Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together


Intent, Implementation and Impact 


Music is part of every culture and therefore, has a universal language.  It brings people together and plays a part in both significant and everyday events throughout our lives.  It can spark memories, provoke emotions and increase wellbeing.  Inspiring children with a sound musical foundation is a vital part of their education. 


At KFJS, children experience music in a range of ways.  They come together through singing as a community in significant events and as part of daily practice.  Musical appreciation is designed to encompass a diverse range of genres, eras, composers and musicians.  The curriculum is planned to allow expression through music; an understanding of the interrelated dimensions that are used to create music and opportunities to compose and perform their own pieces as children progress through the key stage.  Children have access to both tuned and untuned percussion instruments which are used in every year group to enable practical and creative lessons.  In addition, all children have the opportunity to be taught a range of musical instruments by specialist music teachers while they are at our school.  They have a solid musical foundation on which to build upon and take further as they move into the next phase of their education.  We endeavor to inspire a lifelong interest or love of music.