KFJS This Week   

4 October, 2015

CuriosityOur theme this week is curiosity! We’ll be thinking about how curiosity leads to questions, and how those questions attempt to get answered through learning and investigation.

We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible at Parents’ Evenings this week! It’s only a 10 minute slot; if you would like  a longer session, please do make an additional appointment for another time.

Monday – Parents’ Evening 4-7pm. Year 5 residential information session at 7pm for 20mins in the hall- parents and children welcome.

Tuesday – Class Assembly

Wednesday – Singing Assembly

Thursday – Students from The King’s School present to us in assembly; Parents’ Evening 4-7pm

Friday – School photographers are in; Year 5 residential meeting at 9:05 am, parents welcome (repeat of Monday’s meeting).

Assessment, learning, coffee and cakes- what a combination!   

2 October, 2015

Thank you to everyone who came to our 3-in-1 morning- well over 125 parents and friends joined in. The coffee morning and cake sale raised £350!!! Fantastic result- well done everyone. We hope you enjoyed joining in a lesson with you child, and that the information session about changes in assessment was helpful to you, too :)

Attendance for w/b 28th September 2015   

1 October, 2015
3B 99%  3C 100%   4BD 93%   4D 98%
5PJ 98%    5R 99%    6C 99%    6S 94%

Keep our roads safe   

30 September, 2015
This week, I challenged our pupils to use their creativity to help solve a problem. We want to ensure the safety of pupils and adults on the roads and paths around our school. Portacre Rise, Kings Furlong Drive and Upper Chestnut Drive are particular areas to improve.

I asked our pupils to design a poster on A4 paper that clearly shows a colourful and bold message about keeping safe. This could be to do with wearing a helmet if cycling, asking drivers to go slowly or park carefully, or encouraging more children to walk.

Posters will be put up temporarily around our community, and given out to drivers. The posters should be given to me by Friday 9th October!

Mr Applegate.

KFJS This Week   

27 September, 2015

This week, our theme is creativity. Our children show this is so many ways- through art, drama, writing, maths, science- even solving problems on the playground!

There is a Year 6 meeting for parents about the upcoming residential on Monday night, 6:30pm.

Also, a reminder that Parents’ Evenings are next week, 5th and 8th October.

Don’t forget our Three-In-One morning this Friday- see below!


Newsletter 25th September 2015   

25 September, 2015

Please click here to see our latest newsletter.

Attendance for w/b 21st September 2015   

24 September, 2015
3B 99%  3C 93%   4BD 95%   4D 100%
5PJ 93%    5R 96%    6C 96%    6S 94%

Question of the fortnight   

22 September, 2015

Do you think every family should have 1 day a week when no computers, tablets, or mobiles are used? What would happen?

A Three-In-One Morning!   

21 September, 2015

cakeOn Friday 2nd October, we are a) raising money for Cancer Research UK b) helping parents to understand the new assessment systems in place as levels have gone and c) giving an opportunity to come into your child’s class!


Cake sale at break time – bring money to buy the scrummy cakes on sale – profits go to CRUK

Non-uniform day – to take part, please bring in cakes which will be sold! Remember, no nuts in cakes please!


9:00- 9:30am – Coffee and Cakes to raise money for CRUK

9:30 – 10:00 – How does KFJS assess pupils’ work now that levels don’t exist? A helpful workshop run by Mr Hanson.

10:00 – 10:30am – Come into your child’s class to carry out an activity with them

We need some helpers to run the coffee morning- please let us know if you can. Finally, could you bake a cake for us? Please bring it along on the Friday if so! Thank you.

Special thanks to Dijana, Maria and Alimah for helping to organise this event!

KFJS This Week   

20 September, 2015

squirrel risk takingThis week, our theme is risk taking. Often we think about big risks, but in school, it’s the small risks that are important. For some it means raising their hand in class (fear of being wrong). For others it is about attempting questions independently before asking for help.  For others, it can mean asking another pupil if they would like to play with them. We learn from the squirrel- taking risks can bring great rewards!