Maths and writing so we can assess children's learning and support any areas which have proved difficult.

In English this week, we have begun our study of Hans Christian's Anderson's "The Snow Queen".  This will be our focus for the coming week too.  We also have given out scripts and costume suggestions for our performance of "Silent Night".  We would really appreciate your help in the learning of lines so we can make the most of practice opportunities.  Hopefully you have received the letter which explains how you can obtain tickets (at no cost) from the school office.

Thank you for letting the children take part in "Be bright, be seen".  By dressing up in bright clothes, it has reinforced the message of being visible on these dark mornings and evenings.

Next week we have another chance to wear non-uniform in return for a contribution to the PTA Christmas hampers.  Year 4 have been asked to donate a Christmas themed item eg craft/activity book or decoration to be raffled on December 14th.  We hope that you will be able to support our PTA who work hard on behalf of all the children in our school.

Finally on Thursday, Hepworth will be going to QMC Primary Science Centre.  The children will need a coat and packed lunch.  Moore class will be going on Monday December 3rd.

Have a good weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team


This Week in Year 4                                         16/11/18

We have now started our topic entitled "Fire and Ice" and began this week with a study of Diwali, the Hindu festival of light.  We found out how Hindus celebrate this festival today and where it first originated.  We have retold the story of Rama and Sita and made diwali lamps out of clay.  Our Guided reading has also been on this subject.  Please ask us to share our findings with you.

We have now moved on to the Science behind the project and have begun to investigate states of matter - Solids, Liquids and Gas - looking at the differences in the particles and how they move.  We will be continuing with this in the following weeks and have booked a session at QMC Primary Science Centre so we can carry out experiments to find out even more.  Letters have gone out - please check bags.

By now, you should have heard about our Christmas production "Silent Night".  A letter was sent out regarding tickets for the performance on Friday 14th December.  On Thursday this week the children auditioned for speaking parts, dancing, acting and stage crew positions.  The cast list will be finalised on Monday and children will be given lines and songs to learn and suggestions for costumes.  Your help with both of these would be much appreciated.

Finally, the weather is set to get colder.  Some children are still arriving without coats.  We appreciate they may not need a coat if travelling by car in the morning but do need a coat for playtime and being outside for an hour at lunchtime.  Please remind them to bring one.  Thank you for your help with this.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This Week in Year 4                                                        9/11/18


This week has seen the culmination of our World War 1 project.  The children have been enthusiastic to learn more about this event which has its centenary marking the end of hostilities this weekend.  We have continued looking at life in the trenches and this week we studied the Christmas Truce.  The children were amazed to learn that both sides stopped fighting for a few hours to play football and exchange gifts in No Man's Land in 1914.  The Sainsbury advert from 2014 was a really good introduction to this aspect of WW1 and well worth a look.

The work that the children have produced has been stunning and shows great respect for those who lost their lives.  We were pleased that so many of you were able to come and share with the children and were then able to stay for our memorial service.  We think the poppy installation from the plastic bottles looked brilliant.  If you couldn't make it today, there will a chance to see them for another week.  Please do come and take a look!

We hope that you have a peaceful weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team



This Week in Year 4                                                2/11/18


Welcome back.  We hope you had a good half term.  The children have returned to school very enthusiastic about our mini project on World War 1.  We have been looking at what it was like for soldiers in the trenches.  We have looked at letters from the time and have tried to create our own.  We have based our learning on a very special book "A Song for Will".  This tells a story based on true life about the gardeners in Cornwall who go off to war and how their feelings and attitudes change over the four years.  We have also looked at the painting "Over the Top" by the Hampshire artist, John Nash.

We are continuing next week with this project and hope to take part in the whole school installation which will be revealed on Friday.  For this we would be grateful for any clean, empty plastic 2 litre bottles.  We have already got a good number but still need more.  Thank you.

In Maths we have finished our topic on Perimeter.  We have practised measuring in mm to improve our accuracy.  Next week we are moving onto division.

We still need your help with home reading.  Every child should be heard four times a week.  Research has shown that this leads to greater progress in all areas of the curriculum.  When a child achieves the four times a week challenge, they are given a raffle ticket to win a book.  We would really like every child to be entered into the draw and would appreciate your help and encouragement for this to happen.  Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This week in Year 4                                 19/10/18


We have now reached the end of the first half term in Year 4.  It was lovely to meet so many of you on  Parents Evenings and we really appreciate all your support in the last seven weeks.  This half term, we have really enjoyed learning about Ancient Egyptians and the children have become experts in many aspects of this fascinating civilisation.  After the holiday, we are looking at WW1 and year 4, in particular, will be looking at life in the trenches.  This is because of the centenary of the end of the war in 1918.  Thank you for some of your stories concerning friends and relatives that you have shared already.  If you have any other memories, please contact us - either by letter or by dropping in.


