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Closure of schools January 2021 - keyworker/vulnerable child places

Google Classroom


Google Classroom guides and the guidelines for use are available on our website here.

Remote Learning

In line with the school's remote learning plan we only provide work for your child if they need to self-isolate, a bubble is closed or we enter a national lockdown. If you have chosen to keep you child off school please refer to the school website for activities you may do with your child. BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy are also useful websites. 

Remote Learning Plan

School Symptom procedure update

Catch-up Premium

January 2021


Welcome back and thank you for your support in getting your child back to school safely. We appreciate that in light of the recent lock down your child may not be attending school. It is important that during this time you frequently check to school website and your email for any updates. 


Morning drop off arrangements - those children still attending school. 

With cases of Covid rising and the Government increasing restrictions, we want to ensure that the school remains open as long and as safely as possible. Children should be dropped off at the school gate and then walk into the grounds on their own. Please ensure that your children walk through the gates at their given start time - no earlier. There will be an adult on the playground to supervise.


We would be grateful if parents could be mindful about social distancing and not arrive at the school gates early/stay at the gates once their children have gone onto the playground. This is to make sure that the next bubble is able to arrive safely.


If you need to enter the school site, you should wear a mask.


Please do not drive into Upper Chestnut Drive to drop off, or pick up, your child. We need to keep this area free from cars due to the increase in pedestrians.


Afternoon pick up arrangements

At the end of the day, children should be collected from the playground. One adult per family to collect. Masks should be worn by adults on the school site. Please can parents be ensure they don't arrive early and leave the playground as soon as they have collected their children. This is to make sure that the next bubble is able to leave safely.



Siblings can be dropped off at the same time - whichever is the earliest start time for them. At collection, children with a 15min+ gap will wait until the sibling with the later finish time is ready. Please arrive at school to collect siblings at whichever is the later time. Adults will supervise the children until then.


Thank you for working with the school to keep us all safe.

Staggered start and finish times

In order to avoid lots of adults on site, we have staggered start and finish times. This will remain in place until guidance changes.


  Start of day End of day
Year 4 8:45am 2:45pm
Year 5 8:55am 2:55pm
Year 6 9:00am 3:00pm
Year 3 9:10am 3:10pm

What happens if there is another lock down?

We are currently working on curriculum plans and will communicate this with you in September. However, to assist us with this we would appreciate parents completing a 'Technology at Home' survey here.

What happens if my child is unwell?

Please see the below reference guide to pupil absence:

Government guidance for parents and carers

The latest Government guidance for parents and carers is available online here.

Advice and support


Useful sources of advice and support for children, young people and families about Coronavirus:

NHS guide for parents

When your child is ill or injured, it can be difficult to decide if/when to call your child's GP, NHS 111, or go to the Accident and Emergency Department. While the Government is asking everyone to stay at home, it can be confusing to know what to do. The below guide provides some information on what to do if your child is unwell.

Our latest letters regarding Coronavirus can be found here: