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Year 5

A message from Miss Westaway - 17 June 2020

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A message from Miss Westaway - 5 June 2020

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A message from Miss Westaway

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Home Schooling Week 1




Well done everyone! I know there will have been times when things have not gone to plan and that's okay.  As we get used to this time, we are all finding ways to create routines that suit our lives and commitments at home. Do what's right for you at a time that's right for you.




Hopefully Miss Westaway has inspired you to do something new.  She had great fun learning something new too.  Have a look at the links on the previous page to see what inspires you.  We know we have set you work but if there is something else that you're desperate to do, that's okay.


If you're looking for maths to get your teeth into, you should give Rock Stars a go.  There are a few competitions up and running.  Or if you'd like to do a bit of thinking (the best mathematicians do) clink on the 'i see maths' link.


And, have a think about the art challenge.  We'd love to get a gallery of your creations up on the website. 

Year 5 activity links


Matching tables


Estimating angles


Factors and multiples






Right angles


Venn diagram numbers


Times table shifts


18 hole light golf


Card game you may like to play with a partner


In case you're bored of playing normal noughts and crosses

Something Different to Try!

This week in Year 5 ........ (w/b 9/3/20)


The children have been learning more about 2d shapes this week.  As well as all of the shape names, the children have bee using terms like, regular, irregular, symmetrical, acute, obtuse, parallel and perpendicular.  Using these term, the children have been sorting and classifying shapes as well as solving problems about them. 


Using laptops, the children are now writing their own stories that they will share with Year 3 next week.  They have planned them carefully so that they include tension at some point, dialogue and have a joyous end.  What with all the work on expanding their word choice we have done, we are expecting to be amazed. 


Homework was issued this week.  In brief the children need to make a floating object that will hold weights.  The size limit is 20cm x 30cm.  We are looking forward to testing them in a few weeks time. 

This week in Year 5 ...... w/b 2/3/20


In art this week the children learned how to draw a 'firebird'.  They slowly added different layers to their pictures before creatively painting them.  Their use of colour really added to the effect. 


Thursday was World Book Day and we heard more 'Book shares' from the children.  It is easy to see how books have really captured the imaginations of the children when they talk so passionately about the stories they have read.  Every child will share their book at some point over the next couple of week, many to the class but some in small groups if they wish to. 


Some of you may have received a text message this week reminding you that the expectation is for children to read 4 times a week at home.  To avoid future texts, please can you have a chat at home to get a routine set up for essential home reading. Thank you. 

This week in Year 5 ...... (w/b 24/2/20)


Already the children have really impressed us with their writing this week.  We are reading a book called Firebird which is a fantastic traditional tale.  However, the end, for some, was a little too brief ... so we made it better.  And boy did we make it better.  The children thought about what a good ending should have, planned the vocabulary they could use and then created their ending. 


After solving a few problems involving division, we have moved on to geometry, where we will be using protractors next week.  Once we can use them to measure and draw angles we will use our knowledge to solve missing angle problems. 


Our project (Come Fly with Me) began with children working collaboratively to create a flying object that could travel more than 6m.  Many groups managed it with some doubling the challenge.  We will be learning about different forces during the project and the children will get a chance to beat their previous attempt.

This week in Yar 5 .... .(w/b 3/2/20)


In Design and Technology this week the children have been practising their woodwork skills.  "Measure twice, cut once," is going to be key for accuracy as they design, then make, a Greek Chariot. By the end of the week we hope, they will be ready for testing across a course. 


In English, the children have written non chronological reports on the Olympics.  After reflecting on what went well they have now started researching a more independent report which we will share with Year 4 later in the week. 


On Thursday, the children had their final rehearsal in dance where children perform the Siege of Troy.  They will watch each other perform on Thursday. 

This week in Year 5 ..... (w.b 27/1/20)


The highlight of the week was definitely our Greek Day.  We held our own Olympics and competed in javelin, discus and the arts (singing).  The children solve ancient Greek puzzles, took part in a quiz and played an army strategy game.  And the day was full of wonderful stories and facts.  


This experience will really help the children over the next few weeks when writing non chronological reports that we are going to share with another year group.  This week we will be using the skills we have been practising to write a first draft.