This week also, we were fortunate to share Y3 posters explaining the vocabulary of a river.  This was interesting for the children as they could remember how they approached this last year. Then later, we took part in a Year 5 quiz in the Hall where the older children shared their fantastic models of the Solar System.


We would  like to thank everybody that sent in items for the Food Bank.  Both classes were able to make generous donations to this very worthy cause with Hepworth winning the inhouse competition by having the largest number of food gifts.  Well done!


We are very proud of the effort from the children this half term and wish them and their families a restful and enjoyable half term.  We look forward to seeing them again on Monday 29th October.


The Year 4 Teaching Team

 This week in Year 4                                12/10/18

This week we have been using our expertise on Ancient Egypt to design a page for a very special book.  We have helped our archaeologist/explorer, Henry Jackson, for example. to write a diary entry, an explanation and much more.  This has given us the chance to apply the skills we have been learning in our English lessons this year.

In our Maths lessons, we have been looking at multiplication.  We have improved our skills in multiplying two and three digit numbers by one digit.  With this in mind, could we ask for your help in encouraging your child to thoroughly learn their times tables.  Each week we use X Factor tables tests and children can take home practice sheets by helping themselves from the tray unit in the cloakroom.  Instant recall makes a huge difference in so many areas of our Maths learning.

On Thursday we went to the Ashmolean museum in Oxford.  The children were amazed at the size and scale of this impressive building and the number of exhibits the museum displays.  Looking around the galleries and taking part in the Egypt Detective Activity was great fun and helped the children to understand the difference between primary and secondary sources.  Holding an artifact that was thousands of years old was a very special experience!  The children really enjoyed this trip and we were congratulated on their behaviour and enthusiasm.  Well done, Year 4.

As we come up to half term, please could you check uniform.  We have many coats and jumpers already but as they are not named, cannot return them.

We look forward to meeting you at this week's Parents Evenings.

The Year 4 Teaching Team

This Week in Year 4                      5/10/18


Welcome to the first message of the year.  Now we have our new website up and running, we will be able to share what we have done in the week just gone and also what we are looking forward to in the future.


This week we have been continuing with our work on Ancient Egyptians.  We have looked at pyramids and how they are constructed using nets.  We have also used our school grounds to increase our vocabulary about Autumn and used this for writing as if we were a leaf about to leave the tree (or a conker).  Today we used our knowledge of verbs and adverbs to write poems about Autumn which we can share with you at the forthcoming Parents Evenings.


We also walked to the Discovery Centre in town and had a very enjoyable time learning about the organisation of the children's section - not just books, but e books, cds and dvds.  We were congratulated on the number of our children who took part in the Summer Reading Challenge so thank you to all who participated.


Next week we are very much looking forward to our trip to the Ashmoleon Museum in Oxford.  Our children have become real experts on the Egyptians and the homework involving the Pharaoh's death mask was absolutely incredible!


Finally can we remind you that children do need to read at least 4 times a week.  This will help them to progress across the whole curriculum.  Thank you to all who do meet this challenge every week.


Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team 

What are we learning in Year 4?


This half-term our topic is 'From Papyrus to the Pyramids'. Our topic flyer and vocabulary are shown below.


Welcome to Year 4!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!


This week in Year 4 13/07/18


This week has simply flown by.  We have had three lots of swimming and the progress the children have made throughout this block of lessons is fantastic. Some children have been introduced to swimming and have been really brave in conquering their fears.  Other children have been improving their swimming skills while others have been learning new strokes such as the corkscrew.  It has been hot walking to QMC but the children cannot wait to get into the water.  A huge thank you to everyone regarding swimming kit.  Nobody has forgotten in the last seven sessions.  The last session will be on Monday.

This week we have worked on our DT project and have designed a product to keep us safe on a bike, scooter or skateboard.  We then made a prototype and the ideas were highly imaginative!  No two were the same!  Finally we evaluated our finished item, thinking about our successes and how we overcame problems.

On Tuesday the children watched the Year 6 production of “Shakespeare Rocks”.  Some of you may have seen it if you have older children.  It was extremely enjoyable and shows the children that there are many talents in our school. Wednesday was great fun too.  Dressing in red and white or football kit to support England in the World Cup,was a really good shared experience for the children.

As we enter the last full week of the year, we hope that the children will look back on their varied experiences in Year 4 favourably.  We would also like to thank all of you for your support over the last year.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team 


This Week in Year 4 6/7/18


Today the children spent the morning in their new classes and with their new teachers.  All returned happily, having had a really positive morning.  Most of the children’s questions were answered but if you have a particular concern, please do get in touch. There will be an opportunity to meet new teachers (and present teachers) at next Wednesday’s Open Evening.  Please do come along.

The children have taken home a letter inviting you to attend a concert of brass instruments.  The children have been learning to play cornet, trombone etc this term.  This was very different to the skills needed for the violin and ukelele.  We think they have made real progress.  Please do come along on the 18th and have a listen!

