Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE)

Intent, Implementation and Impact

Throughout their time at Kings Furlong, all children develop social and communication skills that will help them to develop healthy relationships and manage the many different situations they will encounter in life.  Our aim is to create responsible citizens now and for the future, through teaching respect and tolerance, managing emotions and staying safe.

PSHE is taught as a spiral curriculum, where knowledge and skills are revisited, reinforced and extended throughout the key stage. It is delivered through three termly key areas so each year group is working on the same theme. These areas are: relationships, living in the wider world and health and well-being. Planning reflects the needs of the school and surrounding community, with opportunities for teachers to respond to any challenges that arise in their classes in PSHE lessons.  Mindfulness is an important part of our PSHE curriculum as it helps the children to understand their emotions which is becoming increasingly relevant as children live through a range of national and international crises.  Strategies are provided to support positive mental health and manage emotions within a safe environment which will support the children in the long term.  The world is ever changing due, in part, to the rapid development of technology which brings massive benefits as well as challenges.  Through our curriculum, we endeavor to equip the children with the skills, knowledge and understanding to engage in this aspect of life safely.  We recognise that some children are more vulnerable than others through social media.  We also engage with parents to support with this.  Children’s skills within each key area are assessed by teachers and monitored by the PSHE leader in order to ensure the curriculum meets the needs of all learners.