You heard it here first .... in a week or so the classes will be competing in a 7X table battle.  We will be working hard in school to practise but any revision you can do at home will be worth it. 



This week in Year 5 ...... (w/b 20/1/20)


Wow!  Our performances were played in front of packed houses on Thursday.  We're sure you could see the hard work the children have put in, writing and rehearsing their Greek myths.  It was brilliant to see so many children showing risk taking skills in speaking in front of others whilst others were able to shine in an area they are confident in.  In English, we are now moving on to see how well writers share information in non chronological reports.  


In RE the children have looked at myths in the Christian faith (a story with a God). We explored the message of Noah's Ark and the children have had a go at creating their own myth to explain why something happens.


In both classes, the majority of children are doing really well in their challenge of getting full marks in their spellings each week - keep it up!

This Week in Year 5 ...... (w/b 13/1/20)


Our budding play writes have been very busy this week and after following the writing process of planning, drafting and editing, the children are already rehearsing.  They all want to be able to perform to you without their scripts on Thursday - please see the letter (on the website) for timings. 


In maths, our ability to use decimals in the context of money and length has come on really well.  Most children are now solving problems confidently.  We'll revisit decimals again soon in the context of capacity and mass.  Any practical support for this in the meantime will be very beneficial. 


In project work, the children have been learning how the Greeks fit in with other key historical periods.  We've also been fascinated by some of the names: Argos, Pandora, Hermes, Nike.  They are all businesses today. 

This week in Year 5 ... w/b 6/1/20


We are well underway in our project of 'It's all Greek to me'.  The project started with a vote - A Greek vote, in which not everyone got to vote.  So we now know that was where democracy started but what else can we thank the Greeks for?  Over the next few weeks we'll find out.


In maths, we're starting to solve problems involving decimals.  Keep an eye out for them in the world as a family.  They're everywhere!


English has been brilliant this week.  The children have taken their confidence of writing stories before Christmas and have written short scenes using the skills needed for play scripts.  We'll be writing fuller stories next week in readiness to perform to you - you should have had a letter about when. 


This week in Year 5 ..... (w/b 9/12/19)


The levels of enthusiasm towards each class writing their own books have been awesome this week.  Inspired by the visit of a recent author, Kerry Gibb, the children have created characters, story lines and plot twists and have just started writing their own chapter.  We'll be sending them off to Kerry to read and should be available on our website before Christmas so that you can enjoy them at home. 


In RE we have studied the Magi (the 3 wise men) and looked at how the bible compares to other sources for the story.  We thought about the prophecy of the 3 gifts and looked at how the Magi are depicted in Art.


We are looking forward to seeing the children's home learning projects on Monday afternoon. In will be interesting to see how they have been in inspired by this project. 

This week in Year 5 .....(w/b 1/12/19)


You may have heard about our exciting visitor this week - none other than the Prime Minister himself.  He took time out from his busy schedule to hear our views on how to improve the environment. I'm pretty sure he took a few ideas away with him to add to his campaign. Just in case he forgot what he'd heard we wrote letters to him too.  They included clever persuasive techniques like rhetorical questions, shocking facts and creating twists within our paragraphs. 


Our Christmas Market preparation started this week with us creating 'I'm on the good list' bracelets.  All of our products have a nod to being good for the environment. To that end if you can spare any cleaned glass jars, or are willing to donate any old toys/games that are on their way to landfill then please send them in .

This week in Year 5 .... (w/b 25/11/19)


On Tuesday, everyone took part in an energised drumming session.  The children power slammed their way through 3 or 4 songs putting the musical timing and boundless energy to good use.


We also spent a morning at QMC Science Centre.  Whilst there, the children undertook 4 experiment which included looking through microscopes at frozen vegetation, measuring the wind speed through different materials, testing thermal insulators and testing how waterproof different materials are.  The children definitely demonstrated their team work as they worked together in exploring each activity. 


In maths, we have been working on fractions.  Lots of what we've been doing so far has been looking at fractions greater than one.  For example what does nine quarters look like?