Next week we are making our DT models of a safety feature for a skateboard or bicycle.  A letter for possible useful junk to come in has already gone home but we would be grateful for any items on Tuesday please.

Finally our block of swimming lessons are going really well.  The children are half way through their sessions.  Next week is going to be really busy , as swimming is on three times – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  As it is still going to be hot, please could you send in a water bottle and a snack.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This Week in Year 4 29/06/18


What a busy week this has been!  We started our block of swimming lessons at QMC this week in really hot temperatures.  The children have coped with this really well and are thoroughly enjoying improving their swimming skills.  There are three groups at the pool with the beginners and middle groups having teachers in the water with the children.  This has helped enormously with those children who were very nervous in water at the start of the initial session.  Thank you for sending in swimming kit – nobody has forgotten yet!  One request – several children have the same towels.  Please could you name them to avoid confusion.  A name on the small label is a tremendous help, especially when we are checking for lost items in the changing rooms before we leave. 


This week we have been continuing with our work on Goth Girl.  This novel has proved very popular and has given the children many opportunities to use their creative skills.  This week they have designed their own character in the style of Chris Riddell and are busy writing small booklets about them.  These will later be placed on the class bookcases for others to read.


Maths has been Fractions Madness!  We have been learning to use the Bar Model to find fractions of quantities.  Please ask your child to show you how they would find three quarters of 28 using the bar model!


It was lovely to see so many of you at the Summer Fete tonight.  The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all.  Thank you for your support.


Remember it is an INSET day on Monday but we look forward to seeing the children again on Tuesday.

Enjoy the sunshine,

The Year 4 Teaching Team



On Your Bike! Year 4 Project Flyer Summer 2 2018




This week in Year 4 22/06/07


This week has been slightly different for the children.  We have been doing our summer assessments.  The children have really made us proud with their enthusiasm and are to be commended for the effort they have made with their reading, spelling and Maths. Only writing to go! 


Our project “On your Bike” continues.  The children are enjoying this science theme as it  consists of very practical activities.  This week we have been finding out what makes a bulb light up in an electrical circuit and learning how to record this using scientific terms.  We then moved on to another property of materials by looking at which objects were magnetic.


Next week, as you are aware, we start our block of swimming lessons.  The children are really looking forward to this and we are sure that they will all make progress, whatever their starting point.  It is going to be hot so please can we ask that all children have a bottle for water in school every day.  Some children still do not have them and as PE lessons will go on as normal, children do need to take bottles out with them.


Enjoy the sunshine

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 15/06/18


What a great Sports Day we had this morning.  The children entered into the spirit of the event with great enthusiasm.  We were really pleased to see the level of sportmanship shown and the support for their fellow competitors.  The weather was also kind to us.  Thank you to all of you who attended and stayed for the picnic.  The children really appreciated it.


Keeping with the sporting theme, we are fast approaching our first swimming lesson at QMC.  Please can we remind you that all children will need a swimming hat as this is the rule of the Swim School and QMC.  Trunks for the boys need to be worn as shorts do not make it easy to learn to swim or improve strokes.  Girls will need a one piece costume and no earrings please.  Thank you.  We are sure they will enjoy their lessons and going regularly over a short spell really does help them to make progress.  Any issues, please let us know.


We have begun another book study which is proving to be really popular.  We are looking at Goth Girl by Chris Riddell and our homework this week is linked to it.  It is a beautifully presented book with fantastic illustrations and we look forward to studying it agian next week.


Whatever you are doing this weekend, we hope you enjoy it.


The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 8/06/18


We hope you had a great half term.  The children have returned enthusiastic for their last half term in year 4.  This academic year really has gone quickly! 


It was lovely to see so many of you on Thursday for our presentation.  We think the children produced some really thoughtful ideas for a possible redevelopment of the Leisure Park.  They took all the views of the stake holders into account and were able to share ideas sensibly with the adults in the room.  We will wait to see what actually happens in the future.  The date muted is 2025 so our children really will be the customers of the future!


The second part of our presentation provided the hook for our next project “On Your Bike”.  We looked at the necessity of wearing a cycle helmet by taking part in an egg drop.  Each group had to protect an egg from being dropped from a height.  The only proviso was the egg had to be able to be taken out of the case – just like a head comes out of a helmet.  There were so many different ideas and many, but not all, eggs survived.  We hope you enjoyed this as much as the children.


Thank you for sending the children in with their PE kit for our new day of Monday.  This will concern the many areas of athletics and Thursday’s lessons will be looking at the skills needed for rounders.  We also have swimming later on in June.  Please check the letter sent out this week for the exact dates.


Hopefully we will see some of you again at Sports Day on Friday morning.  Keep your fingers crossed for fine weather!


The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 25/05/18


As we reach the end of another busy term, it is time to take stock of all that has been achieved. The children have produced some really thoughtful pieces of writing and have shown a real interest in their town with the work on the Leisure Park development.


