Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together


Moments Matter, Attendance Counts!

All pupils benefit from regular school attendance.


Good attendance is important; statistics show there is a direct link between under-achievement and attendance below 95%. We also know children who attend school regularly make better progress, both socially and academically.


Our philosophy is to work alongside parents and carers to ensure that children achieve the best possible attendance. Where there are concerns, we work together to address them.

Every Day Counts

At Kings Furlong Junior School, we firmly believe that all pupils benefit from regular school attendance.


Absence due to illness

If your child is absent from school, please phone to let us know as soon as possible and give the reason for their absence. Please phone each day they are away from school.


If your child has sickness and diarrhoea, please keep them at home until 48 hours has passed since their last episode of sickness and diarrhoea.


A helpful guide to whether your child is well enough to go to school is available on the NHS website at

Absence due to exceptional circumstances

In line with our Attendance Policy, we will only authorise absence in exceptional circumstances.


If a planned absence is unavoidable during term time, then an absence request form must be completed. These are available from the school office and below link.

Family holidays cannot be considered as authorised absence, in line with Government guidelines.


Parents/carers who take their child out of school without the absence being agreed and authorised by written permission from the school can be issued with a penalty fine. In Hampshire, Penalty Notices are issued when a pupil has had 10 or more half-day sessions (equivalent to five school days) of unauthorised absence, in any 10 school week period. Each Penalty Notice fine is £60 if paid within 21 days of the date of posting and £120 if paid after this but within 28 days of posting.


Parents can also be issued with a fine if their child is regularly late for school. This is where a child is more than 5 minutes late to school on 10 occasions during a 10 school week period.


Further information is available on the Hampshire County Council website