This week in Year 5 .... (w/b 18/11/19)


In outdoor PE this week, we have been improving our basketball skills and learning the rules so that we can play small sided games.  The children are learning to find space an open space so that it is easier for them to catch the ball and dribble forward. 


In indoor PE we have taken last term's sport of rugby into the dance studio.  Over several weeks we will be putting together a sequence of short performances which represent a rugby match.  We've already learnt the HAKA - the children were very intimidating. 


Please can you help the children to remember their PE kits as there are several people each week who do not suitable clothing.  



This week in Year 5 ... (w/b 11/119)


In Reading recently the children have participated in the Hampshire illustrated Book Award (HIBA).  After lots of careful consideration and debate, we have returned our results with our two highest scoring picture books being:

1) The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse,

2) Storm Whale.


These books were not just brilliantly illustrated but also captured our imaginations.  


In our project work, the children have been learning about Global Warming - the causes and the impact it is having on the planet.  As Luke in Kandinsky says: "We should call it 'the planet' and not 'our planet'."


Our English work this week has been looking at two new skills: how to create tension and how dialogue can be used to show what a character is like.  The latter can be very tricky as children need to follow a lot of punctuation rules.  Perhaps this is something you can discuss as you hear your child read at home. 

This week in Year 5 ...... (w/b 4/11/19)


'The Hunt' is over!  I'm sure the children will be able to tell you all about the poems we wrote this week inspired but a video showing a polar bear attacking a seal.  Their writing included wonderful examples of figurative language including metaphors, similes and personification.   We worked through the writing process of generating ideas, rehearsing, drafting and improving before writing our final versions. 


It is really clear to see who has been putting in the effort in the times tables rock starts this week as we have needed a quick recall of times tables in a calculation work.  As a rough guided, we are aiming for the children to answer ANY times table question up to 12x12 within 5 seconds.


In our project work, the children have been learning about the different climate zones in the world.  In future lessons, we will look at how these zones are changing and why!

The end of a packed first half term is over already!


The children loved sharing their end of project movies with the school and parents.  They have certainly learnt lots of new skills alongside improving their knowledge and understanding of how our Solar System works. It's not surprising considering enthusiasm for our investigations, visitors and research.


In other news we are very proud that Year 5 were able to give over 500 items to the food bank this week.  The children's assemblies earlier in the term really had an impact across the school. 


Our next project, Life in the Freezer, is likely to captivate them just as much as it focuses on environmental issues: something we've already picked up is close to their hearts. 

This week in Year 5 .... (w/b 14/10/19)


We couldn't be prouder of the children's performances in their Harvest / Food Bank assemblies.  The children have inspired the school to donate to the charitable organisation.  The 300 merits for being the class with the most items certainly interested a few members of the audience. 


I wonder if the they can be proud of themselves again over the weekend after Year 6 challenged Year 5 to a Rock Stars dual.  We are currently in the lead.


The children discovered this week that they have the power to slow down the affect of gravity.  They designed an experiment to help them explore this and took careful measurements to help them form an accurate conclusion.   

This week in Year 5 ... (w/b 7/10/19)


In gymnastics the children are putting together routines using the skills they have been learning so far.  These have included split leaps, stag leaps and different types of rolls.  Many have really shown creativity and resilience in putting sequences together.


Our maths work has been centred around really understanding what happens when we subtract.  The children are learning how to use an efficient method when the question is too tricky to solve mentally. 


And finally for this week, we have started to put our Harvest Assembly together.  Some brilliant team work has been on show.  We hope you can join us next Friday to watch it. 

This week in Year 5 ...... (w/b 30/9)


The children loved the visiting planetarium this week and were in awe at some of the views from space.  In our follow up work on 'What is an eclipse?' the children seem to really grasp what's happening to Earth in Space.


We are so proud of how well both classes performed in our first ever Poetry Jam.  Every child had the confidence to stand up on stage and perform.  We're sure that confidence will spur them on to perform well in our harvest assembly. 


HOME LEARNING.  The children have spellings to learn, reading as usual AND they have some games to play on Times Table Rock Stars. 

This week in Year 5 .... (w/b 23/9/19)


Our fiction work came to a climax this week following the children learning a range of different skills, including different ways of adding much more description into their work.  We're really pleased with their efforts.