Next half term there is a slight change to timetable in that PE will now be Mondays and Thursdays.  Please remind your child to bring kit especially for the first day back.  Swimming will take place from the end of June at QMC.  Look out for a letter coming out soon with all the details.


Our next project is a Science based one.  We have called it “On Your Bike”.  Again More detail to follow.


We hope you and the children have a lovely holiday and we will see you in June.


The Year 4 Teaching Team


This Week in Y4 18/05/18


This week the weather has been lovely and this has enabled us to make the most of our PE lessons outside.  We are extremely fortunate to have the amazing school grounds with the field and trees and now from our Year 4 window, we can watch the garden coming to life under the careful management of Year 3 children.  We have been enjoying multi skills and developing our cricket abilities in small team games.  We certainly have children who can throw the ball well and use the bat to great advantage, sending the ball flying across the field.


In Computing this week, we have further developed our knowledge of Excel.  The children can now input data and make a range of graphs which can be interpreted to find out more about the wishes of the people of Basingstoke, concerning the redevelopment of the Leisure Park.


In English, we have been developing our skills in speaking and listening and using this to take part in several class debates.  The children really enjoyed debating “Cats v Dogs” and then turning their attention to whether the redevelopment of the Leisure Park should take place.  Some children were even persuaded by the presentations to change their minds!

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 04/05/18


This week we have been taking part in the Big Pedal Challenge.  Lots of children have been cycling or using their scooters to get to school – even in the rain on Wednesday!  Thank you to all who took part.  We hope you enjoyed it.


This week we have written a middle and end to a narrative story about a boy who gets stranded in a ball pit.  We had many inventive ways written about how he escaped.  The stories were imaginative and entertaining.  We hope to display some in school.


In Maths we  finished our work on symmetry and then looked at reaasoning.  Today the children had a new task to do which was solving a problem and then being able to explain it to another group, using the correct mathematical language.  This was enjoyed by all and a lot of learning took place.


On Tuesday, we are walking to the Leisure Park.  The weather looks to be hot.  Therefore please could all children bring a water bottle and wear a sunhat.  If possible, putting sun cream on before leaving home would also be a great idea.  However if rain is forecast, then a light raincoat would be needed. This trip is only the morning and so the children will not be required to carry their packed lunches.  

Enjoy the sunshine this long weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 27/04/18


What a difference a week makes!  Last Friday we were boiling in record temperatures for April and this Friday we have had rain cancel our PE outdoors which meant learning new cricket skills in the hall.  However we have still managed to get to Level 5 on the Long Barrier which should improve our fielding and throwing.


This week we have been working on our skills as Newspaper reporters.  We have written a piece about a robbery which took place in the early hours.  The children have practised  writing headlines, using a good introductory paragraph to draw the reader in and then adding details in the main body of the piece.  We are now beginning to publish our work in the style of a news article.


In Maths we have revised our knowledge of 2D shapes and are now looking at symmetry.  We started with using shapes with mirrors and will continue this week with work on symmetry using the mirror line.  We also listened and voted for our favourite times tables songs.  More news to follow on this.

The children have also been thinking about the Leisure Park.  What is already there, what they like to do there and then what they might like to see there when the area is developed.  There were some very imaginative ideas!  We are hoping to walk to the Leisure Park on the 8th May and would love some help to accompany us.  Thank you for the volunteer who has already approached us.  It is a morning trip – leaving at 9 and returning in time for lunch.  Please let us know if you can help.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Remember next week is the “Big Pedal”.

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Y4 20/04/18


What a difference in the weather!  The last two days of this week have been staggeringly hot.  The children have coped extremely well.  Thank you for sending them in with water bottles, sun hats and sun cream already applied.  We are lucky to have a lovely field to enjoy in the fine weather but the shade of the trees provide welcome relief too.


This half term our new topic is called Leisure and Pleasure.  We are looking at a local issue and have chosen the proposed changes to the Leisure Park.  As part of this, we will be walking to the Leisure Park to look for ourselves.  A letter has gone home tonight with further information.


We have been looking at newspapers in English this week.  This has involved looking at the 5Ws that make a successful opening paragraph – why, who, when. what, where.  We have also been learning about direct and indirect speech.  Maths has all been concerning data handling through many forms such as pictograms, block and line graphs.


Our PE this half term is Multi-Sports and Cricket.  These are both outdoor activities but can we suggest that children still bring shorts for these lessons as joggers/track suit bottoms are too hot for the Summer term.


Hope you enjoy the sunshine this weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 23/03/18


This week has been a week of change.  We began the week in snow and the children enjoyed building snowmen and making snow angels on the field.  Then this afternoon, the sun was out and it was a lovely warm spring day, just brilliant conditions for our Sports Relief afternoon.  The children enjoyed taking part in a wide range of activities, representing their colour teams.  Some were well-known sports such as football, rugby and hockey but others such as curling, boule and archery were new to the children.  The sportsmanship shown was a real credit to all who took part  Thank you to Mrs Davies for organising the whole event.


