Supporting your child with their maths!   

19 October, 2014

newmathscurriculumThank you to everyone who attended our parents information session on the new maths national curriculum recently, run by Mr Hanson. You can view or download the presentation here.

The key idea is practising little and often. Don’t forget X-Factor times tables, Big Maths, and Woodlands Maths websites!

This week at KFJS   

18 October, 2014

Our theme this week is responsibility. When children show this behaviour in learning, they are able to say, “I know learning is important, and I want to learn how to be a better learner!”

On Friday, we have our first Diploma Day of the year. This is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to develop their skills and learning behaviours. They chose an activity to do for the morning, with a different teacher, and the children are mixed up in different classes. Activities include karate, photography, cooking, making paper aeroplanes, den making, friendship bracelets, calendar making, making flying machines, creating a clown, cross stitching, other crafts, football and more!

Monday – Mr Applegate leads assembly
Tuesday – Singing Assembly
Wednesday – Disco 4:30-6pm.
Thursday – Class Assembly
Friday – Diploma day!

Have a great week :)


Attendance for w/b 13th October 2014   

16 October, 2014
3A 93%   3H  99%    4B 96%    4PJ 98%
5G 99.7%     5S 97%     6C 98%     6R 99%

Railway Children   

14 October, 2014

Our pupils really enjoyed the theatre production of 'The Railway Children' yesterday! Thank you for enabling us to give them the experience.

KFJS This Week   

12 October, 2014

This week, our theme is respect. Also, Year 5 have Bikeability each morning this week. If you intend on leaving bikes at school, it's important to bring a helmet and lock.

Monday – The Railway Children theater production in the afternoon

Tuesday – Assembly with our school nurse

Wednesday – The Salvation Army share with us in our assembly.

Friday- Celebration Assembly

Have a great week :)

Attendance for w/b 6th October 2014   

9 October, 2014
3A 92%   3H  99.4%    4B 98%    4PJ 96%
5G 99.4%     5S 94%     6C 99.3%     6R 94%