Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together


Intent, Implementation and Impact 

Mathematics is important in everyday life and with that in mind, the purpose of Mathematics at Kings Furlong Junior School is to equip all children with the skills that enable them to be successful here and in the future.   Children explore mathematical concepts and continually build on their mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving:  children look to solve problems mentally whenever possible and understand a range of strategies in readiness to solve problems and justify answers.   The design of our curriculum develops learners’ school learning behaviours and ignites a life-long passion for maths that can support all children with their future ambitions.


Mathematics is taught on a daily basis with each year covering the objectives set out in the National Curriculum.  We make use of the county guidance in planning at a long and medium term level. Based on a range of assessment techniques, teachers planning is adapted within lessons, between lessons and for future domains so that misconceptions are tackled and the next steps for children are met, whether that be by developing a concept further or by tailoring learning needs to support understanding. 


The skills involved with reasoning and problem solving are developed across all domains.  The school’s CVA (concrete, visual, abstract) approach is key in developing fluency, reasoning and problem solving in which learners calculate efficiently, justify and explain clearly and work resiliently. Individual, paired and group work all give children the opportunity to use different skills in a range of real-life and mathematical problems.  Honesty cards are used by the children within lessons so that errors and misconceptions can be tackled at the earliest opportunity.  For all mathematics learning, adults are deployed to best suit the targeted needs of the learners.


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