We have also been pleased to welcome some of you this week into school.  A huge audience came to both ukulele concerts and listened to the skills the children have acquired over the term.  This morning, also, some parents attended the Maths meeting and then came down to class to see for themselves how pictures and resources can add so much to real understanding of maths concepts.  Thank you, as always, for your support.


Looking forward to next week, we have a visit from an Anglo Saxon warrior.  The children have become real experts on our history project and are using their knowledge to write a non-chronological report about life in Anglo Saxon times.  This will stand them in good stead to be in role on Tuesday.


Have a lovely weekend

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 16/03/18


This week in Year 4 we have been learning about Crime and Punishment in Saxon times.  The children found this fascinating.  Do ask them to share some of the “ordeals” with you.  In Maths we have finished our work on division and have moved on to measurement.  This will involve working with a variety of measures under the areas of length, capacity and mass. In English we have studied how to improve our writing by using expanded noun phrases and three action sentences.


We have been enjoying our new PE studies of basketball and dance.  We are using our Saxon knowledge to develop our own dance based on the lifestyles of the Anglo Saxons. 


Next week there is a change to the PE timetable as it is Sport Relief week.  On Friday we are asking the children to come to school in sports wear but with their colour team t shirts as we are having a whole school afternoon devoted to sport.  This means that year 4 dance has been moved to Monday.  Children will therefore need their kit on Monday and Thursday to change into and sports kit to be worn on Friday.  We would be grateful for your help with this as we want the children to join in every activity and sometimes when they do a sports club after school, they do forget to bring kit back in.  May we suggest, that where possible, kit comes in on a Monday and goes home for washing on a Friday.


Also next week you are invited to a musical performance on the ukulele.  Please see the peach coloured letter for further details.


Hoping you have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


Year 4 Musical Performance


Year 4 children have been learning to play the ukulele this term and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is our pleasure to invite parents to a special performance so you can see how well the children have been doing. Each performance will start promptly at the times below:

Wednesday 21st March 2018

Hepworth class 1.45pm

Moore class 2.15pm


This week in Year 4 9/3/18


Back to normal this week after a very different end to the previous week.  The photos of some of our year 4 children enjoying the snow have been super and show what inventive and creative children they are.  We used their experience of the snow to develop our descriptive writing at the start of the week.  Each child produced a piece or written work and a poem based on their time in the snow which encouraged them to use the expanded noun phrases that we had been studying.  


In Maths, we have been looking at division.  Many children have realised the connection with the multiplication work we had been studying the week before.  They have enjoyed learning new methods of division and being successful with larger numbers.  To be efficient with multiplication and division, it is, however, necessary to know all your times tables well.  As we mentioned on Parents Evenings, it is a Government requirement that all children in year 4 should know their tables.  We would be grateful for your help in this.  There are many websites for practising times tables in a fun and engaging way.

Yesterday we had a very successful World Book Day.  The children looked fantastic in their costumes.  We know that parents are hugely involved in finding costumes and would like to say a big thank you for all your support.  


We have now started our Dance module which is indoors.  Children have been challenged to all come in the correct colour t-shirt and wear shorts.  Come on  Year 4!  We can do this!


What a busy couple of weeks!

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team


Our current Year 4 project is ‘From Invaders to Settlers’



This Week in Y4 23/2/18


Welcome back. We hope you all had a good half term. The children have returned in good spirits and are looking forward to our next project. This time the period we are studying is the Saxons. We began by getting into tribes, designing our standard and then looking on a map to decide where would be the best place to settle. Next we looked at maps to see which countries the invaders came from and where they settled in Britain. The homework this week is finding evidence from place names to show where the Saxons settled in the South East of the country, which includes Basingstoke. On the last week of term we have been lucky enough to book a “Saxon” to come in and lead us through an activity day. Please look in your child’s bag for the letter.

In Maths we have been continuing our work on fractions. We have been learning about equivalence and fractions of quantities. In English, we have begun one of our major book studies for the year, Stig of the Dump by Clive KIng. We have looked at the setting of Stig’s home and written a character study of Barney.
PE this half term will be basketball on Thursdays where outdoor kit will be needed and dance on Fridays in the Hall so please remind your child to have shorts.


We hope you have a good weekend.

Don’t forget World Book Day on Thursday!
The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 2.2.18


This week we have worked in small teams to paint our volcanoes and the landscape surrounding them.  The results are extremely artistic.  Next week we will be coming to the point the children have been really excited about – erupting the volcanoes and watching the lava flow down the hillside on the land below.


In Maths we have continued to work on Time.  The children have worked hard to solve problems which involve converting into the 24 hour clock, reading timetables and working out how many days from one month to another.  The children have been learning how many days are in each month, either by using their knuckles or by reciting the rhyme “30 days has September” which many of you will be familiar with.


In English we have been looking at persusiave devices which can be used in letters.  Today the children wrote to Miss Westaway to try and persuade her to keep the Friday reward playtime for regular reading.  We think they have produced fantastic letters!


Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team


This Week in Year 4


This week we have been making volcanoes from drinks bottles and modrock.   We have left them to fully dry out and then will be painting them and the surrounding landscape. When ready, we will be erupting them!  This is the part that the children are really looking forward to!  


As well as making volcanoes, we have been looking at the impact of volcanoes on the humans that live near them.  We found many positive and negative reasons for being in the vicinity of the volcano. Do ask the children what their final opinion was.


In Maths, we are helping some children learn how to tell the time while others who can tell the time both digitally and on an analogue clock, are now practising converting to the 24 hour clock.  Any practice you could give them at home would be hugely welcome.


In English, we have been learning about personification and have been finding verbs to describe a volcano.  We have practised writing sentences and next week we will be using these as a basis for writing our own poems.


Thank you for sending in the correct PE kit.  Most children now have PE shorts for Gym and so will be able to use apparatus.  A few children, though, still need to bring shorts and also find their appropriate colour team t-shirt.  Just a reminder – orienteering is on Thursdays and Gym is on Fridays so children need kit both days.

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 19/01/18


This week has seen us learning about the different types of rocks.  We handled a selection of rocks and then identified them using flow charts, just like real geologists.  Then we used our knowledge to write an explanation text about the three main groups – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.


In Maths we have been looking at coordinates and the children have really enjoyed using these skills when orienteering with Mr TV on a Thursday afternoon.  Next week, we are moving onto Time.  Many of our children still cannot tell the time and need help with digital and analogue clocks.  Please could you help us by practising with your child.  The more practice, the more proficient they become. These are life skills so any help with the basic telling of time would be very much appreciated.


We are hoping to make our own volcanoes next week and then causing them to erupt.  We will be doing this in small groups next Wednesday.  For this, we need small, empty plastic bottles and would be very grateful if you could send any you do not need anymore to school please.  We are aiming for 12 per class.


FInally, a plea.  Some children are not in shorts for gymnastics on Friday.  We cannot let these children use apparatus and so to avoid them becoming upset, please send them with blue shorts on Fridays.  It is warm in the Hall so they do not need tracksuit bottoms to keep them warm – although they can put them over their shorts for dinner play.  There is a link to uniform on this website for further guidance.  Thank you.


Have a good weekend.  Stay warm!
The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 12/01/18


May we wish everyone a Happy New Year and say a huge thank you for the cards and presents given to us for Christmas.  They were very much appreciated by the whole team.

This week we have started our new topic “There She Blows” and the children have been very excited to find out all about volcanoes and tectonic plates.  They are becoming quite experts at explaining why volcanoes occur and how they erupt so please ask them.  In Maths we have revisited addition and subtraction, using various methods leading to the more formal column addition and subtraction.  Next week we will be applying our skills to solving multi step word problems.

PE days remain the same – Thursday and Friday.  As one session is indoor (gym), children must wear shorts but can wear track suit bottoms for orienteering outside as the weather is still changeable.

Today we have been treated to a hugely enjoyable pantomime.  We watched “Sleeping Beauty” and joined in with the songs, comedy routines and cheering.  We were even entertained by Miss Dunn and Mrs Barter joining in a dance routine – do ask your children to tell you all about it!

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 15.12.17


We were very proud of all our children who took part in the pantomime this week.  We hope you managed to get to see it as it showcased the talents of the children in many different ways.  Most of the practices took place at lunchtimes, showing the huge commitment needed.  But it was well worth it!

This week we have begun to publish our extended story based around “The Snow Queen”.  We have also been introduced to the bar model for finding fractions of quantities.  Time has also been spent on preparing for the Christmas Market which takes place on Wednesday next week.  We hope to see as many of you as possible at this event which has become something of a tradition.  This year, monies raised will be donated to local charities which support the homeless.


On Thursday, which is the last day of term, children are welcome to wear a Christmas jumper with their normal uniform.  This is just for fun – it makes it feel really Christmassy in school!  No donation necessary – just for fun!


Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team


This Week in Year 4 8th December 2017


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around the school.  The tree is sparkling up in the hall, the Christmas postboxes are ready and waiting and the Christmas songs are being sung with great enthusiasm in the Hall.  Many of our children are involved in the Pantomime next week and are really looking forward to performing for you all.


This week, we were really proud of all our children’s performance in the violin concert.  To be able to play such a repertoire of songs in such a short space of time is really amazing.  A violin is not an easy instrument to learn but our children did extremely well.  Thank you to the huge numbers of parents who came to watch both performances.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Please can we make a polite reminder that children are not to bring in their own pencil cases.  We have all the pens and pencils they need.  This avoids a lot of heartache if items get lost as children may sit in a number of different places throughout the day.  Thank you for your help with this.

This week we have started writing our own sequels to the Snow Queen and have moved onto equivalence fractions in Maths.  All this alongside so many creative opportunities!


