Travelling to KFJS!

We are really keen for our pupils (and parents!) to walk, cycle, scooter or travel by bus to school! We are located in a residential area, so the roads get very congested with cars. And it’s much healthier to not travel by car anyway!

Here is some information which will help your decision in travelling to school.

Here are some areas where you could park and then stride into school. These really eases congestion!

We’ve worked together with the Hampshire School Travel Team to develop our School Travel Plan. You can read them here!

School Travel Plan

Appendices 1

Appendices 2

We are proud to say that we received the Silver Award from ModeShift Stars! This means that we have shown a real committment to sustainable travel through a range of different activities!

You can find out more here!

You can read our travel plan here.

Our ‘Junior Road Safety Officers’ help to promote safe travel and raise awareness of the different ways that we can be safe as walkers and cyclists! They run competitions and attend events with JRSOs from other schools.

JRSO Advert Small

We have formed a group made up of representatives from the local community, schools and council to discuss and improve parking and safety around the schools. We want to work together for the good of everyone!

The results of our survey in March have now come in, and you can see them here. They make quite interesting reading!

Living Streets is the UK charity for everyday walking and the people behind the Walk to School campaign.

WOW is our year-round walk to school challenge. Pupils who walk to school at least once a week are rewarded with a monthly badge.

Daily journeys are logged by pupils on our interactive Travel Tracker.