Summer Challenge for our new Y2 pupils!   

3 July, 2015

At Kings Furlong Junior School, we think it’s really important for you to have behaviours that help you to learn. Please do have a chat with your mum or dad about our school learning behaviours. Why do you think we chose them? Why did we chose the animals that represent them?

If you can memorise all 8 behaviours and their animals, and can tell them to me in the first week in September, you’ll get a special prize!  Happy learning, and have a wonderful summer!

Attendance for w/b 29th June 2015   

2 July, 2015

3A 97%

  3H  91%

   4B 99%

   4PJ 99.1%

5G 97%

    5S 94%

    6C 94%

    6R 95%

Expansion Workshop   

3 July, 2015

It was great to have 25 invited people at a workshop this morning, thinking about how we use our school site at the moment. The group included pupils and parents from each year group, governors, and  staff, as well as architects and designers. Our pupils were the stars of the show, demonstrating growing confidence and excellent presentation skills.

There will be further opportunities for everyone to continue to give their view points, and we must stress that no design decisions have been made.

Temporary Building   

30 June, 2015

You will have noticed a temporary building going up in our playground. Click here to find out more details.

A fantastic poem written by Meadbh in Year 5   

29 June, 2015

Kings Furlong is the best
In Basingstoke, the world
No-one can beat us-
Greatness is our world
School can not be as good!

Never has there been a better school
Great fun; no better juniors!

Jubilant students
Unlimited talent
No better school
I love it here
On top of all that
Rare are all of KFJS

So now you know what we feel
Cheerful and positively great
Here we are, alive and real
Over-pronouncing we'll have a good fate
Oh, our students love it here.

KFJS This Week   

28 June, 2015

Our theme for the week is curiosity. Curiosity leads to questions, and it's great when we try to use our skills and knowledge to find answers to those questions.

Move-up day on Friday is an exciting day. The children will spend most of the day in their new classes, and in their new year group. It will also be a chance to meet our two new teachers for September- Mrs Davies and Mr Clarke. Our current Year 6 pupils will go directly to their new secondary school for the day.

Monday – Miss Dunn leads our assembly; Year 6 swimming; Year 2 parents evening -6:30pm.
Tuesday – Singing Assembly
Wednesday – Gary Bastin speaks to us in our visitor assembly
Thursday – Year 6 parents able to watch 'Relationship and Reproduction DVD'
Friday – Move up Day – Y3,Y4,Y5 timings as normal – Y6 go to secondary school.