Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

Year 6

14 October 2021


Dear Year 6 Parents, 


As the head teacher of KFJS, I know only too well the impact that the pandemic has had on children and families. We have been working behind the scenes to plan a week of fun for the children and I wish to clarify that we are currently liaising with companies who run activities/adventure experiences and waiting for final confirmation of dates before confirming our plans with you. 


There is a letter coming out later today to confirm our plans for swimming lessons that have been missed during this time. We are waiting for Bikeability to contact us regarding their plans for this year.


I know that some of you may be frustrated or disappointed that your child is not going on a residential this year but the governors and I needed to make a decision 18 months ago at the time required to book and at the time, the advice was not to run them. In the midst of a pandemic, we needed to decide on what would be the safest decision to make. 


Further information will be released once bookings have been confirmed. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience. 


Miss Westaway 


Amanda Westaway 

Head Teacher



12 October 2021


Dear Parents & Carers, 


Year 6 Residential


As a school we would like to clarify our position regarding year 6 children going on a residential. Due to the impact of COVID we decided not to book an Autumn term residential, as at the time of booking (a year ago) we were unsure of what situation we would be in.  Whilst we know that other schools may be running residentials, KFJS made the difficult decision not to organise one for this year. We did look at options to go in the summer term but it is almost double the cost. 


So that the children do not miss out on team building activities, the year 6 team will be organising a fun last few weeks for the children in the summer term. 


We hope that as parents you understand the decision the school have made and would like to thank you for your continued support. 


Amanda Westaway 

Head Teacher