I'm sure you've all heard about Rock Stars now that we've started it in school.  For the first couple of weeks we will let the children be free to use it at the initial levels before we set them specific tables.


In Science, the children have been learning about how the Earth, Sun and Moon move in Space and created their own models to show this. 

This week in Year 5 .. (w/b 16/9/19)


Our Peter Thorpe masterpieces have been finished and they really do look fantastic.  The children really thought creatively about the background to their work before adding a spcae-themed image in the foreground.


In Maths, we continue to look at how the number system works.  One focus this week has been rounding with the children being able to round 6 digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and even 10,000.


Our English work this week has been acting out and performing a story before having a go at writing it.  The best stories have had the most description.  This is something that we will continue to build on during the year.    

This week in Year 5 ...... (w/b 9/9/19)


Our work on our Project, Secrets of The Solar System is well underway.  This week's project time has been centred around Art, where we have studied the work of Peter Thorpe, practised skills he might use and created some brilliant 'Big' Art.


All of the children should now be in a routine of reading at home at least 4 times a week.  Many had had a very successful start.  Hearing your child read is still beneficial as you can quiz them on vocabulary, correct them, praise them and model how to use your voice around punctuation in their texts.  Both classes are trying to be the first class to get every body reading. 


Your child should have brought home a visitors letter.  If you haven't seen it yet, a copy is on the website. 

Welcome Back!


The first couple of days have been lovely.  The children are dressed so smartly and they have settled in well, learning their new routines.


PE info:  PE days will be outdoors on a Monday and indoors on a Wednesday.  Don't forget, colour team t-shirts are available from the office.

This week in Year 5 .... (w/b 8/7/19)


It's been another busy week in Year 5.  In RE the children have started to look at 'Belief' and what it means to different people.  We have looked at miracles in the bible and how important they are for people who believe.


The children worked confidently in groups to create charts using Excel this week.  The used lots of editing feature to get them looking as effective as possible. 



Book club books and library books all need handing back this week please. 

This week in Year 5 .... (w/b 1/7/19)


In PSHE this week the children have been learning about diversity.  We quickly discovered how diverse our year group is.  In groups the children researched foods from the the different cultures represented in their class and quickly discovered just how much has become part of everyday life in Britain.


I'm sure the children have already told you about our taster day at Cranbourne.  Playing the keyboard, making pizza, and having a manicure seemed to be the children's highlight. 


Coming soon:  There will be one last class v class times tables battle.  Who will win? 

This week in Year 5 .... (w/b 24/6/19)


Firstly, we'd like to say a huge thank you to the parents who offered to help on Friday.  Without your help the trip would not have been able to run so smoothly.  Whilst in Winchester we had a fascinating tour of the cathedral, a city tour looking for historical clues.  On the walk we found ruins from a Roman wall, castle walls, street names, statues and old buildings.  In the museum we investigated a Saxon pot discovered by archaeologists.  The children looked for clues as to how it may have been used.  And finally, the children dressed up in Saxon clothing, created rubbings of coin replicas and guessed what old artefacts may have been.


Our next exciting trip is to Cranbourne for a Y7 taster day.  Packed lunches again please.  These can be ordered on the day if you wish.


In our PSHE work the children learned about how their bodies will change over puberty.  They also discussed how friendships remain really important and what they expect from a friend. 

This week in Year 5 .... (wb 24/6/19)


In readiness for our trip to Winchester next Friday, both classes have been learning about King Alfred.  School uniform should be worn as normal on Friday.  Let's all keep our finger crossed for good weather. 


Other dates for your diary include: Our Y5 taster day at Cranbourne School is on Tuesday 2nd March (invitations from Cranbourne coming home on Monday) .  Also, the children will be visiting their new teacher on Friday 5th July.  Both are days not to be missed. 


You may have heard we has some musical visitors this week who got the children singing songs from around the world.   Many had a brilliant time.  We have raised the issue that some children are choosing not to join in with any singing in school.  Please ask your child if they are.  Hopefully it will be a confident yes, showing that they like to show their team work.

