Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

Essential Information

At Kings Furlong Junior School, we believe that pupils engage and achieve most in a creative, relevant and contextual curriculum, which is underpinned by rigour, challenge and opportunity. The staff have high standards, and this permeates through all that they do. At our core, we value respect, care, enjoyment, community, and excellence. We want our children to develop creativity, team work, resilience, responsibility, respect, risk taking, and curiosity. This is so that in life they are able to solve problems, plan effectively, make healthy choices, show empathy, be organised, communicate well, be numerate and literate, demonstrate independence, think critically, be safe, use ICT effectively, adapt to changes, and be resourceful. All that we do in school is for the sake of our pupils becoming life long, successful learners, who enjoy themselves and make a positive contribution to our society.


Start/finish times

Pupils should arrive at school between 8:45 and 8:55am.

It is important that they do not arrive before this time, as they will not be supervised. School finishes at 3:15pm. Lateness is not acceptable and children will be asked for reasons.



Our website is the best point to keep updated on any info about the school. It’s updated almost daily!

For Facebook users, you can follow us by using the links on our site.


We communicate with parents via text, email, the website and by sending letters home.

It’s really important that we have your correct contact details, particularly if there is an emergency. Let us know if you change anything!

Home learning

We ask that children read at least 4 times a weeks, and learn spellings and times tables as directed by the teacher. One piece of creative home learning will be given for each project which usually spans over half a term. Our home learning policy is available on our website.

School uniform

The uniform we have adopted is smart, inexpensive and hard wearing. The school colours are electric blue, grey and white. Our school uniform is sold at the Basingstoke branch of Skoolkit in Church Street. Full details on our website.


This is an important part of school life. Pupils have at least 2 hours of PE per week, plus some additional sessions throughout the year. Your child’s year group will inform you on which days they will have PE, but please can they have PE kit available all week. Children can buy a coloured PE t-shirt from the school office for £2.00.


We run a range of clubs both during and after school. Most clubs are free, although some do require a small fee. We do our best to limit any fees, but also want to offer the widest variety of clubs possible.


Each year group will go on at least 1 trip per year, though usually 1 per term. Again, these usually are at cost, and the contribution suggested is vital to allow the trips to happen. Year 6 pupils take part in a Residential.

Attendance and punctuality

This is extremely important, and if levels drop, then we always take action. If your child is absent for any reason, please contact the school immediately. Is your child well enough to go to school guide. Holidays in term time will always be unauthorised, and fined.

School meals

A cooked meal can be purchased daily for £2.50. Pay online or at the office. Alternatively, bring a healthy packed lunch. Children are allowed to bring in a healthy snack for break times.

Online payments

You can pay for meals and trips online using the Scopay payment system. You can pay in advance, or top up when necessary. Please see the office for details.

Medical needs

Please do let us know if your child has any medical issues, or if it changes during the year.


We have daily class or school assemblies, which usually follow a theme for the week or term. We aim to have visitors speak to us in an assembly, too. Singing assemblies happen once a week.

Religious Education

As a Hampshire school, we subscribe to the Hampshire Agreed Syllabus. This promotes a sound understanding of a variety of faiths. We aim to be inclusive in all our acts of worship.

English as an additional language

We run a variety of programmes to support pupils and parents for whom English is their second language. We value, respect and promote other cultures.

Young interpreters

This is a club aimed at training our children to provide support to pupils new to our school, who may not speak English. They meet regularly for training sessions, and are involved in running a language club.

Breakfast club

SCL come to our school and provide care for working parents from 7.45 - 8.45am.

Please register in advance at 

Open sessions

Several times a year, classes open their doors to parents, friends and relatives, to join in particular activities and see the children's work. We believe in community, and know that parental engagement is a huge key to the success of a child.


We have a brilliant Parent Teacher Association. They help to put on fantastic school events throughout the year, raising valuable funds and contributing to the life of the school. Please do join them!

Can you help?

We are always looking for parents and friends of the school who can offer time to help the school in anyway. No offer is too small! Please do ask at the office, or see your child’s teacher. DBS checks are free.

Trainers or black shoes?!

School shoes should be completely black, without any colour variations. If pupils do not wear the correct shoes, they are given plimsolls to wear until the correct shoes are worn.

School Council

We value our pupils, and so they are involved in the decisions we make as a school. Every class has two school councillors, who meet as a group fortnightly to discuss the needs of the school.


Please do respect the law and the local residents by only parking in designated and lawful areas. Please note that children are allowed to cycle or scoot to school, if they wear a helmet!

Going home arrangements

Year 3 pupils:

a) Children must be picked up by an adult; they cannot walk home alone.

b) If a different person will be picking up your child, speak to a member of staff in the office, who will let the class teacher know.

c) If you feel your child should be able to walk home alone, please do speak with the Head Teacher.

Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils:

a) Children can walk home alone after school.

b) If your child is normally picked up but arrangements change, please inform the office, who will pass this information to the class teacher.  

If there are any issues please do speak to a member of staff.

Free School Meals?

If you are entitled to Free School Meals, please do claim it, even if your child has packed lunch! It allows the school to provide your child with greater opportunities, as the school receives over £900 for every child who has signed up! You can sign up in an instant, online.

Pencil cases

There is no need to bring a pencil case to school (they are not allowed!). This is because the school provides everything that is needed.

Water bottles

Water is available in each class and children should bring small water bottles to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Lost property

Lost property is kept at the school office. Unclaimed items are disposed of at the end of each term.

Home-school books

These are available for parents to pass on important messages to staff. Many parents prefer to pass messages on in person at the beginning or end of the day; this is also fine.


We expect our pupils to show excellent behaviour at all times. We encourage a positive approach to managing behaviour, but have disciplinary measures in place should the need arise.


We want our pupils to be literate in using IT as a tool to communicate and solve problems. We have very good access to a variety of technology.


Contact Information

Please note if there are any changes to the data we hold for your children in school it must be reported to the school office, so we can update your records accordingly. This includes change of address,telephone numbers, medical information or email addresses for parents.