KFJS This Week   

22 September, 2014

We'll be thinking about 2 of our core values, care and enjoyment! It's so important that we get the right mix.

In our assembly on Monday, Mr Applegate and Mrs Vickery will be talking about "A day in the life of a young carer", and we'll be sharing details of how we look after our young carers.

Gary Bastin is sharing with us in our Wednesday visitor assembly. Who knows what fun and thoughts he will bring to us?!
On Friday, don't miss our Maths Event for Parents- 9am for 30mins. Refreshments provided. More information coming out tomorrow.

Have a great week :)

Thank you for the books! Please keep them coming in!   

19 September, 2014

Thank you to everyone who has donated old (but quality!) books from home. We are really grateful

Please do keep sending in any from home.

Parents Evening   

19 September, 2014

We have two Parents Evenings coming up on Tuesday September 30th and Monday 6th October. Children are bringing home letters today. Please return them with your choice of time. We look forward to seeing you. More details here PEve Sept Oct 14

Attendance for w/b 15th September 2014   

18 September, 2014
3A 97%   3H  998%    4B 99%    4PJ 96%
5G 96%     5S 98%     6C 97%     6R 97%

Secondary Schools Open Evenings   

17 September, 2014

If you are looking around to see which secondary school you would like your child to attend before applying, here are a list of open evenings.

The Vyne 9th October 2014

Everest Community College 17th September 2014

Costello College 18th September 2014

CBEC 24th September 2014

Aldworth College 23rd September 2014

Fort Hill 25th September 2014

KFJS this week   

14 September, 2014

Our theme this week is 'care', which can mean many things. We can care for others. We can take care of ourselves. We can be careful so we don't get hurt. We can also take care so as not to make a mistake. We'll be exploring these ideas this week.

Monday - Year 5 are off to London to the Natural History Museum and Science Museum! Mr Applegate leads our assembly. Join Mr Hanson for the morning mile on the field.

Tuesday - Year 3 go to the Build-A-Bear 'factory', and also to Eastrop Park Visit. We have our singing assembly after lunch.

Wednesday - At 1:45, there is the CBEC roadshow assembly, for those interested in going to Cranbourne in Year 7. Parents welcome!

Friday - Parents Open Forum @ 9am for 30 mins. A chance to ask Mr Applegate questions about KFJS. Refreshments served! Celebration assembly at 1pm.

Have a great week :)