Have a lovely weekend

Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Y4 w/e 01/12/17


It has certainly been a cold week but thank you for sending your child to school with coats, hats and scarves.  Everybody needs to be warm, especially during the lunch hour.


This week we have started our book study on The Snow Queen and are now busy planning our own sequel to this famous story by Hans Christian Anderson. This fits with our project “Fire and Ice” and we hope to produce our own book.  We have also began to look at candles which is linked to advent and also, of course, fire.  


In Maths we have continued with work on Area and Perimeter and are about to move on to Fractions next week.


In PE the children are taking part in Hockey and Netball.  Please send in dark jogging bottoms on cold days if your child would prefer to wear this outside. 


Just one final reminder about lost property.  We have a huge amount in cloakrooms and the medical room.  Do please come and look if you think your child has lost something.  We do try and return each item but many are not named and so this is not possible.

Thank you,

Have a good weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team


Year 4 Musical Performance


Year 4 have been learning to play the violin this term and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Parents of children in Hepworth and Moore are invited to a special performance on Wednesday 6th December at the following times:

Hepworth class: 2.00pm

Moore class: 2.30pm


This week in Y4 w/e 24/11/17


This week in Year 4 we have been developing our skills in persuasive writing.  We began by writing to a chef to persuade him to store his ingredients carefully, according to the length of time it took for each item to melt.  We followed this by using our persuasive toolkit to create an advert for a favourite book.  We looked at how adverts can manipulate the target audience in a variety of ways by using such devices as rhetorical questions and amazing adjectives.  This activity was carried out extremely thoughtfully and the results are fantastic.  


In Science we looked at the properties of air.  Have you seen the homework task this week?  It really makes you think!  In Maths we have used our work on multiplication to help us with our new topic, area and perimeter.  If you are measuring anything in metres, centimetres and millimetres in the lead up to Christmas, the children would love to help with some practical tasks to improve their accuracy and give real purpose to learning.


Our next reward for reading is rapidly approaching.  There is still time for everybody to make it eight times over a fortnight.  Thank you for your help with this.


Have a lovely weekend

Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 17/11/17


This week seems to have flown by but we have fitted in many different activities.  On Monday both classes spent time at the QMC Primary Science Centre and carried out four experiments connected to our project, Fire and Ice.  The children really enjoyed this and learned a great deal about how change of state differs according to the material.  Huge thank you to the parents who accompanied us.


On Tuesday we looked at wax resist by using a candle to draw a design and then adding a cold water wash.  Wednesday saw us melting five different materials, (jelly, stewed apple, chocolate, marshmallow and butter).  We timed how long it took to melt and at what temperature.  Some of the children were very surprised at how they compared to each other!


On Thursday we had a great response to our Children in Need activities.  Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.


Finally could we please ask for your help.  The expectation of our school is that all children should read at home at least four times a week.  The majority of our children do but there are a few children who do not meet this every week. Reading is so important to every part of the curriculum and it is now that the foundations are laid which will be built on for the rest of the children’s educational journey.  Thank you and if we can help further, please let us know.


Have a lovely weekend

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 10/11/17


As the sun shines into the classrooms, it is time to reflect on the week just gone.  We have been looking at the historical reason for Firework Night and why we celebrate on November 5th.  We have also used sights and sounds we experienced last weekend, to write creatively about Fireworks.  


Our Maths this week has been all about the different ways we record data from pictograms to bar charts.  Learning to interpret data can be challenging but the children have enjoyed improving their skills.


Yesterday we were lucky enough to take part in British Film week and the whole year group went to the Odeon to watch the film “Moana”.  It was enjoyed by all.   Thank you to the parents who accompanied us.


On Monday, we are going to the Primary Science Centre at QMC to carry out experiments linked to our new project, Fire and Ice. Hepworth will go in the morning and Moore in the afternoon.  Because of the timing of the sessions, children in both classes will need a packed lunch and of course, a coat.


We are still working on improving our reading and encourage children to read at least four times a week at home.  It is a vital skill which encompasses everything we do in school.  We are really grateful for your continued support with this.


Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 Teaching Team



Fire and Ice Project Flyer



This week in Y4 20/10/17


We cannot believe that we have now completed our first half term in Year 4.  These last seven weeks have flown by but we have managed to fit in so much!


This week we concluded our project on Ancient Egyptians by visiting Haslemere Museum.  We were able to see a mummy and coffin from 3000 years ago.  In one of the sessions we learnt about mummification and pulled various organs from the mummy.  Ask your child about the brain!  We finished the visit by making a mummy of our own cuddly toys.  We had lots of lovely comments about the behaviour of our children and also admiration of their wide knowledge of the project.  We would like to say a huge thank you to the Mums who came with us!


It was lovely to meet you all on the recent parents evenings.  Every family had a representative to talk about how their child had settled into the year.  As always, we hope everyone is happy at school but please do contact us if we can help with any problems.  Often a small problem can be easily sorted and saves any worry.