This week in Year 5 .......... (w/b 10/6/19)


We travelled back in time this week and welcomed a Viking into our school via a Skype call.  Who knew they had access to such technology?  The children learnt so much and were able to share fact after fact during a class discussion.  Pupils were given the opportunity to present their learning however they wanted. 


In maths this week (and next week) the children are learning how to read bar charts and line graphs as well as finding information in different types of tables.  Any real-world data you see out and about, feel free to ask them a question about it. 


In English this week, the children have had two opportunities to write independently.  The skills they've shown how hard they've tried during the year.  Many have drawn upon their reading at home to make their writing at a higher level.  It really does pay off. 

0800 1111


We ended the week with a visit from the NSPCC who came to talk to the children about keeping safe.  We were very proud of the children  who talked confidently about how to keep themselves safe. They watched a video and spotted lots of clues pointing to someone who may be having a hard time of things.


Some of the topics that came up during the visit were neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.  These may be topics that the children want to talk to you about at home. 


The most important message that came up time and time again is the need to speak to a trusted adult if anything is worrying the.  And of course, they all know the number for Childline too. 

Ready for the final half term!


The pupils ended the term writing some thoughtful descriptive poetry using a range of figurative language techniques like metaphors and personification.  After editing and presenting them in their neatest handwriting, they are have been use to create a class anthology to read in the classrooms. 


We were really proud with everyone on sport's day, especially their sporting behaviours towards each other. 


Due to poor weather we missed a couple of weeks of hockey this half term.  Mr Wotton has kindly agreed to fit us in at the start of this half term.


I'd love to tell you how we are starting off our new project 'England United' but it really would spoil the surprise.  You're sure to hear about it soon though. 



This week in Year 5 ...... w/b 6/5/19


In our Reading lessons this week the children have been focused on using inference.  This is the skill of reading between the lines - what is an author trying to say without actually saying it?  When you hear your children read at home, looking for opportunities to discuss this would be really helpful.  Eventually, the children will be able to use this skill in their own writing. 


In our project work, we've also been considering the different lifestyles people would have in a town compared to the foot of a mountain.  Where would you prefer to live?


Next week in RE we will look at the importance of temptation in our lives.  We'll be using a couple of bible stories to help children think about the role temptation played in Jesus' life. 

This Week in Year 5 ..... w/b 29/4/19


This half term's PE curriculum is very exciting.  On Tuesday the children work with Planet Education and are learning the skills needed to become Play Leaders.  Once trained, the children will be able to take turns in leading different playground games for any year group to join in with at break times.  On Thursdays, Mr Watton joins us and teaches hockey skills.  We are only in week 2 and we are already into playing matches. 


In our project work the children learned how mountains are formed as well as creating contour lines on Mount Potato. Next week we will look at how humans use mountains. 

This Week in Year 5 ...... w/b 22/4/19


'Climb Every Mountain', our topic this term, is well underway.  We've watched a daring mountain rescue on YouTube, as well as climbing a mountain in the school hall.  Some pupils managed to scale the peaks with broken limbs - don't worry, they got to choose which limb was broken. 


As part of our English work we used a fun app called ChatterPix.  It's a bit of fun for all of the family. We'll being using what they created to help write a newspaper report next week. 


In maths we started a block of work of fractions.  We've started with a really practical approach.  The children must have a really clear picture of what a fraction is before being able to solve future problems. We will continue to work with fractions for a few weeks. 

This Week in Year 5 ....... (w/b 25/3/19)


You may have heard that the Prime Minister took time away from her busy Brexit negotiations this week to come and listen to our views on her wanting to make all children attend school until 5:30.  Mrs May (also known as Mrs Howes from the office) was very impressed with the level of persuasion the children were able to use.  You'll be pleased to no know that Mrs May's has decided not to press ahead with this change. 


In Maths the children have been learning ways to divide mentally and with a written method.  They have had lots of opportunities to practise and we will keep revisiting this skill over the upcoming weeks.  It will come in particularly useful when we learn about fractions after Easter. 


The pupils really seemed to enjoy their work on levers.  Using a split pin to make a fulcrum, the children made masks / animals with moving parts.