Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together


Intent, Implementation and Impact

The impact of technology in the world around us is ever increasing and so it is crucial that our children acquire the skills and knowledge necessary in order to succeed now, as they move into the next phase of their education and in life in general.  Our curriculum is organized into key areas – digital literacy, information technology, computer science, networks and systems and esafety.  Digital literacy and information technology are often taught in combination so there is a purposeful outcome.  Understanding the extent of reliability and copyright on the internet are important skills that the children learn.  Children progress in programming skills from Scratch to Crumble kits which allows physical programming and is linked to purposeful outcomes.  They also understand the process of inputs and outputs when they learn about networking and systems in school and in the wider world. Skills learned in computing lessons are transferrable and are deployed to support learning in other areas of the curriculum.


Esafety is taught every half term and is also discussed at least every fortnight in class.  This is so that children have a strong awareness of the impact the internet and social media can have on their personal mental health and safety.  This gives us the opportunity to continually assess where risky behavior or vulnerabilities may exist so that we can take appropriate action through the curriculum and also through safeguarding.  The school is well resourced to meet the needs of all learners in computing.  High engagement and confidence of the children is evident in our computing lessons.