As we write this, the sun is streaming through the classroom windows and we hope this is a sign of the weather for the week ahead!  We do hope everyone has an enjoyable (and restful) half term and we look forward to seeing everybody once again on Monday 30th October.

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 6/10/17


This week we have been busy learning more about our project of Ancient Egypt.  We have looked at tomb paintings and found that all the Egyptians face sideways.  We then tried to create our own.  We have also researched the famous Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, and seen how his death mask and treasures were found by the explorer, Howard Carter.  In our English lessons, we have written an adventure for our own explorer, Henry Jackson, which has developed into an exciting trip into an unknown pyramid filled, with mummies which come to life!  In Maths we have looked at the properties of shape, angles and have now begun to look at the symmetry of different 2D shapes.


We are taking part in a whole school challenge next week and would be very grateful for old newspapers.  Please sent them in as soon as possible.  Thank you.


Have a lovely weekend

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 29/09/17


We hope that your child has enjoyed their first month in Year 4.  The interest shown in our project has been amazing.  This week we have been exploring the pyramids with our own explorer, Henry Jackson.  The children are experts on their construction as we have built our own out of multilink and found out the mathematical patterns in the number of bricks used in each layer. We also had a go at using hieroglyphs and creating our own tomb paintings.  Next week Henry will be entering into the pyramid and experiencing his own adventure.  In Maths we have been looking at methods for subtraction.  The children have used this skill to answer word problems and solve an investigation.


Just a few reminders.  Next Friday will be the reward for reading 8 x in two weeks.  Please could you support your child by helping them to achieve this.  This week’s reading presentation is now on the school website if you missed the meeting.


We look forward to meeting you on one of the Parents evenings which are being held in October.  If you still have not returned your slip, we would be grateful if you could send it in.  Times of appointments will be given out early next week.  We have done our best to accommodate brothers and sisters in other classes.  Any problems, please let us know.


Enjoy the weekend

The Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 22/09/17


We have been very busy with our project this week on Ancient Egypt.  The full title is “From Papyrus to Pyramids” and we have been looking at how the Egyptians used papryus from the river Nile to make paper.  Following on from this we will be looking at Egyptian writing known as hieroglyphics.  Our writing has been based on the diary of Henry Jackson – an explorer who has travelled to Egypt and is commenting on what he has seen.  Life is very different!  Next week we will be creating our tomb paintings and would be grateful for any old shirts to prevent accidents to clothing.


In Maths we have been looking at Addition and learning different methods to use when problem solving.


We have now begun sending homework.  Spellings and tables will be next to follow as systems are now in place.  Homework is set on a Wednesday and is due in school the following Monday.  It is often used in class that day so we do need it!


PE in Autumn can be quite damp.  Please could your child have a carrier bag to put wet shoes in so that the rest of the kit stays dry.  Thank you.  We do encourage children to take it home at the weekend for washing so it is ready for the following week.


The children who had read eight times in the last two weeks had extra playtime today as a reward.  The majority of children do read but the expectation is all children read to an adult at least four times a week.  This has such an impact on their learning in all areas of the curriculum.  Thank you for your continued support with this.


Hopefully this glorious weather will continue and the weekend will be warm and sunny!

The Year 4 Teaching Team


From Papyrus to the Pyramids Project Flyer



This week in Year 4 15/09/17


We have now completed a full five day week in Year 4 and the children have settled in really well.  They look smart and are organised with PE kit, reading logs etc. This time of the year, we are still enjoying our beautiful school grounds and so started our writing by describing Autumn and its changes.  We then moved on to Diary writing and practising the skills needed for this.  In Maths we have introduced Place Value and will be looking at addition next week.


Because of the changeable weather, children are going out in coats or jumpers and then taking them off because they are hot.  For this reason, some are being left outside and then cannot be found.  If the items are not named, it is harder to return them and children become very distressed at the end of the day.  Please could you check that jumpers, coats and lunch boxes are named.  Thank you for your support in this.


Today we have sent home an information letter about life in Year 4.  If you have any concerns about it, please come and see us.  We have also sent home a topic flyer about our topic on Ancient Egyptians so you can see what your child will be studying this half term.


Have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 Teaching Team


This week in Year 4 8/9/17


Hello everyone.


Welcome to a new school year!  We hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday. The children look really smart in their uniform and are all set for learning.  We have been very impressed with the way they have settled in and can see examples of our learning behaviours in every lesson.


PE takes place on a Thursday and Friday and children need PE kit in school on these days.  It can be brought in on a Monday and taken home on a Friday and this routine does seem to work well.


All children have a reading book and reading log now.  The expectation is that all children read at least four times a week.  Reading is a huge focus in our school so if there are any problems, please let us know and we will do our best to solve them.


Finally a plea for help.  If you have any men’s shirts that are no longer used, please could you send them to us.  They make great art aprons as they cover everything!


Have a great weekend

Year 4 Teaching Team